Hello, Sunshines, I am delighted to be sharing my min-review of; The War Girls by Rosie James. I can’t wait to share this book with you all.

About the Book

The War Girls by Rosie James

Genre: WW2, Historical Fiction

Can their friendship survive the darkest days of war?

When Abigail arrives for a new start in Bristol in the late 1930s, she knows life won’t be easy – particularly as she is the unmarried mother of three-year-old Emily Grace.

But as the war starts to take over the city and threaten their very existence, will Abigail’s new friends, Carrie and Eileen, be enough to keep herself and her daughter safe?

Fans of Rosie Clarke, Nancy Revell and Elaine Everest will love Rosie James!


This is my first book by Rosie James, it certainly won’t be the last I thoroughly enjoyed it, I really liked the easy to read and simplistic writing style which brought the overall story and characters to life.

The story follows Abigail, who at the age of nineteen has brought shame to the family name by becoming a single mother to her adorable daughter; Emily Grace. But being the 1930’s this isn’t the thing, this means shame and scandal and embarrassment for everyone. How times have changed!

She is living with her aunt Edna at Cooper Cottage, but life is repressive she is feeling claustrophobic and like she is constantly walking on eggshells, she needs to be free from their strangulating hold over her and her daughter. So she makes the drastic decision to leave, the war has just erupted and she leaves the little village to Bristol she finds herself for the first time in her life free. She finds work in a little cafe and a bookshop and she makes lifelong friends in the form of Eileen and Carrie. But with war ebbing closer to our shores her life could once again be uprooted and change.

I liked the sense of community and that Abigail finally found people who didn’t stigmatise her for being an unmarried young mother, she found genuine friends who she could rely on. The writing is charming, I loved the sense of drama in the background with the murmuring of what is going on in London with the Blitz, but this is all about finding your feet and the power of good strong friendships, it’s heart-warming.

The only negative thing I will say about it was it felt a little slow in parts like certain chapters were being drawn out longer than they by rights should have been. I think perhaps it’s a little longer than it needed to be seeing as it is a pretty short and simple story packed into far more pages than necessary, but other than that it’s an enjoyable novel that will resonate with many.

Overall a charming little story that is all about the strength of friendship and is well worth a read.

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