I am absolutely delighted to be sharing my review of the charming; Yours, Trudy by Gina Hollands. I am super excited to share this book with you all.

About the Book

Yours, Trudy by Gina Hollands.

Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

How many positive words and exclamation marks can you fit into the space of one email?

A lot is the answer, if you’re Trudy Drinkwater. As ‘Head of People Happiness’, her cheery emails are carefully written to boost the morale of her ‘fellow finned friends’ at Pink Fish Web Design. Yay!

But, in reality, there is very little Trudy has to say ‘yay!’ about in her home life. Her marriage is all but over, she’s in a near constant battle to make her two chicken nugget loving teens eat anything vaguely nutritious, and the days when she and her husband were young lovers with big dreams seem very far away.

Can Trudy keep up the chirpy pretence of her day job, or does she really need a new start and a second chance at true happiness? 


This book is in one word; Fun!

It’s one of those books where you will be giggling away merrily into your cup of rosy-lee at the antics, the writing is top-notch you honestly can’t ask for better, you will be laughing one minute and sighing another but more than anything Yours, Trudy will make you feel incredibly cheerful and happy.

Yours, Trudy, is a quick read which packs a punch! I loved every part from the simple and enjoyable plot to the wonderfully eclectic characters, especially Trudy’s mother my goodness I hooted with laughter at times, in fact, I was giggling away for most of the book. But, it’s not all fun and games there is s series side to it too which really grabs at the heart. Trudy could be any woman, she could be someone you know or yourself, she is so relatable and very real. She does want she needs to keep her family happy and healthy, everyone and everything comes before herself

I got to say how much I love Trudy’s job title; Head of People’s Happiness – why haven’t I ever been a job with a People’s Happiness department? Obviously, I have been in the wrong jobs. But with change on the horizon, Trudy’s life is just about to get a lot more complicated with Pink Fish – the company she works for being sold off to an American company called Yellow Panda. Her marriage is going all wrong as she is now estranged from her husband, her children are battling her at every turn – usually over chicken nuggets and last but by no means least her mither unexpectedly arrives on her doorstep, who knows how she will be staying for.

Could anything else be piled on to our Trudy’s shoulders? Oh, yes let’s add in the drop-dead gorgeous CJ from the new company who just happens to look like Barack Obama with an irresistible smile. Well, that has thrown the cat amongst the pigeon’s and has complicated the hell out of Trudy’s already chaotic life. What will she do? Well, I am not going to tell you, but I will say that the journey to uncomplicate her life is fabulous!

I discovered Gina Hollands last year and instantly I fell in love with her heart-warming stories, I love her light and feel-good writing which takes hold of you and I can’t wait to read more from her.

Yours, Trudy, is a great book to unwind with, it will leave you feeling uplifted, it’s joyful and full of happiness and laughter. With character’s which grasp your attention from page one, a fast and witty plot and superb writing, this is an all-around winner!


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