Hello, Sunshines, I am way beyond excited to be sharing my review of; The Glass Demon by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead. This is the second book in the amazing The de Chastelaine Chronicles, I have loved this series from day one and have been very impatiently awaiting this book…and oh, boy it was well worth the wait – be prepared for waffle and sighs and far too much talk of a certain hero.

Firstly, I want to say thank you to Lori at Totally Bound Publishing for the Advanced Reader Copy.

About the Book

The Glass Demon by Catherine Curzon & Eleanor Harkstead.

Series: The de Chastelaine Chronicles #2

Genre: Historical, Paranormal, Romance

Release Date: 29th June 2021

Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing

What you can’t see could kill you.

When Cecily arrives at her new home with her fiancé, Raf, she’s looking forward to a happy life with all her fears behind her. No longer a put-upon drudge, she is loved and free, ready to explore their new world.

After a summer spent battling the forces of darkness, Raf’s happy to get back to the garden of his chaotic ancestral home. There are flowers to tend and vegetables to harvest and he’s determined to create a perfect sanctuary for Cecily to call her own.

But when a demon made of glass escapes from an ancient church window, the peace of their idyllic village is shattered. Neighbour turns against neighbour, crops turn bad in the soil and flies blacken the air. As a child lingers between life and death, bewitched by the glass demon’s bite, Raf and Cecily must remind the villagers of what really matters and unite the community in a battle to send their infernal tormentor back to hell.

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It’s here…the second in this enthralling The de Chastelaine Trilogy has landed!! ~ I feel like an over-excited child on Christmas morning…Am I excited about his book or what?

I honestly don’t have adequate words for just how much love I have for this book, it’s amazing!

It seems like a lifetime since I first ‘met’ Raf and Cecily in The Ghost Garden, I can’t believe that it has been near enough two years since we first walked into this glorious series. To say I have missed these characters is an understatement – it sounds a little odd I know to miss fictional characters, but I have. Raf and Cecily melted themselves onto my heart so much so there have been times over the last nearly two years when I needed the soothing Raphael de Chastelaine in all his tattooed, bare feet, chocolate-eating glory so I have read The Ghost Garden a few times, and it still astounds me just as it did the first time. I have been waiting ever so impatiently for the next book (this book) in the; The de Chastelaine Trilogy, but it was well and truly worth the long, arduous wait!!

The Glass Demon is the second book in the hugely loved (especially by me) The De Chastelaine Trilogy, even though this does continue from where The Ghost Garden finished, I would say you could very easily read them both as stand-alone as each book does focus on an individual case. But, I would recommend that you read The Ghost Garden first as that covers how Raf and Cecily met and what happened to have them make the trip from Devon to Yorkshire – plus lots more shirt-less Raf scenes to make you swoon, what more could you want 😉

The story open’s with Raf and Cecily arriving at Raf’s ancestral home to Acaster Garrow, a teeny-weeny little fishing village – our boy has come back home to Yorkshire 🙂 they are hoping to settle into their newly found happiness after the drama of what happened (in the previous book). But, if they think they can walk through the (winking) front door and settle into pre-marital bliss they are very wrong as Raf’s brother Michael wants his brother to look into something going on in the village church. It is here where things start getting very creepy, the new window is harbouring something sinister, something which once escaped starts wreaking havoc. Our Raf and Cecily are up against the unknown once again, they must face down a demon that can hide practically in plain sight and one which brings so much anger and hatred (and flies….shivers!!) to their quiet village. If Raf and Cecily can’t figure out what this demon is and how to destroy it, not just their village but the world isn’t safe from the hatred, rotting food, flies, and toxicity it brings whenever near.

I got a little bit of a Harry potter to feel whenever the Demon was being talked about, as no one can say its name without fear which made me think of ‘He who must not be named’ I really enjoyed that, it’s a tiny detail but I liked it. I’m easily amused!

Once again the story is told through the eyes of Cecily, something which I wholeheartedly love and approve of especially as watching the world go by through her eyes we see a lot of Raf, who really is allergic to wearing clothes he is unashamedly open in his love of nakedness. Not that I am complaining, I do have a real love for this gorgeously rugged, ruffled, joyful, charming, twinkly-eyed, sexy tattooed man with that blacker than black hair and those bluest of blue eyes and his very unique gift.

