Hello, Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of; The Rag’s to Riches Governess by Janice Preston is the first book in the new series; Lady Tregowan’s Will. I can’t wait to share this beautiful book with you all, firstly I want to say thank you to Janice Preston for the kind advanced reader copy. Now, let’s have a look at this book…

About the Book

The Rags-to-Riches Governess by Janice Preston.

Genre; Historical Romance, Regency Romance

Series; Lady Tegowan’s Will

Publisher; Mills and Boon/Harlequin

From impoverished governess…

…to wealthy heiress

Governess Leah Thame learns she’s inherited a fortune the day her employer, the enigmatic Earl of Dolphinstone, returns from abroad. They share an instant connection, but in order to claim her inheritance, Leah must resign and find a husband.

The guarded widower offers a convenient marriage to stop her leaving, but Leah refuses. She won’t marry the man who’s captured her heart unless there’s a chance of her love being returned…

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The Rag’s to Riches Governess is the first book in the whole new series; Lady Tregowan’s Will which is all about three young women from completely different backgrounds who suddenly find out through said will that they are sisters. I was fascinated by the story, it’s a wonderful concept and one which has clearly taken a long process for Preston to write as there are such complexities within the overall story of how these three women are related, yet it’s brought together with such thought and attention to detail you just know this is going to be a wonderful little series.

What particularly struck me with this book is that Preston tackles the taboo subject of suicide with the utmost care and sensitivity, she doesn’t hound the reader with it but instead, she shows what such a devastating act does to a family, it’s always there hovering over Piers’ head like a murky overcast cloud, following him around and never leaving him. I take my hat to Janice Preston for her incorporating it so beautifully within the story and in doing so making Piers’ happily ever after all the sweeter.

I really enjoyed the opening, we get to know Leah right from the off, we know her background and have an insight into the direction of the journey she and her two newly found sisters will go on over the course of the series. I really liked that we do meet all three women at the same time, and have a glimpse into Aurelie’s and Beatrice’s characters.

Piers Duval; Earl of Dolphinstone (otherwise known as Dolph – personally, I prefer Piers so that is how he will be known in this review) after the death of his wife he takes himself off abroad with the diplomatic core to help resolve the aftermath of Waterloo, leaving behind his three grieving children into the care of Miss Thames, their governess.

On his return he comes with a gorgeous huge dog named Wolf, a cheeky friend; Hinkley who I thought was a wonderful addition to the story and a sense that he may not be able to fit right back into his children’s life again. But as with all romances, there is also the small obstacle of Piers’ infatuation with his beautiful, disciplined, caring and kind governess who sets his once frozen heart alight with promise.

Leah Thames gets summoned to a solicitor’s office, once there she finds that what he says is going to change her life, not only does she find out that she is to inherit a fortune but has two half-sisters she knew nothing about, she is shocked – as anyone in her position would be – and also hurt that she has lived a life believing one thing and finding out the truth of who she is. Leah is confused and saddened but also elated as she had always wished for sisters. But, don’t think all will be hunky-dory, oh, no! As there is a wee clause, which will certainly make life challenging!

I really liked Piers, I thought he had a quite contradictory personality which also confused him; on one hand, he is the stereotypical aristocrat; proud, charismatic, enigmatic, a little stuck in the mud and then there is the other side, constantly feel guilt, heart-break, coldness, evasive, distant vulnerability oozes from him and makes you want to hug him tight. Despite all that there is a really charming and playfulness about him, I loved his kindness and his passion and he stole my heart as he started to get to know his three children again; Nickie, Stevie and Tilly.

I really liked the blossoming romance between Leah and Piers, they both try to hide how the other affects them, they are both stubborn and I did at times want to bang their heads together while shouting ‘you fools, your perfect for each other I loved the tingling and shimmering tension which hangs in the air around them, it crackles with pent up lust and yearning, just fabulous.

My only misgivings about this are the title, I can see where it’s coming from; The Rags to Riches Governess– a woman not too well off suddenly finding herself on the pinnacle of being well-off – but still, it feels very samey, it’s a cliché and I think a more original title would have worked so much better with the uniqueness of the story, this isn’t the stereotypical fluffy romance but a very artfully written and charming romance.

Despite the rather cliched title, this is a real winner for historical romance fans, The Rags to Riches Governess is an emotional, heart-warming, captivating and highly enjoyable read, which is not only cute and cosy but very steamy and seductive with a sad undercurrent which adds depth and atmosphere.

Lastly, I must mention the cover…my goodness the art department have it spot on! This is exactly how I saw Thea in my head while reading, it’s a beautiful cover and reflects the story perfectly. Huge thumb up!

About the Author

Janice Preston writes emotional and sensual historical romance. Although all her novels are standalone reads, she loves to write stories set in the same Regency world, and many of her books include book-hopping characters.

When Janice isn’t writing she enjoys reading, swimming, pottering about the garden when the sun is shining, and travelling whenever she can. She fuels her imagination with endless cups of coffee, is far too keen on unhealthy food, and is an expert procrastinator.

For more info go to: janicepreston.co.uk


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