Hello, Sunshines, I am delighted to be today’s stop on the blog tour for; Scandal’s Deception by Pamela Gibson. This book looks wonderful, the cover is so pretty I can’t wait to share it with you all, plus I have an exclusive excerpt to tempt you with.

Firstly, thank you to Amy at Historical Fiction Virtual Blog Tours for the invite.

About the Book

Scandal’s Deception by Pamela Gibson.

Publication Date: July 21, 2021
Soul Mate Publishing, LLC

Series: Scandal Series, Book 4
Genre: Regency Historical Romance  

Jane Stafford, raised in America, is shocked to learn she is a wealthy heiress, her late father was an earl, and her English mother is alive. Anxious to meet the woman she long-thought dead, she travels to London, only to be whisked away by her sinfully handsome guardian to a remote estate to be “schooled” in the ways of the ton.

Gilbert Carmichael, Lord Ralston, chafes at having to make a rebellious young heiress acceptable to society, especially one who is impetuous and blatantly democratic. Because the instruction she needs is more than deportment and dancing. It’s also about how to spot a rake who might woo her for her fortune.

When Ralston learns his ward is to be used as a pawn in an elaborate scheme involving a secret impersonation, he will move heaven and earth to keep her safe. Because proximity has brought the uncomfortable knowledge that his interest may be more than duty—it just might be love.

Book Excerpt

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you,” said Ralston.



Jane stared at her guardian. “Can we define the word before we begin?”

He ran his fingers through his hair and stared at the fountain. “My meaning, for the purpose of this discussion, is a gentleman who may use false charm and persuasion to gain your interest and affection for less than honorable purposes.”

“What, exactly, are you saying?”

He turned to face her on the narrow bench, his handsome face set in a serious expression. “You are an heiress, Jane. And you are an innocent. A practiced rogue who needs money may try to beguile you with flattery and attention, or worse, put you in a compromising position so you would be forced to marry him.”

“I don’t want to marry.”

He sighed and took her hand. “Society is cruel. If you were compromised, you would be ruined unless the rogue married you.”

She took a deep breath, her mind in flux, and her body tingling with awareness as his thigh touched hers on the narrow bench.

Concentrate. “You-you would not countenance such a union, would you?”

“It would depend on the man’s overall character and the circumstances surrounding the desperate act. The answer is probably no. The point is, such an occurrence will not happen because you are intelligent and will be forewarned.”

“We might have called such people rapscallions in Baltimore, my lord. If you are worried about my ability to protect myself, I can assure you our housekeeper, a woman of many talents, instructed me in some basic moves to protect myself, and remember, I have also studied pugilists.”

A broad grin lit his face. “I had forgotten your interest in that area. Even so, you must never be alone with a gentleman who is not related to you. Not that we know of any at this point. If, at a social gathering, you do find yourself in such a situation, make haste to return to where people are mingling.”

A tiny devil took over her tongue. “What if there is a gentleman I do wish to be alone with? How would we get to know one another if we are always in company?”

“Your maid should always be around—close enough to observe you but perhaps not to hear your conversation. If in a room during a visit and your mother exits the room, she would leave the door open for propriety’s sake.”

She widened her eyes, now having fun. “What if the gentleman wants to kiss me?”

His lips thinned. “Not done. Do not allow it.”

Now her spontaneous nature begged to cause mischief. “What if I wanted the kiss, above all things, and the gentleman was not a rogue, but a suitor?”

“I suppose a brief peck would not be too scandalous.” He loosened his cravat and attempted to retie it.

“Here, let me do it.” She faced him, her knees pressing into his as her fingers grasped the cloth and tied his cravat into a large bow. Trying not to smirk, she made a point to look directly into his eyes. “I need a demonstration.”


“You know, kissing. A peck. What would that be?”

The mood changed, and a softness surrounded them. The mesmerizing trickle of water splashing in the bowls of the fountain blended with the soft rustling of leaves in the boughs of the tree overhead. He leaned forward, holding her gaze, his mouth an inch from hers. She closed her eyes and felt the softness of a feather touching her lips, pressing into them for only a moment, while she memorized the feeling.

When she opened her eyes, the hard planes of his aristocratic face seemed softer, the look in his eyes conveying a longing that made her want to lean forward and press against his body to ease the sudden ache in her breasts and the tingling in her core.

Her first kiss, and it was a peck. What would a real kiss feel like, and why did she only want it from Ralston?

He broke the mood by rising and thrusting his fingers in his hair. “I beg your pardon.”

“Why? I asked you to demonstrate. Now I know.”

“I think it’s time to get back to the house. I have a few errands to run in the village. I shall see you at dinner.”

He turned to leave, and she called out, “What about my book?”

“I’ll have the stable lad return it to you. If you wish, you can take it with us when we go to Seacliff Cottage.”

“I’m to accompany you, then?” She hoped she didn’t sound too eager, but this was wonderful news.

“On the morrow.”

He disappeared from view, and Jane, brimming with renewed excitement, remained, touching her lips with her forefinger. The kiss had been almost imperceptible, like a whisper in a dark room. The feelings invoked would be with her for a long time. Her mind had numbed while her body heat had risen into an inferno.

At least one question was answered.

I want to know more. I want him to kiss me again.

She clearly was infatuated, and it wasn’t wit

About the Author

Author of eight books on California history and sixteen romance novels, Pamela Gibson is a former City Manager who now lives in the Nevada desert. She has a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in public administration, but her passion is and always has been writing.

Having spent three years messing about in boats, a hobby that included a five-thousand-mile trip in a 32-foot Nordic Tug, she now spends most of her time indoors happily reading, writing, cooking and keeping up with the antics of Ralph, her Siamese rescue cat.

If you want to learn more about her activities go to https://www.pamelagibsonwrites.com and sign up for her blog and quarterly newsletter. You can also find her on FacebookTwitterAmazonBookBub, and Goodreads.

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