Hello, Sunshines, I am delighted to be today’s stop on the book tour for The Seamstress of Warsaw by Rebecca Mascull. This book is incredible, it is breath-taking (a term I use quite a lot during this review) I am super excited to be sharing my review with you all.

Firstly, thank you to Zoe at Zooloo’s Book Tours for the invite.

About the Book

The Seamstress Of Warsaw by Rebecca Mascull.

Genre: Historical Fiction



A man learns a shocking truth about his past.


A mother writes a diary as the ghetto walls go up.

From the bombed streets of London, to occupied Warsaw, to the Polish forests bristling with partisans, will their paths cross?

Will their pasts be reconciled?

And will they survive the deadly assaults on their freedom and their lives?

THE SEAMSTRESS OF WARSAW is a tale of endurance and loss, family and blood, stories and histories, that questions the nature of who we are and where we are going, when the road ahead is burning.

Purchase Links:

Amazon UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B099KWCPFS

Amazon UShttps://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B099KWCPFS


There are certain books which leave you feeling utterly stunned, a book which has you feeling as though you will never be able to do it justice by a few mere words, a book where waffle and babble would be an insult, a book which holds on to you and will forever cement itself on to your very being and this is one of them.

I honestly don’t think I can adequately write a review for it which will say how breath-taking it is, I whole-heartedly bow down to Rebecca Mascull what a gift she has brought to the world, a gift every single person who reads and every single person should read it, could never truly thank her for.

The Seamstress of Warsaw is right up there with the best books I have ever read, I have read hundreds of books set during this era but this blows the others out of the water. I would usually talk about the story here, but I wouldn’t wish to give away too much and to be honest for the first time I wanted to be a little selfish and bombard you with all my feelings for how exceptional this book is, only when reading it for yourself will you understand just how beautiful this book is.

I cannot say it enough, but this book is utterly breath-taking, it’s a story that not only needed to be told and shared with the world but one we readers can show our respect for by actually reading it. It is at this moment in a review where I usually say if you love this author or that author then you will love this book, but I’m not going to say that this time. This time I want to hammer it home at how much you really should read it by saying, if you’ve ever watched Defiance which is (in my opinion) one of the greatest films made, right up there with Schindlers List then you need to read this book. Not only is it an incredible true story of courage and survival, but the brothers also make an appearance in this.

I loved this book, I cried at times – for a person who hardly shows any sort of emotion, especially crying this is a huge thing for me. But, this took hold of me, it’s incredibly emotional, there is a deep sense of loss as would be expected from a book set during the holocaust. But, despite the harrowing moments which will instil raw grief into the reader, there is also a feeling of hope through the heavy toxic mist of death and pain and cruelty.

The Seamstress of Warsaw is an incredibly powerful and mesmerising and eloquently written book, it’s one which you will pick off the shelf and bury yourself into until the final word. I read it one weekend as someone who is a notoriously slow reader I flew through the pages, the pacing is perfect I could have properly read it in a day if family life didn’t get in the way.

The Seamstress of Warsaw is captivating! It educates with its blinding historical research and vivid detail, it engages the reader with its enthralling story of truth, hope and family. This book is breath-taking, yes I have said it once again, only because I am running out of words to fully convey just how incredible this book is.
Final words can only be read it!!

About the Author

Rebecca Mascull is an author of historical novels. She also writes saga fiction under the pen-name of Mollie Walton

Rebecca’s latest book under the Mascull name is coming on September 18th 2021, THE SEAMSTRESS OF WARSAW, the powerful tale of two people unknowingly connected to each other, caught up in the whirlwind of World War II, whose perilous journeys we follow from the Blitz to the Warsaw Ghetto and beyond, published by SpellBound. 

Mollie Walton’s The Ironbridge Saga series is set in the dangerous world of the iron industry: THE DAUGHTERS OF IRONBRIDGE (2019). The second book in the trilogy is THE SECRETS OF IRONBRIDGE (2020), set in the brickyards of the 1850s. The third book is set in the coalmines and servants’ quarters of the 1870s: THE ORPHAN OF IRONBRIDGE (2021). All three are published by Bonnier Zaffre. Mollie’s next trilogy will be set in WW2 North Yorkshire and the first book of this saga will be out in March 2022, published by Welbeck. 

Her first novel as Rebecca Mascull, THE VISITORS (2014) tells the story of Adeliza Golding, a deaf-blind child living on her father’s hop farm in Victorian Kent. Her second novel SONG OF THE SEA MAID (2015) is set in the C18th and concerns an orphan girl who becomes a scientist and makes a remarkable discovery. Her third novel, THE WILD AIR (2017) is about a shy Edwardian girl who learns to fly and becomes a celebrated aviatrix but the shadow of war is looming. All are published by Hodder & Stoughton. 

She also completed the finishing chapters of her friend and fellow novelist Vanessa Lafaye’s final work, a novella called MISS MARLEY, a prequel to Dickens’s A CHRISTMAS CAROL. This novella is published by HarperCollins. 

Rebecca has worked in education, has a Masters in Writing and lives by the sea in the east of England. She is also a Fellow of the Royal Literary Fund, based at the University of Lincoln. 

Follow her at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RebeccaMascull/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beccamascull/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rebeccamascull

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