Oh, my goodness how much do I love this guy?

Cecily has come out of her shell from when we first met her, now she has found her freedom from her old life and found the love of her life in the form of a shoeless, shirtless heart-throb who shows her just how much she is wanted, how much she is loved and cared for, our controlled, scared and mouse-like Cecily has turned into a strong, happy, resilient, determined, protective, loyal and unwavering woman. There is still an essence of her previous life that resurface in moments when she is feeling shy or uncertain, but with gentlemanly Raf by her side giving her all the confidence and reassurance she needs she has come into her own. Cecily certainly proves what a determined and strong woman she is, she goes through quite an ordeal and she faces down demons for her man. But then where our Rafael de Chastelaine is concerned, what red-blooded woman wouldn’t risk life and limb for him?

I love that as with the first book; The Ghost Garden, Cecily and Raf are so in sync with each other, they are genuine friends as well as lovers, they understand each other as no other does and I like that. Raf shows just how wonderful a character he is, he is super supportive and caring, I liked how encouraging he is of Cecily which gives her the confidence boost she has lacked. I also love how fun he is with the children of the village, which makes me hope we will have a story somewhere down the line with mini Rafs and Cecily’s running around.

I love that in this one we get to meet more of the de Chastelaine’s, I especially love Raf’s brother Mike what a dark horse he is. A priest sneaks into the local witch’s bedroom under the cover of midnight aided by his own unique gift which he shares with Raf. Mike is so much like Raf and yet so far removed from him you wouldn’t believe they were related, but he has that charismatic de Chastelaine personality which we all adore about Raf. I am hoping we get to see more of Mike and Mimi, they are a fun and cute couple and I’d love to see more of them.

The ending…oh, my, what a beautiful, emotional and perfect ending to this particular story. I am probably completely wrong but from the last few pages, I saw another adventure awaiting our intrepid couple, an adventure in Egypt, perhaps? Unless, I am adding two and two together and coming up with ten while seeing plots that aren’t there, hmmm…most likely! Anyhow, where ever we go for our next outing I cannot wait, I adore this series!!

The Glass Demon is a marvellously intriguing, delightfully romantic, unexpectedly twisty and exciting book. It’s incredibly fast-paced, I read this throughout a couple of days – but if I had the chance to just sit and read without any interruptions then I would have easily devoured this in one sitting. It’s not just a stonking great and original story, but it’s addictive. I was obsessed with what was going to happen, would Raf and Cecily save the village or would their village be permanently angry and covered in flies? I needed to know! When I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking of it – especially of Raf, I’m sure I have mentioned how much I love him. 

Curzon and Harkstead have as ever stolen my heart with their exceptional and flawless writing, I adore this duo they are an incredible writing partnership who always deliver a beautiful and unique story that is always full of love.

If you’re interested in the first book in The de Chastelaine Chronicles, you can check out my review of The Ghost Garden here – Chicks, Rogues and Scandals ~ Review; The Ghost Garden

About the Authors

Eleanor Harkstead

Eleanor Harkstead likes to dash about in nineteenth-century costume, in bonnet or cravat as the mood takes her. She can occasionally be found wandering old graveyards. Eleanor is very fond of chocolate, wine, tweed waistcoats and nice pens. Her large collection of vintage hats would rival Hedda Hopper’s.

Originally from the south-east of England, Eleanor now lives somewhere in the Midlands with a large ginger cat who resembles a Viking.

Author Links: Facebook / Twitter @e_harkstead

Catherine Curzon

Catherine Curzon  is a royal historian who writes on all matters of 18th century. Her work has been featured on many platforms and Catherine has also spoken at various venues including the Royal Pavilion, Brighton, and Dr Johnson’s House.

Catherine holds a Master’s degree in Film and when not dodging the furies of the guillotine, writes fiction set deep in the underbelly of Georgian London.

She lives in Yorkshire atop a ludicrously steep hill.

Author Links: Facebook / Twitter @madamegilflurt / Website


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