Hello, Sunshines, I am delighted to be sharing my review for the audiobook of; The Dangerous Lord Darrington by Sarah Mallory. I can’t wait to share this book with you all.

About the Book

The Dangerous Lord Darrington by Sarah Mallory

Narrated by: Julia Franklin

Genre: Historical Romance, Regency Romance

The Dangerous Lord Darrington is not a man to be welcomed into a house of unprotected women! He may be an earl, but even in the wilds of Yorkshire Beth Forrester has heard tales of the incorrigible rake that make her toes curl…

Unexpectedly hosting such a scandalous celebrity is only the first of Beth’s problems. Now the wicked Lord Darrington has found out about the dark secret she will do anything to protect. How to buy a rake’s silence?

There is only one way – with her body!

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I have to be honest that I didn’t read the back blurb before I purchased this book, I just saw it was Sarah Mallory, who is one of the few author’s whose books I automatically buy without reading what the book is about, plus that it had an audiobook offer attached (buy the ebook, get the audiobook on discount)

When I did start listening to the book I had a quick squint at the back blurb, I was very surprised as it is very misleading to how excellent this book is, to be perfectly honest if I hadn’t read any of Mallory’s books before then I would have been put off a little by just how cliched the back blurb (and the title too) is, it doesn’t do the overall quality of the book any justice, and the fact that poor Darrington isn’t at all the ‘dangerous’ man the back blurb proclaims him to be.

He isn’t rakish, dangerous, scandalous or traitorous. Not at all, there isn’t a traitorous bone in his beautiful body, he is a wonderfully complex but very lovable man, he’s kind and a bit gruff, proud, loyal, lonely, handsome, passionate and oozes sex appeal.

It’s a bit of a niggle of mine that just because a man isn’t married and he’s out there having a bit of fun then he is automatically portrayed as ‘dangerous’ or ‘not to be trusted’ when in fact these men are nothing of the sort when I think a lot of young men of a certain age are far more dangerous now. Darrington is a decent chap, I like that he abhors society because of their presumptions about him and he is far happier cooped up in his little world away from the limelight of the toxic ton.

Anyway, winge over!

Darrington is a solid considerate and caring man, I loved how he and Beth meet when his friend falls off his horse and they both must seek help, you can always judge a man by how he treats others and the way Darrington refuses to leave his friend at the mercy of strangers and how he comes to Beth’s aid when she needs it proves once again what a proper gentleman he is – plus once he is on full charming mode, well no woman with blood in her veins will be immune, that twinkle, that charismatic arrogance has me all a fluster 😉

Beth was a little hit and miss in my opinion, at times I loved her, the way she steadfastly goes out on her own to prove that her brother is innocent. When she is focused on the task at hand she is a force to be reckoned with and I enjoyed that side of her and how she battles with Darrington, on the other hand, I found her to be slightly childish, she seemed to overreact over the smallest thing which had our daring Darrington as bemused as I were – but that OK because they soon make amends

I enjoyed the relationship between Beth and Darrington, they are thrown together to uncover the truth and clear her brother’s name and Darrington’s in the process, I enjoyed it immensely that they go from wary co-travellers to friends and then too much, much more, once they at the much more – well, hold on to your smelling salts ladies things are about to get very steamy.

As much as I loved the main couple, I think at times they are overshadowed by certain characters, especially with the hint of another romance between Darrington friend and Beth’s sister, I liked those two and in my opinion, they weren’t used as much as they should have been.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Dangerous Lord Darrington, it’s not at all what you think (again, the misleading back blurb has a lot to answer for) it’s not a hellion lordling out to have his wicked way with a naive little miss, no! Darrington goes out of his way to help Beth as much as he possibly can, I think it’s her with the loose morals and is far too swayed by the delicious Darrington – but I can’t blame her for that, he is an enigmatic, charming man once he allows that stoic mask to drop.

The Dangerous Lord Darrington isn’t your stereotypical regency romance, it has a bit more meat on the bone with plot twists and a bit of a mystery. The chemistry between our couple is steamy, there is a lot of mutual dithering which I found very entertaining.

The only thing I didn’t like about it was the narrator, I found her quite irritating at times and if it wasn’t for the fact that I was enjoyable to story I properly would have stopped listening. Some of the character’s voices were a bit grating – and why did she have to make Beth sound as though she 12? Again, just my opinion!

Overall, an enjoyable and somewhat unexpected story about two people who are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders and find passion and solace in each other’s arms.

About the Author

Sarah Mallory is an award-winning author who has published more than 25 historical romances with Harlequin Mills & Boon. She loves history, especially the Georgian and Regency period. She has recently moved to the romantic Scottish Highlands, where she walks long walks to plot out her latest adventure!

Sarah also writes historical romantic adventures as Melinda Hammond.


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