Merry Christmas!! 🎄 I am absolutely delighted to be sharing my review of the fabulously fun and very romantic; How to Lose and Earl in Ten Weeks by Jenni Fletcher. I can’t wait to share this book with you all, firstly thank you to Jenni Fletcher for the advance reader copy which I voluntarily reviewed.

about the book

How to Lose an Earl in Ten Weeks by Jenni Fletcher.

Genre: Young Adult, Historical Romance

This is the announcement of the engagement of The Earl of Denholm to Miss Essie Craven. Welcome to the hottest Season that Regency London has ever seen.

An enemies-to-lovers regency romance that’s like watching an episode of Bridgerton. Perfect for fans of Georgette Heyer, Outlander and Romancing the Duke.

Miss Essie Craven has been engaged since birth to a man she has only met once. The haughty, black-haired man with the intense blue eyes: Aidan Ravell, Earl of Denholm. The most coveted man in all of the Ton.

The day of their marriage is set. The only problem is, spirited Essie dreams of more than being a Countess. She soon finds out that Aidan has his own reasons for not wishing to marry, but is compelled to proceed due to his sense of honour and the financial baggage his father has left him.

So, Aidan and Essie strike up a deal. Essie will find him a more suitable match, and in the meantime they will keep up appearances as the most fashionable couple in all of the Ton.

But soon what is real and what is fake begins to converge. Suddenly, what seemed to be a simple agreement is no longer quite that straightforward . . . 


How to Lose an Earl in Ten Weeks is a seriously fun and sparkling enemy to lovers story and I absolutely loved it – this is easily in my favourite books of the year, it’s just too darn good!!

This tells the story of a young woman; Essie (I love that name, it’s super pretty) who has been betrothed to the Aidan; Earl of Denholm since they were children – all down to two manipulated, orchestrating and pound signs seeing fathers. Essie from the moment of setting eyes on her future husband decided there and then that she disliked him from her very core, she hated every part of him. I did think that she was a little short-sighted in regards to Aidan she judged him from childhood instead of getting the know the man he becomes. She has a lot of issues to overcome, I did think there were moments she was rather childish and there was a lot of prejudice for Aidan and society as a whole simmering beneath, s that was interesting to watch she matured and grew.

I loved the honesty between Essie and Aidan when she unceremoniously barges into his rooms to basically demand that he call off this wedding only to be confronted by a few home truths. As much as he agrees with her and that marriage to each other would be awful he lays his cards on the table and tells her in no uncertain terms that he needs her dowry! Thanks to his feckless father the Earldom is in dire need of money, he needs to clear his father’s debts, needs to fix his estate and that means he needs a rich heiress – or more accurately needs the woman in front of him, so no he will not be letting this little pocket rocket slip through his fingers. They will be walking down the aisle and shackled together, whether she likes it or not!!

Well, her hackles rise instantly and soon starts plotting to rid herself of this man, she doesn’t want to be tethered to a loveless marriage not when she has aspirations of her own, she wants to be an actress something which is frowned upon especially when others have already planned out her life.

It has a great cast of characters too, Aidan is adorable; there is a tantalising sexiness to him beneath the huge weight he is carrying on those broad shoulders, I found to be far too serious than he should have been at his age but again he has a lot going on that needs him to be a more severe man that I think he really is, I enjoyed watching his personality shine through as the story moved forward. Likewise, with Essie, she is a livewire, a stubborn young miss who has plans and ideas of what her life should be like, I did think she was a little too nieve and her misguided opinions of the world and of Aiden spoke more of her young years that of the women she became, again I enjoyed seeing her character develop over the course of the book.

 I must pay special mention to a few of the supporting characters; Essie’s grandmother, the Dowager – my gawd she is a venomous tongued hoot, every time she is in a scene I instantly envision Maggie Smith, she steals every scene she is in with her quick wit.

I also love Caro, she’s so lovely and likeable I would absolutely love to see her find a happily ever after too (hint, hint).

How to Lose and Earl in Ten Weeks is published as a young adult, yet I think this is one of those books that will appeal to any reader of historical romance. This is a relatively short read, and with how sharp and witty the writing is I flew through the pages in one weekend – believe me, that is something to be celebrated, I am a notoriously slow reader, this book though from the moment started reading I couldn’t stop, I was hanging on every word.

Overall, this is a really great read, it’s full of flirtatious quips, good-hearted humour and speeds along with its perfectly balanced pacing. It has all the feels of a classic regency romance, it has that lighter feel-good charm and glittery touch which we all love from the era, yet with a few serious issues dotted throughout which our characters must resolve in one way or another and you have an insightful and satisfyingly romantic story.

Until next time, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, love Frankie xx

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