I am delighted to be sharing my min-review of Witch by Finbar Hawkins, I can’t wait to share this stunning debut with you all.

About the Book

Witch by Finbar Hawkins

Genre: Historical Fiction, Young Adult

Set in the 17th century, a breathtaking debut, and a potential prize-winner, about the power of women, witchcraft, fury, revenge and the ties that bind us.

After witnessing the brutal murder of her mother by witch-hunters, Evey vows to avenge her and track down the killers. Fury burns in her bright and strong. But she has promised her mother that she will keep Dill, her little sister, safe.

As the lust for blood and retribution rises to fever pitch, will Evey keep true to the bonds of sisterhood and to the magick that is her destiny?

Cover artwork by Edward Bettison


Witch is an exceptional story of bravery, truth, revenge and family.

I have always had a fondness for Witch stories, especially those set in and around the awful witch trials, I have to be honest though that I haven’t read as many as I would have liked, it’s a part of history we all need to learn and understand more about and especially know about the women who were treated horrifically and 99% of them ended in brutal death. So to have a book not only set during this dark time but to have it told through the eyes of a witch wanting to avenge her mother and aimed at the 12+ age group is wonderful.

Witch is all about a young girl who has basically watched her mother be killed before her young eyes for being a witch, what follows is a journey of revenge, she is determined to avenge her mother’s death, the fury builds in her blood, so she leaves her little sister at their cover in the woods and sets out for her much yearned for revenge. But she is in a predicament to avenge those who have destroyed her family the way she would like to would put her in grave danger of being caught as a witch.

I loved this book, it’s darkly brooding and enchanting, I was hooked from the first moment of meeting young Evey. I was intrigued by her and was backing her from the very start. I really liked her intelligence and her knowledge of someone so young of the old ways was eye-opening.

I also have to mention the cover, it’s incredibly pretty and works perfectly with the overall story.

Overall, Witch is an enchanting, emotional and enthralling story, I can’t believe that this was a debut, the writing is so captivating, it feels timeless and yet at times, I felt hairs at the back of my neck.

I look forward to reading more from Finbar Hawkins.

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