Hello, Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be today’s stop on the blog tour for; A Summer of Second Chances by Carol Thomas, I can’t wait to share my review of this charming book with you all.

Firstly, I want to say thank you to Rachel at Rachels Random Resources for the invite.

About the Book

A Summer of Second Chances by Carol Thomas

Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction, Romance

Publisher: ChocLit UK

Does first love deserve a second chance?

Ava Flynn sometimes feels like the clothes donated to her charity shop have seen more life than her, but ‘maximum dedication for a minimal wage’ is what it takes to keep her mother’s beloved wildlife charity, All Critters Great and Small, running – especially in the village of Dapplebury, where business is certainly not booming.

But when Ava’s first love, Henry Bramlington, returns to the village, suddenly life becomes a little too eventful. Henry escaped Dapplebury many years before, but now he has the power to make or break the village he left behind – All Critters Great and Small included. Can Ava trust the boy who ran away to give both her and her charity a second chance?

Purchase Link – getbook.at/SOSCAmazon


Firstly, let me start with saying just how pretty that book cover is, ChocLit always get their covers spot on with the story and their covers are easily the prettiest covers around they are just so eye-catching and they really do look beautiful of the book/kindle shelf.

A Summer of Second Chances is utterly charming, from the picturesque cover to the idyllic village setting and cute second chance romance…plus gorgeous dogs, what more could you want from a summery read?

In a little country village called Dapplebury there is a charity shop; All Critters Great and Small (which is a brilliant name for a charity shop) here we have the down-to-earth Ava who has taken over the running of All Critters from her mother, I feel for Ava she has so many dreams but she has put all of those on hold to be the caring dutiful daughter and member of the community. She also has to face the fact that her beloved charity shop is struggling as is with all the village shops, I think we can all relate to a struggling high street can’t we? Plus on top of all, she must do, she is suddenly faced with the man who broke her heart who has now returned to their little village to take his place as ‘lord of the manor‘.

Henry is back in the village after time away sowing his wild oats – or whatever he was doing, he is back to take the title and finally do his duty as Lord Bramlington, he has responsibilities to his family, his estate and the village. Only our handsome, twinkly-eyed Lord doesn’t what all the duty of his station on his wide shoulders, but he does want to help his village he has big ideas to bring the village back onto the map and make it a success.

I like Ava she is a gentle kind soul who is a little put upon, she takes everything thrown at her in her stride, she may not be happy about how her life has played out but she is determined to make the most of it. I liked watching her character development across the book, seeing her go from the struggling shop worker who has so much gone through her mind, to trying not to fall in love with Henry again to the woman she is at the end is lovely.

I love the community small village feel to the book, this isn’t just a romance this is a real story of friendship and of a village pulling together, there are so many great characters that add great depth to the story. I also love little village’s where everyone knows what their neighbours are doing – one reason why I really should live in a ‘St. Mary-Mead’ type village, I always love to know other people business …LOL! But Dapplebury and its resident’s are in for a shock and when I say shock, it’s a ‘Woah, who would have seen that coming‘ moment when a family secret which has been hidden for so long finally sees the light of day.

Anyone who follows the blog, will know of my love of dog’s in stories especially when those dogs are an integral part of the story and n their way help move things along, which is what happens here with the adorable double act of; Myrtle and Granger, I see big things ahead for these two cute as button dogs, and with the addition of them I think it makes Ava and Henry’s will they won’t they romance all the sweeter and pulls it all together nicely.

Ava and Henry are such an adorable couple, I took to them both there is something very relatable about both of them, both are kind, caring and family-focused they give up so much about themselves they let life and adventure pass them by as they dutifully take up the responsibility that has been passed to them but they straighten their back and dive in to do what is expected of them no matter what they want themselves, I think so many can relate to that, can’t we?

This is the first I have read by Carol Thomas, I don’t know how that has happened as I have read so many great things about her work, and I am so pleased that I have had the chance to finally read one of her books. I thoroughly enjoyed her light and cheerful writing style, I liked the steady pacing which kept the reader turning the pages.

A Summer of Second Chances is heart-warming, it’s sunshine in a book, it makes you smile and feel incredibly cheerful, there are no other words for this book but happy and cheerful.

About the Author

Carol Thomas lives on the south coast of England with her husband, four children and lively Labrador. She has been a primary school teacher for over twenty years and has a passion for reading, writing and people watching.

When she is not in school, chasing after her children, or stopping her dog from eating things he shouldn’t, she can be found loitering in cafes drinking too much tea and working on her next book.

Social Media Links –

Website: http://carol-thomas.co.uk

Facebook: http://facebook.com/carolthomasauthor

Twitter: http://twitter.com/carol_thomas2

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carol_thomas2/

Blog: http://carol-thomas.co.uk/blog

4 thoughts on “A Summer of Second Chances by Carol Thomas ~ Blog Tour with Review.

  1. Thank you so much for the very lovely review. I am so pleased you enjoyed A Summer of Second Chances, the village of Dapplebury, and Myrtle and Granger (who I fell a little in love with myself). xx

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