Hello, my festive Sunshines, I am super excited to be sharing my review of; The Captain’s Snowbound Christmas by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead. I can’t wait to share the latest fabulous instalment of the; Captivating Captains series with you all, plus I have a sneaky excerpt for you all to enjoy! Anyone who follows my reviews will know how much I love this series. Firstly, I want to say thank you to Catherine and Eleanor for the advanced reader copy, now let’s have a look at the book.

About the Book

The Captain’s Snowbound Christmas

Series: Captivating Captain’s

Genre: Gay Romance, Novella

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Release: 22nd December 2020

Will Reuben be unwrapping a captain this Christmas?

Reuben’s a makeup artist who’s much in demand in the business, from making the beautiful even more gorgeous to creating an alluring love-scene glow. All of his Christmas wishes come true at once when he’s hired to work on the set of his favourite TV show. And not only that but on the swoony Christopher Manners.

Bunny is lusted after by millions as the brooding hero of television’s Captain Firth adventures. His manly swash and handsome buckle have earned him a legion of fans, and when he strides onto the screen and commands, “Draw your sword, sir,” it’s time to get down to business.

When Reuben and Bunny’s first date turns into a disaster, it looks as though the show’s over before it’s begun, but a blizzard, a mysterious bearded man in a red coat and a hot winter night combine to give them a second chance.

Pre-order links: Amazon UK / Amazon US / Add to Goodreads


Reuben had loved Captain Firth since the first series had been shown on television. What wasn’t to love about the flamboyant show full of men in tight breeches and flowing shirts? And the saturnine and sexy-as-hell captain?

Maybe I’ll get to meet him. Maybe I’ll get to say “Draw your sword, sir!” to the man himself.

As a makeup artist, Reuben had met a huge number of actors and celebrities. It was both a perk and a downside of the job—some of the people he’d met couldn’t have been nicer, and some couldn’t have been more nightmarish if they’d tried. Reuben had never been particularly starstruck, but he feared he might be if he actually met Christopher Manners, the man who played the captain.

Once he’d found a spot for his Renault, Reuben tightened his scarf round his neck and headed off into the studio. He’d probably spend the day applying mascara to a chimney sweep’s face or brushing rouge onto a kitchen maid’s cheeks, but when he saw the wall behind the reception desk covered by a huge Captain Firth poster, his heart leapt with excitement.

Christopher Manners, you smouldering bastard.

“Reuben!” Amy appeared from a closed door before he had a chance to approach the receptionist. “You’re a lifesaver! Carrie’s gone into labour and we’ve got literally one day left before we wrap. Reshoots, you know… I’ll tell you on the way. We’ll go straight down. It’s a closed set.”

Reuben nodded. “Hope Carrie’s okay! Closed set, eh? This should be interesting!”

He was probably going to be stood in a room with the coachman boffing the brigadier’s wife, but it paid a wage, so Reuben didn’t care. Besides, he’d been told before on closed sets that he was a joy to work with during intimate scenes, so he would be in his element.

“I’m going to let you look after Bunny,” Amy said as they strode along a grey corridor. It was funny to think that somewhere in this labyrinth, the Napoleonic Wars were being fought by the swoonsome Captain Firth.


“Okay,” Reuben said, trying to mask his disappointment. Definitely one of the less-well-known cast members, then. No naked, lustful Christopher Manners for him.

“Bunny’s a complete peach.” She pushed open another door, dodging past two fully equipped astronauts as she strode on. “But everything that could go wrong this morning has. It’s all a tad tense for our Regency spies today!”

“I’ve got my kit, don’t worry!” Reuben assured her. “And I’m an old hand at love scenes, you know that.”

“Brilliant.” Amy grinned. “Because once we get today wrapped, I can start my proper Chrimble!”

They paused outside another door that Reuben knew would take him into makeup. He was no stranger to the setup at the studio, after all. Amy opened the door a little and peered in, then told Reuben, “Come on in, everyone’s mostly decent!”

Reuben strolled in, nonchalant as he swung his toolbox of makeup. Until he clocked who was standing by the mirrors wearing only his breeches.

His very tight breeches.

Oh fucking hell, no way! Christopher Manners!

“Erm…nice to meet you,” Reuben said. Nice being the understatement of the century.

Christopher turned and raised his teacup to Reuben in greeting. “Hello!” he said as a man knelt before him, face to face with the breeches. For a moment Reuben wondered what was going on, then the man began tussling with the buckle of Christopher’s sword belt.

‘Draw your sword sir!’

Reuben was so tempted to say it. The words were burning his tongue. But he didn’t dare. Here he was, in the flesh. Captain Firth. His toned chest was even more impressive in reality. And those shoulders…that flop of dark-blond hair and…and…his blue eyes. Reuben tried to bring himself to his senses and said, “Just looking for Bunny?”

“You’ve found him!” Christopher Manners extended his arm over the armourer’s head towards Reuben. “Sorry, I’m trapped in my sword belt!”

