Hello, Sunshines, I am delighted to be sharing my review for Staying out for Summer by Mandy Baggot. I can’t wait to share this sunny book with you all.

About the Book

Staying Out for the Summer by Mandy Baggot.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction

After a summer of staying in, it’s time to let your hair down and escape to Greece!

For Lucie Burrows, it’s time to embrace Greek life and put the past behind her! Having spent the summer of 2020 battling a global health crisis, Lucie Burrows is looking forward to a summer out of lockdown.

When best friend, Gavin, finds them the perfect Greek escape Lucie finally starts to think this summer might just go without a hitch. But after a landslide puts the village into a local lockdown, Lucie is thrown together with Michalis Andino, the super sexy village doctor. It’s not quite the holiday she had planned, but things could certainly be worse.

As Lucie relaxes into the Greek way of life, she begins to wonder whether this lockdown might just end in a new life, a new love…


Staying out for Summer is a cute, funny, light-hearted and enjoyable romance that whisks us away on that much needed holiday.

I like that this is very relevant to the times we have been living for the last 18 month’s, Staying Out for Summer is the healing balm we have all been needing for such a long time, if you’re like me and are unable to get away on holiday then you’ll love hitching along on Lucie’s holiday just as I did.

After a hell of a few months – thanks to Covid, Lucie has all about had enough of life indoor (who hasn’t?) and is itching for sunshine and freedom after lockdown (can anyone else relate to that?). Her good friend Gavin comes to the rescue and books a holiday on Corfu, but alas her peaceful summery get-away turns into yet another lockdown after a landslide occurs. Lucie soon finds that this could be a great thing to happen as she meets gorgeous doctor Michalis and soon love blossoms.

I loved watching Lucie grow throughout the book, due to Covid she had sunk so low, she had lost so much of herself and her confidence. But once stepping on Corfu and despite what happens her character blossoms, her confidence grows and her self believe starts to return. It’s so lovingly written you feel every one of Lucie’s emotions and you back her 100%, especially more so after the year we have all had.

Staying out for Summer is a wonderful escapist read, full of sunshine and fun. It has some fabulous characters who you can get behind from the moment you meet them, you feel their pain as they have just come through an awful ordeal (like we all have) it’s pulls at the heart-strings a fair few times but makes up for all the emotion with its summery setting which would make any person smile with joy.

It’s a hilarious, summery, heart-warming, touching and feel-good story full of friendship and love.

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