Hello, Sunshines, I am delighted to be sharing my review of; The Never Have I Ever Club by Mary Jayne Baker. I can’t wait to share this very funny book with you all.

About the Book

The Never Have I Ever Club by Mary Jayne Baker.

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Robyn Bloom thought Ash Barnes was the love of her life – until one day he announced he was leaving her to fly halfway across the world.

Months later, Robyn is struggling to move on – but then she has a brainwave: The Never Have I Ever Club. Her handsome next-door neighbour Will helps her bring their fellow Yorkshire villagers together for some carpe-diem-inspired fun.

From burlesque dancing to Swedish massages, everyone has plenty of bucket-list activities to try, but it doesn’t take long for Robyn to realise what – or who – her heart truly desires: Will.

There’s just one problem: he’s Ash’s twin brother.

Make that two problems: Ash is moving home… and he wants Robyn back.

Mary Jayne Baker is the recipient of the RNA Romantic Comedy Award for A Question of Us.


I loved this book, there were times that I laughed so much I’m sure my family think I’m having some sort of giggling midlife crisis, but this is what Mary Jayne baker does best and there are so few authors who have a genuine unedited talent at proper, good-natured, witty Yorkshire humour…..Yes, I may be biased, but my Gawd, it’s so good to actually read a book with tongue in cheek humour I actually understand.

I loved the premise of this ‘The Never have I ever Club’ is something we could all do with having in our lives, how many times have we said ‘Ooh, I’d love to do/see that or go there and we all have a bucket list right? I know mine is a bit random and quite boring eat food, walk around Yorkshire, visit Whitby and more eating especially cake/biscuits. Told you a bit boring.  I love that Robyn with Will’s help creates this club where everyone can chare their lists, but as with all great plans along comes a spanner in the works – or two – first Robyn starts falling for her best friend and neighbour, secondly, her ex who also happens to be the twin brother of the guy she is falling for. Bugger!! What is a girl to do? Well read it and find out, my lips are zipped shut – unless you have biscuits 😉

Will and Robyn are a really lovely couple, they are the stereotypical ‘friends to lovers’ I liked how their relationship developed from neighbours and friends to the couple they became. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Robyn and the twin’s triangle that was going on, Will is such a nice guy he won’t step in and actually profess his love, even though his twin brother and Robyn’s cheating childlike ex still wants her – with him he is seeing what is happening between Will and Robyn and it’s a case of he wants whatever his much nicer brother wants.

I do think it was a little longer than it necessarily should have been, the overall story is a pretty short one, and I did think that some parts were dragged out a bit too much, but not enough to make you want to stop reading.

This has some amazingly memorable characters, not only Robyn and Will who have great chemistry, they have a brilliant friendship theirs is one of those friendships where you know it’s for life no matter what form that may eventually be, they click together. I loved the secondary even though I did instantly take against Ash – what a tosser!! I felt like shouting at him to grow up you overgrown child. But apart from him riling me up I loved the interaction between the friends.

The Never Have I Ever Club is a really great read – as I said I personally thought it is a little too long, but just my opinion. I really enjoyed this one though, it’s light-hearted and incredibly fun, it will leave you feeling very happy and cheer up the most stressed-out day.

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