Hello, Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be (finally) sharing my review of; The Cinderella Heiress by Janice Preston. This is the second book in the captivating Lady Tregowan’s Will mini-series and it’s a stunner!!! I am super excited to be sharing this book with you all… and to be sharing our gorgeous hero Jack…;-)

Firstly, I want to say thank you to Janice Preston for the complimentary copy!

About the

The Cinderella Heiress by Janice Preston.

Series: Lady Tregowan’s Will #2

Genre: Historical Romance, Regency Romance

Publisher: Harlequin, Mills and Boon

She’s inherited a fortune

But will she realize her true worth?

Claiming her inheritance in London will help Beatrice Fothergill escape her bullying, belittling half brother. When her carriage overturns, dashing Waterloo soldier Jack Kingswood comes to her aid—setting her pulse racing! In return, believing her new fortune can help the injured veteran rebuild his life, Beatrice proposes a convenient marriage.

But is this all she can offer—or dare Beatrice believe she’s worthy of more?

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Book Review

The Cinderella Heiress is the second book in the Lady Tregowan’s Will mini-series and I think that this is the best (so far – yes, I do realise that there is a third book to go) but there is something about this one which spoke to me on all levels. It’s not your stereotypical Regency romance, along with the charming Cinderella theme there are a multitude of layers interwoven throughout which creates a clever romance with added excitement and drama.

There couldn’t have been a better title for a story than this, at times some titles in the genre can feel a little cliched and at times I don’t think they always work with the story, but this one is perfect!

In the second book in the wonderfully clever; Lady Tregowan’s Will series we meet the second sister; Beatrice who is every inch Cinderella with her cruel, manipulative and bullying brother – plus not to mention that atrocious wife of his. I have never wanted to push a pair of vile creatures in the river as much as I did these two, they are awful and yet because the writing is so clever and engrossing I was hooked by their vile exploits. The way they tried to cosy up with Jack and that delightful brother of his (I need to know more about Kit – hint, hint!!) and in the next moment they were forcing Beatrice onto her knees to do all their bidding, even going as far as to take her shoes – that is until they hear about her good fortune.

As with the previous book; The Rag’s to Riche’s Governess, in this we follow the story of another of the sisters as they first discover who they are and how their lives will change because of the will. This time we meet quietly as a little mouse Beatrice, who sees her newfound sisters and good fortune as a freedom token to finally be able to free herself from her manipulative vile brother. To say she is shocked to find out the truth of who she is an understatement!

While on her way home, she meets a gorgeous and mysterious Jack-the-lad who just happens to be exactly in the right place at the right time, a moment in time that will change both their lives. I adore that first meeting between them, it sets their relationship up perfectly for what will be a match made in heaven. The chemistry is sizzling and everything feels very natural between them you just know that these are two people who are made for one another. He doesn’t patronise her by treating her like a stupid defenceless damsel in distress and she doesn’t pity him for his disability I love how open she is about it, she is a breath of fresh air for him and he is a man who will treat her like an actual person instead of a commodity.

I liked Beatrice, she is a sweet-natured young woman who just wants peace and to be able to live her life how she wants without the constant threat of abuse or snide remarks. Yet, there were times I wanted to give her a good talking to, the way she allows that brother and his wife of hers to walk slip-shod over her as though she were nothing more than a doormat. Especially at the beginning, I was like ‘come, one girl, show them all what you made off. I liked her courage (despite her hiding it behind the veil of submission) she has a good heart, a generous, kind and charming soul who you honestly can’t help but root for. I love how once she embarks on her adventure with delicious Jack her character blossoms until by the end you are faced with a confident and mature woman, one who embraces life.

Oh, Jack – where have you been my whole life? He is the epitome of a hero, a bit rough around the edges, rugged, charismatic, charming, and gloriously chivalrous. Add into this that he is a proud soldier, a man who has natural authority, an air of military arrogance and determination a man who hates having to rely on others, despite his disability and the effects that, that has on his confidence he is a true gentleman and man who cares deeply and loves passionately a man who I could happily fall into a heap of longing just at the mere sight of. Phew, I’ve come over all a fluster!!!

The Cinderella Heiress is a beautiful, charming and enchanting fairy-tale. A story of absolute true love in the face of adversity, peppered with drama, swirling lust and tension, the pacing is perfection I sped through this in less than a week (my major problem these days is to write the darn review). Preston has once again proved what an incredibly gifted author she is, I can’t wait for the third and final book in the series.

It’s a sparkling bright star in a crowded regency galaxy, easily one of the best of the year!

About the Author

Janice Preston writes emotional and sensual historical romance. Although all her novels are standalone reads, she loves to write stories set in the same Regency world, and many of her books include book-hopping characters.

When Janice isn’t writing she enjoys reading, swimming, pottering about the garden when the sun is shining, and travelling whenever she can. She fuels her imagination with endless cups of coffee, is far too keen on unhealthy food, and is an expert procrastinator.

For more info go to: janicepreston.co.uk


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