Merry Christmas my lovely Sunshines, I hope you are all well and ready for the festive season? I am notoriously last minute when it comes to Christmas, (people who know me, know this about me) but this year I am even later than usual. One of my gifts just arrived today, which meant a hasty hide away so I can wrap it later, I had to run out and grab some essentials for Christmas dinner, and I have forgotten to send most of my Christmas cards out….Oops! They will be sent after Christmas.

Well this has been a strange year, hasn’t it?

The world seems to have gone a little bonkers, we’ve had more up’s/downs/twists and turns then your average roller-coaster. Plan’s have been thrown out of the window; holiday’s, family time, day trips, work, blogging schedules, day to day life and even if you want a haircut has all been thrown into disarray. On top of that, some of us have had losses and heart-ache and trying

Even Christmas has now succumbed, one time of year where we all flock to see loved ones, we greet each other with hugs, kissing under the Mistletoe, having loud Christmas dinners visiting your elderly relative in their care home…all of that now has to change.

But, just because we are going to have a ‘Merry LITTLE Christmas’ doesn’t mean we can’t have a jolly time, we can still laugh and love, we can still give gifts and even if your watch each other opening them over Zoom you can still be together in some form. We can still eat way too much that you need elasticated waistband trousers (maybe that’s just me), we can still binge buy even more books (you can never have too many books, right?) we can still binge watch Christmas TV while diving into one of the many boxes of Chocolates, followed by a turkey sandwich (I did mention over eating!!) and we can still have the annual family argument over whose cheating at Monopoly/ Poker/ filling the Scrabble board with rude words (Yes, that’s my lot, not that I am guilty 😉 ) See, you can still do Christmas, it will just be smaller.

But while your enjoying your day in whatever form that comes in, remember those who are alone, those who can’t video call, those who can’t see their loved ones, those who don’t have loved ones. Remember all of them, I know it is difficult to help but if you can check in on someone who is alone do it.

Or you could join in with the big bell ring tonight, at 6pm (GMT). Do as my family will be doing and stand at your doorstep ringing a bell for a minute, so all those who are alone can hear the bells and know that they are not alone, they can reach out to us anytime.

This year has tested us all to the limit, but if there is one thing we have discovered after such a year and that is there is kindness and goodness in the world. We have learn that no matter what is instore for us, as long as we all stick together, as long as we all follow the simple rules to keep not only ourselves, our loved ones and others safe we will come through whatever is instore for us in the next few weeks/months. We will come through and the world will be lighter and brighter again, the day will come when we can hug each other again, we will as the late great Vera Lyn said; ‘We’ll Meet Again’.

Until then, I want to say a huge Happy Christmas to every one of you, I hope your Christmas is full of laughter and happiness, as we all deserve to have laughter and joy in our lives.

I also want to take a moment to say thank you to each and everyone of you who has shared my blog posts over the last few month’s, I have been a pretty dreadful blogger and have lapsed in saying thank you. So thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!

Until, we speak again, I will see you in 2021 (sooner, if I finally sit down write those reviews I was meaning to write this week) Have a lovely Christmas!!

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