Reuben wasn’t sure where to look. He glanced down at the armourer and all he could see was Christopher’s groin in the pale-coloured breeches. Then, when he glanced up, his gaze latched on to the man’s chest before moving up the column of his kissable neck and finally settling on his eyes. And even that seemed wrong, somehow.

“I’m Reuben. And you’re…you’re Bunny? You’re on the closed set?”

Merry Christmas, Reuben!

“I hope so, or my agent’s not doing her job!”

He seized Reuben’s hand and shook it as Amy said, “Bunny, I’m going to leave you in Reuben’s capable hands today. Linda’s a bit shy and I think she’d prefer a gal, so…you boys’ll be okay together, won’t you? We need Bunny to look nicely battle-worn and beddable, smouldering basically. Dust down on torso and shoulders, all that.”

Reuben blinked. Battle-worn and beddable? But wasn’t that one of the main reasons people watched Captain Firth? Well, one of the main reasons Reuben watched it, at least.

And Reuben would help to bring the magic alive.

“Okay, could you take a seat and I’ll…” Reuben turned to Amy. “So just torso, arms, shoulders, we’re keeping the breeches on?”

She nodded. “They’re due to come off round about lunchtime, but for now just torso.”

“Arse out before lunchtime,” Bunny lamented as the sword belt finally came free. “Thank God for that! Can’t do a love scene strapped into a sword belt.”

Reuben put his toolbox down on the worktop. He caught sight of his own reflection and saw his cheeks were pinker than usual.

I’m going to see Christopher Manners’ bum. I’m going to sponge it and brush it. Dear God, this is a beautiful day.

*Excerpt was taken from the book’s pre-order page on the publisher’s website, a full excerpt can be found here – The Captain’s Snowbound Christmas, Pride Publishing


The latest Captivating Captain has landed and it’s an absolute hoot and even better as it’s a novella it’s a quick burst of festive fun just when you need it, or in other words; a one sitting romp.

The Captains Snowbound Christmas is apart of the ‘Captivating Captains’ series, but fear not each one is only linked by the fact that they have a ‘Captain’ in them in one way or another, each book is a stand-alone. I don’t have to tell you how much I love this series and have done since that very first book, and I doubt Catherine and Eleanor want to go through my gushing again. Really, though this series absolute perfection, romance, laugh-out-loud moments, dry wit, gorgeous fella’s – most in uniform 😉 each book completely different and not to mention wonderful escapist stories.

What’s not to love about a good old fashioned romp in the hay barn/shower/beside a crackling fire/across the kitchen table? – You get the idea!

This one follows cute as a button; Reuben who has always had a crush on the man of the hour; rugged, smooth-talking, ridiculously handsome Christopher Manners, the actor of the moment, the man who has made women – and men – across the country go weak at the knees with his saucy and much loved Captain Firth character.

When he is asked to be the make artist on the set of the very tv show he has swooned over for years he soon finds that his ‘Captain Firth’ is far more charismatic in the actual flesh (and our boy Reuben gets to see an awful lot of that Captain’s bare flesh) he soon falls head over heels for the man everyone calls; Bunny.

Can’t really blame Reuben for that, I was a little light-headed when Bunny was being all gravely, brooding Captain Firth too…ooh, I do love a romping, battle-worn Captain!

Bunny is just a regular guy who unfortunately is right in the public eye, he wants companionship, love, friendship but in his line of work, he finds that hard as usually people want something from him, or worse they keep throwing his tedious catchphrase at him. Poor Bunny, all he wants is someone to love his bottom – I mean him 😉 for who he is. Enter stage, Reuben!

I love how quickly these two get together, there is instant chemistry that crackles between them; one minute they are chatting about where to place foundation and what-not, and then they are going for a lovely meal in a restaurant and the next falling into bed – but all don’t play out as expected, and soon their night of passion turns into a cold fish and they part ways.


Has Reuben lost his Bunny over a slip of the tongue? And has Bunny lost his Reuben over a misunderstanding?

No, I can’t handle it, *I say covering my eyes* I can’t look… these two are made for each other, they can’t part yet – we haven’t seen enough bare bottoms! 😉

Never fear, as alas the stars aligning and the festive season is nearing and with luck, being in the right places at the right time and a certain bit of Christmas magic, our two lonely, love-less chaps get the second chance of re-kindling that sizzling chemistry, which will easily melt the thickly packed snow around their frozen cottage.

Phew, thank goodness for that!

This is brilliantly bonkers, saucy, festive fun with a marvellous ‘Carry on -Esque’ style tongue in cheek humour which had me in stitches, not to mention the touch of magic at the end, perfect afternoon entertainment, it’s just good fun, we all need laughs and stories which don’t take themselves too seriously which leave you smiling and most importantly stories which make you happy and put you into the Christmas spirit, and for an old Scrooge-like myself essential reading.

Plus, it’s like this was written especially for my bottom obsessed brain 😉  oh, glory, glory days!!

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