Hello, Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be apart of the blog tour for; Ivy Hill Christmas by Julie Klassen. I am super excited to be sharing my review of this magical festive novella. Firstly I want to say thank you to Kelly at Love Books Tours for the invite to this tour, and apologies for the late post. Now, let’s have a look at this book.

About the Book

Ivy Hill Christmas: A Tales from Ivy Hill Novella by Julie Klassen

Genre: Family, Christmas, English Village / Series: Brock Series

Richard Brockwell, the younger son of Ivy Hill’s most prominent family, hasn’t been home for Christmas in years. He prefers to live in the London townhouse, far away from Brockwell Court, the old family secret that haunts him, and the shadows of his past mistakes. But then his mother threatens to stop funding his carefree life–unless he comes home for Christmas. Out of options, he sets out for Ivy Hill, planning to be back on a coach bound for London and his unencumbered bachelor life as soon as the festivities are over.

Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2UZEkH6


This book is apart of the Brockwell series and although I haven’t read any of the previous books, I fully enjoyed my very first visit to Ivy Hill and I can’t wait to return again. I do think it can be read as a stand-alone without any trouble, but I do think to get the full ‘Ivy Hill‘ experience I should have read the previous books in the series first, but there is still time for that.

This is supposed to be a novella, personally, I would have put it as a short to medium book as it is a little longer than your average novella, I think that it’s the perfect size for a quick weekend read, it’s not taxing and easy to fall into in the evening, to be swept away to another time and fully enjoy the Christmas period.

I love the cosiness of this, there is family drama and personal issues for the hero; Richard to resolve, I really like Richard he seemed to me to be a bit of the black sheep of the family, but obviously, as this is my first book in the series and the first time I have met the Brockwells so I could be wrong, but I do like his evasive, cheekiness, he has a heart-warming charm about him that makes you want to hug him. Deep down I think all Richard wants is love and understanding and this is where our heroine; adorable Arabella comes in, she is the balm need to soothe that unsettled heart. And another thing I loved about Richard – in fact, the story as a whole – is that I saw a glimmer of; A Christmas Carol is woven throughout, maybe that was just me but the way Richard became happier and kinder as he helped others, as I say I may have been over-thinking things – or I have watched A Christmas Carol far too many times. LOL!

There is a real tenderness about this, it’s a stereotypical cute Regency, lots of bowing and curtsying, everything you would expect from a romance from the era but it’s written in such a lovely way you are easily enchanted and for those like myself who can get a little bored of the aristocratic pomp which is so loved about the era , this is a must read as it is a very charming little story which is all about family and Christmas.

This is the first I’ve read from Julie Klassen, it definitely won’t be the last, I really enjoyed her charming and light-hearted writing, and will certainly be seeking out more of her books.

An Ivy Hill Christmas is a glittery, magical and heart-warming story of family, love, forgiveness and the true meaning of Christmas.

About the Author

A little about me…

I love all things Jane—Jane Eyre and Jane Austen. A graduate of the University of Illinois, I worked in publishing for sixteen years and now write full time.

Three of my books, The Silent Governess, The Girl in the Gatehouse, and The Maid of Fairbourne Hall, won the Christy Award for Historical Romance. The Secret of Pembrooke Park won the Minnesota Book Award, and The Silent Governess was a finalist in Romance Writers of America’s RITA awards.

I have also been honored with the Midwest Book Award and Christian Retailing’s BEST Award.

I enjoy travel, research, BBC period dramas, long hikes, short naps, and coffee with friends. My husband and I have two sons and live near St. Paul, Minnesota.

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