Hello, Sunshines, on this incredibly warm and sunny bank-holiday weekend (here in Yorkshire anyway) I have the massive pleasure to be a part of this incredible blog tour for; Deception by Mariette Whitcomb, this is the second book in the addictive Finley Series and I am super excited to share my review of this book with you all.

Firstly, I want to say thank you to Emma at Damppebbles for the invite to this tour, and I think an apology – I only realised when uploading the tour banner to this post, that I had actually got the day wrong and should have posted yesterday but I had it written in the diary that my slot was today oops!! – once again my scheduling has gone all wrong. 😐

About the Book

Deception by Mariette Whitcomb

Series: Finley Series #2

Genre: Crime Thriller, Police Procedural

We should’ve stayed in Vietnam.

Five men have vanished from their homes, and not a single piece of evidence has been left behind. The police are stumped – until the most recent victim is found, alive, and he asks to speak to me…

Ari is back.

At Captain Taylor’s request, I join the investigation but this time I need to stay within the boring restraints of the law. Finley Williams, former vigilante turned consultant criminal profiler. How times have changed. How I have changed.

As the case unfolds, and the victims’ bodies are discovered, it becomes clear that this serial killer is unlike any I’ve ever encountered before. The murders will continue until I put a stop to them.

Tom remains relentless in his pursuit to prove that Aidan is the Marcel Sniper, even going so far as to have him dragged to the police station when somebody takes a shot at Ari. As the months go by and two men are killed by a sniper, I realise the people closest to me are out to destroy the life Aidan and I have created. Either that or Aidan is breaking his promise to never kill again.

If only victim number five hadn’t survived…

Purchase Links:

Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/32T9LqO

Amazon US (ebook): https://amzn.to/3gEFvYz

Amazon US: (paperback): https://amzn.to/32XV7OJ


Finley is back!!!!

Do I need to say any more than that? – For those who have read the first book in the series; Orca, those three words are all that is needed to say, our unconventional heroine is back and this time she must at least try to stick to the rules to find the latest serial killer on the loose. Old faces appear and new ones are introduced to us.

Deception is the second book in the new and highly addictive Finley Series, the starts off more or less from where the first book finishes, so if you haven’t read Orca yet then I would advise you to read that one first, even though I suppose each can be read as stand-alone but as there are so many factors that connect the two books and to fully know Finley for the woman she is now, you need to ‘meet’ her when she is at her most vulnerable in the first book and then you will fully appreciate how far she has come as a character.

In the first book, we see a fragile and deeply unhappy, depressed and lonely young woman who had been to hell and back, we saw her claw her way out of the darkness of her mind and become an avenging angel, we see that spark of romance and a hint of happily ever after. Now, Finley is in a much better place she has found love, her life has fallen into some kind of normality she has found a calling in the form of her new career as a criminal profiler – she hasn’t quite hung up vigilant (or as I labelled her in the previous book’s review; bat-woman) and all is well – that is until a blast from the past (or previous book) suddenly turns up and she is asked to help with a new case and once again her life is rocked again, plus not to mention her godfather Tom is once again on the hunt for the notorious ‘Marcel’ and trying his hardest to prove that Aidan is the ruthless sniper – which does cause a fair bit of friction as Finley and Aidan are now an item.

Finley is once again on the fierce, protective, determined, frightening, defender of the innocent mode. She is a brilliant character, so many complexities about her are still peeking through and you know that there is so much more to learn about her as this series goes on. Finley is an amazing character, she isn’t what you would usually call a hero but there is something very mesmerizing about her. This time around she gets called in to profile a new serial killer, the case is far more complicated than anyone thinks – even the reader, oh what a tangled web…

As with the previous book; Orca this is an incredibly hard-hitting story, yet this one is more about the case than Finley’s nightly exploits, it’s gritty and edgy but there is something a bit different about this one, maybe because now we are on to a new chapter of Finley’s life, or that the twists from the previous book left such an impact on me that I have now done a complete u-turn and see certain aspects in a completely different light. Whatever it is, this book is completely absorbing, the development of Finley’s character especially is a masterpiece of writing, I can’t wait to see where her journey will take her next.

I was completely gripped by Deception, it’s a dark, edgy, surprising, thrilling and compelling book that will keep you on your toes throughout. All you have to do is blink and you will miss something, your attention is kidnapped and trapped by the intoxicating and unbelievably twisty tale which spirals around the reader like a fine silky cobweb.

Finally, I have to mention these book covers, they are so eye-catching and striking, once you have read them you will see how well the covers match with the story, they work perfectly with each other, they are fabulous!

If you are interested in the first book then do check out my review of Orca here – Orca (Finley#1) by Mariette Whitcomb. I highly recommend you give it a read, it will blow your mind at how good it is!!

About the Author

Mariëtte Whitcomb studied Criminology and Psychology at the University of Pretoria. An avid reader of psychological thrillers and romantic suspense novels, writing allows her to pursue her childhood dream to hunt criminals, albeit fictional and born in the darkest corners of her imagination.

When Mariëtte isn’t writing, she reads or spends time with her family and friends.

Social Media:

Website – https://mariettewhitcomb.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/mariettewhitcombauthor

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/mariettewhitcomb/

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/20847620.Mari_tte_Whitcomb

Bookbub – https://www.bookbub.com/authors/mariette-whitcomb

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