Hello, Sunshines, I am super-duper excited to be sharing my review of Her Honorable Mercenary by Nicole Locke. When I say ‘review’ what I actually mean is a really, really, really long babbling session – I have warned you, you can turn around and leave before I start….

Still here – right, here we go then…

About the Book

Her Honorable Mercenary by Nicole Locke

Series: Lovers to Legends #12

Genre: Medieval, Historical Romance

An innocent maiden

And a legendary warrior

When captured and held prisoner in an enemy castle, Margery of Lyon is guarded by brooding mercenary Evrart, who’s been commanded to watch her—day and night. Margery’s determination to escape brings her closer to Evrart and the kind heart hidden beneath his granite-hard body. Now Margery is torn… Fleeing under the portcullis will mean leaving behind the man she’s falling for…


Her Honourable Mercenary – which I have to say is the absolute perfect title for this book, like the cover everything about it fits like a well perfect pair of shoes with the story. The cover model is – oh, my word is he HOT, HOT, HOT or what???

I will admit I have gone very googly eyes over this cover, but in my head this cover Evrart IS Evrart. The art department has got the cover and the title spot on, the cover Evrart is broody, grizzly, mysterious and handsome as hell – I have fallen in total love with a book cover!!

Anyway, this is the twelfth book in the Lovers to Legends series and as with most of the other books, you can easily read them as stand-alone. This one though is a little different as despite it being book 12 it is set just before the events of book 11; The Knight’s Runaway Maiden, so there is a shared scene between the two books but honestly you can read and enjoy them all as stand-alone as some who started the series half-way though I say that with absolute honesty.

Her Honourable Mercenary is glorious (as is the hero) it’s full to the brim of brooding looks, growling replies and lustful glances – I think that may be just me whenever Evrart is in a scene 😉 my goodness this man is EVERYTHING!!

There is so much of him to love – what I mean is that there is so much about him that you can love, honestly, it’s only the start of the review and I am sounding like a lovesick slightly perverse teenager, I’ll be doodling Evrarts name on my notebook cover next – oh, wait I think I already have. LOL!

Evrart – my Gawd, how much do I adore this big bull of a man? I do have a real fondness for large fearsome men who beneath the mask lies the heart of a teddy bear and our Evrart is no different. He is a huge man, burly, grizzly, rough, and menacing and he is also a predator protective of those he loves, especially the family who are at risk from the Warstone beast.

Yet, the moment he stomps his way into the very first scene all lethal menace I saw a softer side to him as soon as he saw Margery on that horse, the bristliness seemed to be pushed aside to compassion and kindness. Even though he still grumbles, growls and has his hackles raised a fair few times until she enchants him and slips beneath the armour he has around his heart.

It’s normal to be green with envy over the heroine, right?

He is in a precarious position being Ian Warstone’s head of security – not by choice I must say as with everything Warstone there are threats and danger behind Evrart’s position. Evrart starts to feel and fear as though Ian’s fondness for him is waning, he isn’t being used for his warrior skills as much as before instead being ordered to stay in the castle and then when Ian returns with his latest ‘toy’ ie: Margery, Evrart once again finds himself not going out once again with his manipulative master but guarding the young and beautiful woman.

I’ve just realised I have spent the last hour writing waffles about one character instead of talking about the book – oops, sorry – not sorry, after all when you have a man fictional or not that is this impressive you want to shout from the rooftops about his impressive ….. Well, use your imagination 😉

Once within the Warstone beast’s lair, Margery is confined to one of Ian’s chambers – never to be seen again – with one very irritable, sexy, mysterious, guarded, unpredictable and menacing bull of a man in charge of her. Now both Margery and Evrart are right in the midst of a Warstone game of chess, where one never knows if the outcome will be the death of servitude. But as they are trapped in the Warstone spiders web well you can hardly blame them for starting to see the other in a new light and for chemistry to crackle and my goodness does the air crackle around them, you can almost see the sexual lust shooting off Margery whenever Evrart is around – but then again, he is a prize specimen of a man.

I love that we see a side to Ian that we never really saw before, he’s an enigma one minute confused and a little lost and the next living up to his narcissistic evil name. But, it was fun to see those sides to him, he has been such a constant throughout this series, lurking in the background it’s fun seeing the man behind the scenes.

Margery and Evrart are a gorgeous couple, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing their relationship grow, when she was taken by Ian and locked away she is a wide-eyed little doe – as anyone who has unfortunately fallen into the clutches of a Warstone would be, at first, I saw her like a fragile little creature but the more you get to know her you come to realises that this young woman has some fire hidden deep down. She- like Evrart – has done what she has needed to do to keep her family safe and well, she loves her family dearly and I applaud her determination and resilience.

Nicole Locke is my go-to author for Medieval Romance, she is a queen of the genre, and she fills your heart with raw and lustful romance, I am super excited to read the next book in the series – which I believe will be one of the last – I hope not.

Margery and Evrart are a beautifully compelling couple, they both have to live with being seen only by how they look, no one ever getting close enough to know them as people. Yet, this is what happens when they meet, I think that surprises them both, they are both used to being perceived in one way; her as incredibly beautiful with no brains and a bed warmer, him as a beast, a grizzly bear a brooding killer. But, the more time they spend with each other the more layers are pulled away to finally reveal the rose beneath the thorns.

Her Honourable Mercenary is a fast pace, relatively short novel – or maybe it seems shorter as I flew through the pages. I love the danger which lurks in the background constantly, it’s exciting and completely addictive. The chemistry between the couple is off the charts, and yet they nurture their newly found relationship beautifully until they finally relent.

Overall, I’m not sure I have said it yet in this overly waffled review, but it’s good, so damn good. Mesmerizingly good, sizzlingly and seductively great. In other words, just go out and buy the thing to find out for yourself, because you aren’t going to get much more sense from me – I have my little mind on one thing only and his name is Evrart!!

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