Hello, Sunshines, I have the massive pleasure to be sharing my review of the gorgeous; Her Banished Knights Redemption by Melissa Oliver, this is the second book in the fabulous, Notorious Knights series and I have to say I am super excited about sharing this book with you all. Not only is the cover so gorgeous but the story with…well, you will have to read on.

Firstly, I want to say thank you to Melissa Oliver for the complimentary copy.

About the Book

Her Banished Knights Redemption by Melissa Oliver

Series; Notorious Knights #2

Genre; Medieval/ Historical Romance

Publisher; Mills and Boon, Harlequin

 A lady’s need for protection

A knight’s chance for redemption

Exiled Knight William Geraint answers only to himself. Yet, a mission to reunite lost heiress Lady Isabel de Clancey with her family is Will’s chance to finally atone for the torment of his past. With every rushed mile, their intense attraction becomes dangerously thrilling. He swore to protect Isabel not seduce her, but their desire for each other could threaten the redemption he’s worked so hard to achieve…

Purchase here – Her Banished Knight’s Redemption, Amazon.co.uk


I have been a keen supporter of Melissa Oliver’s work since reading her stunning debut last year, The Rebel Heiress and the Knight was an impressive book which was easily one of my favourite books of 2020, and much deservedly award-winning too. Since then I have been avidly awaiting the second book in the Notorious Knights Series, and here it is…..loud squeals….and it is a real doozy!!

I love the opening scene, it sets up the story perfectly, it’s a beautiful initial meeting between two very young kindred spirits; squire William saves young Isabel from a fate worse than death and in return, she gives him a keepsake, but on their parting their brief acquaintance is long-lasting as they both feel fission of passion for the other, but they are two incredible young people torn apart by fate.

Set during the First Baron’s War, the story opens in 1206 with a tense and dramatic prologue then we fast forward at lightning speed to 1218. I love the tidbits of history mixed so seamlessly through the story it gives the book real backbone and keeps you hooked, plus wanting to learn more not just about the fictional character’s on the page but also about the history.

I do love it when books get the little grey cells turning, don’t you?

Years later, their chance encounter will come back to haunt them both, exiled Knight William Geraint is found and is employed to find the long-lost Lady de Clancy, what he doesn’t realise but soon will that the young lady he selflessly saved wasn’t a mere waif but non-other than the very woman he has been tasked to find;  Lady Isabel de Clancy.

I love that they are both highly attuned to one another, they really are kindred spirits neither too bothered about entering a perilous society of the age and both more than happy to disappear, but alas fate has brought them together once more and they must face what’s coming, but at least they have each other.

I love both William and Isabel, they are such a wonderfully endearing and charming couple, I thoroughly enjoyed watching as they made their way forward traversing the strange set of circumstances around them and solving the mystery which has intricately entwined them together…but, what is it with these pendants?

Well, I’m not going to tell you 😉

I love, love, love Will…by goodness he is a gorgeous, wilful, strong, brutally handsome and complex man, he is your stereotypical Knight in shining armour/diamond in the rough. He has a history that he must deal with at his own pace and I love the development of his character. I love the hardened rough edge about him and beneath the armour, there is a passionate, kind, caring, tender and loving heart. He is like a big bear one which you would happily fall to your knees just so he could swoop you in those glorious arms…


I may have gone off subject there 😉

Isabel is a brilliant heroine, she is small and delicate, she is charming and beautiful and yet there is a fire hidden inside, she has lived her life in hiding in some way or another. She is the likeable girl next door, full of grace and peace, and with a steely strength I absolutely love her zest for fun in her life, she is like a little nymph in the woods and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her and watching the chemistry between her and William sizzle away.

But if you think that this is a basic historical romance then you will be in for a huge surprise as this has one of the best subplots I have read for ages, not only is there action and adventure when William fights to bring Isabel back home to her castle, but there is the addition of a suspiring mystery which is beautifully interwoven with their story, plus…yes there is more…we have the Knights Templar!

Oh, my days!!

Could this book get any better??

Her Banished Knights Redemption has everything; amazing, compelling and riveting plot, gorgeous characters, action, fight scenes, history, adventure, passion, skin-tingling chivalrous romance, and mystery and it’s all wrapped up in a flawless, stylish and expertly written bow.

What more could you want?

Melissa Oliver proved with her debut book that she was an author to watch, that she was going to take hold of a well-loved genre and give it a fresh new look and she has done it, I honestly cannot wait to read more.

Her Banished Knight’s Redemption is the second book in the wonderful; Notorious Knights mini-series and like the first book; The Rebel Heiress and the Knight, this book is astounding. But, don’t worry if you haven’t read the first (why not???) you can very easily read these books as stand-alone.

About the Author

Melissa Oliver is from south-west London where she writes historical romance novels. She lives with her lovely husband and daughters, who share her passion for decrepit, old castles, palaces and all things historical.
Melissa is the WINNER of The Romantic Novelist Association’s Joan Hessayon Award for new writers 2020 for her debut, The Rebel Heiress and the Knight. When she’s not writing she loves to travel for inspiration, paint, and visit museums & art galleries.

​ If you want to find out more, follow Melissa on Twitter @melissaoauthor or Facebook @melissaoliverauthor

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