Hello, Sunshines, on this glorious day! I have the huge pleasure to be (finally) sharing my review of the gorgeous; A Match for the Rebellious Earl by Lara Temple. This is the second book in the delicious Return of the Rogues, I can’t wait to share this book with you all.

Firstly, I want to say thank you to Lara Temple for the complimentary copy.

About the Book

A Match for the Rebellious Earl by Lara Temple.

Series: Return of the Rogues #2

Genre: Regency, Historical Romance

Publisher: Mills and Boon/ Harlequin Books 

Dashing and disreputable…

Now, he’s back in Society’s ballrooms!

Whispers of Captain Kit Carrington—now Lord Westford—have long scandalised the ton…so his arrival at the season’s most-anticipated ball sends society’s gossips into a frenzy!

Miss Genevieve Maitland needs his help to find an eligible match for her sister but assumes he’ll be reluctant to help the family that rejected him. Yet after one spine tingling waltz with Kit, sensible Genny finds he’s not her opponent—but a very tempting ally…! 

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Captain Kit Carrington where have you been my whole life??

I knew when we were first briefly introduced to him in The Return of the Disappearing Duke that he was going to sweep me off my feet – I do love a rugged rogue, especially one who may or may not have been a swashbuckling pirate. True, Ms Temple never actually states if he was or not, but from what we know about him I would like to think he was, Kit would be the perfect pirate OH my days I am imagining it all already – dressed in loose open-necked shirts, very tight breaches which leave nothing to the imagination 😉 and boots – I love a man in boots … sigh!!!

 I do have a rather perverse imagination, don’t I?

I should talk about the book and not what I am day-dreaming whenever luscious, cheeky twinkle-eyed Kit walks into a scene – but once you meet captivating Captain Kit you will understand why I am all remiss to talk of anything other than how glorious his arms are and how well he fills a pair of fitted breaches.

A Match for the Rebellious Earl is the second book in the; Return of the Rogues mini-series, both books can be read very easily as stand-alone’s so you don’t necessarily need to read the previous book, but to be honest why would you pass it by? Why would you not want to meet ravaging Rafe from the previous book? Honestly, that guy is so HOT, HOT, HOT!!! But even that brooding rogue has competition in the for cunning, clever, courageous; Captain Christopher Carrington.

The un-willing, newly named Earl of Westford; Captain Kit Carrington is back after his adventures doing who knows what on the high-seas, the notorious rogue’s boots are now on dry land and even worse he must do his duty and even worse he must face his dragon-like grandmother with her infernal; thud, thud, the thudding of the cane (if you have read it you will understand) and even worse he is now being manoeuvred around society by his very own Generalissima. 

Poor Kit, a man can’t get any peace!

Kit stole my heart completely, (I may have mentioned that already) I loved his air of not caring and not being bothered by all that is going on, he claims all he wants is to be gone away from the hustle and bustle of his family, but beneath that he has a true kindness about him, he does love those in his close circle and I love the gentleness which so few see, the few moments in the barn with Genny and the Kitten is heart-warming. He is a complex man in his own right, I felt that there is pain beneath that devilish charm, an uncertainty of what he wants and what is expected of him. He is a loyal man, he will do his duty but he doesn’t like it and I liked that contradicting themes. But, what you can be certain of is his unwavering lust and love and respect for Genny – even though she does push his buttons.

Genevieve Maitland has well-laid plans and the only way those plans will come to fruition is if the dashing rogue does as he is told as everyone in her little circle have to. Honestly, people don’t stand a chance where she is concerned, she is a little pocket rocket and it’s such fun watching as she takes charge and how she goes head to head with the equally strong-willed; Dowager – Kit’s grandmother.

Genny is a bit like a storm in a teacup – she is small but she has bluster, she is a born leader, if she was a boy she would have made a brilliant General – but alas she was born a girl and that is not to be permitted (yet). I love her delicate and almost miss-able way of how she manages people, it’s a work of art and how she goes head to head with the Dowager is wonderful and shows what proves what an impressive force of will she has. I have just realised that I am making her sound almost bullish or manipulative (true the way she arranges Kit’s social calendar is a beautiful piece of manipulation) but I see her as a woman who is just trying to keep the peace, trying to help those she loves and protect those who just haven’t got the gusto to stand up for themselves and that is commendable.

I adore Kit and Genny, theirs is a romance no matter their differences the moment Genny starts to organise and manipulate Kit like a general would his troupes you know these two are going to be huge fun. I love how Kit is slightly taken off-kilter by her straight to the point, non-nonsense words twisting games and how she out-manoeuvres him at every point, it’s hilarious I can almost see the blinking bewildered stumped look on his face when she so perfectly organises his daily schedule.

But, where she can stump him with her the sheer force of her stubborn, militarian and fast as a lightning bolt mind, he can so easily disarm her with a slight tilt of the head, a seductive smile his tantalising, predatory, piratical – devil may care and charismatic persona. I’m afraid as much as she would like to dislodge him from her world, he sneaks beneath through her steely defences and lays claim on her heart, he charms her with his kindness and boyish charm – not surprising really, he is one hell of a cheeky chappy.

I have to say that as much as I enjoyed the book, I hate to admit that in my personal view the beginning was a little overrun by characters. Don’t get me wrong I do like a fully stocked character list, but I did at times feel a little confused as to who was who and their role within the story. I felt like I was at a family wedding and all these random family members were introducing themselves and I am standing there bewildered as to who these people were. And yet, I liked all of the character’s as themselves and how well each one worked within the entirety of the story and this wouldn’t have been the same charming and dynamic romance without them. Once all the introductions were made I soon found myself falling in step with the story again, especially once glorious piratical Kit and brash no-nonsense Genny were tossing barbs at each other.

 Lara Temple is an absolute dream to read, she puts so much love and passion in her stories and her character’s, they sparkle like the finest jewel. Her writing is exemplary, the attention to detail is as always flawless; from the glamourous dresses and ballrooms to the settings and how they speak it is all so real and makes reading such a delight.

A Match for the Rebellious Earl is a wonderfully passionate, funny, charming and delightfully mesmerising love story. It is essentially a second chance romance, but with the constant bickering and quick-witted, lusty banter between Genny and Kit you could easily call it enemies to lovers – they do butt heads more than once which is so much fun to read and at times though banters are steamy and sexy. But their mutual respect and love for each other are powerful throughout, they are genuinely good people, they understand the other in such a way that you know that they are the two halves of the same coin and I love them.

Overall, another glittery and blinding winner from the talented Ms Temple!

About the Author

Lara Temple writes strong and sensual Regency romances about complex individuals who give no quarter but do so with plenty of passion. She lives with her husband, two children, and one very fluffy dog and they are all very understanding about her taking over the kitchen table so she can look out over the garden as she writes and dreams up her Happy Ever Afters.

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