Hello, Sunshines, I am delighted to be sharing my review of It Started with a Pirate by Kirsty Ferry, I can’t wait to share this book with you all.

Firstly, thank you to Liz at Choc Lit Publishers for the complimentary copy.

About the Book

It Started with a Pirate by Kirsty Ferry.

Series: Schubert #4

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Coffee, cake and cats …

These are a few of Lexie Farrington’s favourite things, and when she walks into the Thistledean Café in Edinburgh, she’s delighted to find all three: coffee, cake, a big black cat on a purple lead being held by a very grumpy-looking pirate. Okay, maybe she wasn’t quite expecting that one …

Of course, Billy McCreadie isn’t really a pirate; he just knows a lot about them and is on his way to give a historical talk to school kids, hence the get-up. He’s also in desperate need of a cat sitter.

When Lexie steps in, little does she realise that Billy will be the key to a hidden Edinburgh she would have never discovered herself, and he might also be the man to help solve a certain piratical puzzle of her own … 


It’s always so exciting whenever a new Kirsty ferry book lands in my hands, this hugely talented lady never fails to put a smile on my face and lift the spirits and It Started with a Pirate is no different, if you are wanting a book which will leave you feeling happy and chilled out then this is the book. Plus, it would make a brilliant film, just saying!

It Started with a Pirate is the fourth book in the Schubert Series, which not only centres around the brilliantly funny and slightly eccentric McCreadie family but also the series namesake; Shubert the fat black cat who helps in his special little way. Even though this is a series that centre’s on one family, you can very easily read each one as stand-alone’s or as I did start in the middle and work your way back ( nothing new there).

I love that It Started with a Pirate is loosely based on a true story, of a primary school finding the bones of what they believe to be a pirate – that’s brilliant!

It Started With a Pirate is brilliant fun, magical and romantic – but then I wouldn’t have expected anything less coming from Kirsty Ferry. In this book we follow Lexie who is on the trail of a bit of a mystery which is surrounding a pirate, when she walks into a coffee shop she is stunned and rather excited to come face to face with non-other than a pirate holding a black cat on a lead. Said pirate isn’t too pleased to be in the custody of said cat but hey, it’s highly entertaining none-the-less. As it turns outs the ‘pirate’ isn’t a pirate after all – everyone sigh in disappointment – but he turns out to be just as swoon-worthy, plus he is very knowledgeable on pirates – who would have guessed!

One thing leads to the next and they both find themselves in a graveyard talking to a pretty peed off ghost who just happens to know even more than Billy about pirates – especially a certain one, but that’s all your getting from me, you’re just going to have to read it to find out more and I can guarantee you will love the journey you go on with Billy, Lexie and Schubert off course, we can’t forget him!.

Oh, Billy!!! My heart has been stolen completely – I can’t describe how much I love this man – yes, I have always gone a little do-lally for pirates and then Billy walks in looking all piratical (all he needs is a sword and a long coat and I am all shiver me timbers, me-hearty).

I adore Kirsty Ferry’s books each one is pure happiness, they make you laugh, make you fall in love, they whisk you away they keep you glued and have you flying with lightning speed through the pages and they surprise and delight, honestly reading a Kirsty Ferry book is like settling in with your favourite box of chocolates (without the need to go and exercise after 😉 ) her writing will sweep you away on a happy contented cloud.

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