Merry Christmas!! 🎄 I am absolutely delighted to be sharing my review of Forgotten Royal Women: The King and I by Erin Lawless, I can’t wait to share this book with you all, firstly thank you to Pen and Swords book for my complimentary copy which I voluntarily reviewed.

about the book

Forgotten Royal Women: The King and I by Erin Lawless.

Genre: History, Non-Fiction, Women’s History.

Great women are hidden behind great men, or so they say, and no man is greater than the king.

For centuries, royal aunts, cousins, sisters and mothers have watched history unfold from the shadows, their battlefields the bedchamber or the birthing room, their often short lives remembered only through the lens of others. But for those who want to hear them, great stories are still there to be told: the medieval princess who was kidnapped by pirates; the duchess found guilty of procuring love potions; the queen who was imprisoned in a castle for decades.

Bringing thirty of these royal women out of the shadows, along with the footnotes of their families, this collection of bite-sized biographies will tell forgotten tales and shine much needed light into the darkened corners of women’s history.


Forgotten Royal Women; The King and I is exactly what you would expect from the title alone, it shines a light on thirty lesser-known royal women in the form of short biographies which gives an enlightening insight into a variety of women from across a large timeline in history.

This book appealed to me the moment I set eyes upon it, I like that it tells the stories of women who very rarely stand in the spotlight, women who have been more or less forgotten from history or pushed aside for the more favourable and popular royal women. Which in my opinion is a downright shame (borderline disgrace) that they are forgotten, so this book is an absolute breath of fresh air and shines a new light on history we know.

Forgotten Royal Women is a pretty easy to read history book, it’s well laid out, each chapter covers a different woman. I thought at times it repeated itself quite a bit, such as it states a fact at the start of the chapter and then again repeats the same fact but in a different way further into the same chapter. It’s nothing that would impact the reader’s enjoyment of the book but did irritate me slightly.

Lawless has done a marvellous job at depicting these women’s lives in an open and clever way which keeps you reading, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about these women and discovering some I had never heard of which makes me want to learn more about them.

This would be perfect as a brief reference book, or for those who are just discovering the beauty that is historical women as it is such an easy book to read, it doesn’t drag on making you want to fall into a deep sleep wishing it would end (admit it, we have all been in that position at the time). The pacing is just right for the subject matter and as it’s so clearly laid out you could easily dip in and out whenever you need to.

Until next time, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, love Frankie xx

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