I am delighted to be sharing my (mini) review of the hugely emotional; The Ladies Midnight Swimming Club by Faith Hogan.

About the Book

The Ladies' Midnight Swimming Club

The Ladies’ Midnight Swimming Club by Faith Hogan.

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Three women. Three different stages of life. United by one thing: the chance to start again.

‘Uplifting, emotional and brimming with warmth and humour’ – Cathy Bramley

When Elizabeth’s husband dies, leaving her with crippling debt, the only person she can turn to is her friend, Jo. Soon Jo has called in her daughter, Lucy, to help save Elizabeth from bankruptcy. Leaving her old life behind, Lucy is determined to make the most of her fresh start.

As life slowly begins to return to normal, these three women, thrown together by circumstance, become fast friends. But then Jo’s world is turned upside down when she receives some shocking news.

In search of solace, Jo and Elizabeth find themselves enjoying midnight dips in the freezing Irish Sea. Here they can laugh, cry and wash away all their fears. As well as conjure a fundraising plan for the local hospice that will bring the whole community together…

From bestselling Irish writer Faith Hogan, The Ladies’ Midnight Swimming Club is an emotional story about finding new friends and living life to the fullest, that will appeal to fans of Sheila O’Flanagan, Heidi Swain and Liz Fenwick


My goodness, this pulls at the heartstrings!!

Faith Hogan is the queen of the emotional roller-coaster and this has everything to have you smiling through blinding tears, your heart will burst with love and sadness and you will be sure to get a lump in your throat while reading at the powerful message of hope and friendship.

I loved that to sort through your minds cluttered box, to find a way through the drama which envelopes these women that to simply have a midnight swim in the sea with like-minded women who never judge but encourage and respect and help. It really is the most beautiful thing!

This book speaks to you on so many levels and will resonate with so many. It tells the stories of how three women who are at different stages in life, three women who have their own roads to tread how they come together in the simple act of swimming and in doing so not only through the power of their unique friendship but through the healing power of finding peace in your own mind they start to recover, heal, find courage, find strength and learn to move forward.

It really is a beautiful yet simplistic story that will touch your heart and soul, I can not recommend it enough.

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