Hello, Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be apart of the blog tour for; Moonlight Over Studland Bay by Della Galton. I can’t wait to share my review with you all, plus I have an exclusive excerpt which I hope you will love. Firstly I want to say thank you to Boldwood Books for the Invite to this tour, and to Rachel and Rachel’s Random Resources for the complimentary copy. Now, lets have a look at this book!

About the Book

Moonlight Over Studland Bay by Della Galton.

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Publisher: Boldwood Books

A heartwarming read of family, friendship and growing up

‘Utterly uplifting, pure escapism’ Trisha Ashley, bestselling author

Animal loving Samantha Jones is on a mission to ‘live the dream’.

When best friend Abby has a beautiful baby boy Sam’s priorities change and she realises she wants more from her life

Uninspired with her dull day job Sam plans to expand Purbeck Pooches, her seaside pet sitting business into a full-time career and embarks on a mission to find her perfect man.

Sam soon hits trouble. Her boss accuses her of moonlighting. The perfect man is frustratingly elusive and her parents make a shock revelation.

The odds are stacking up against her but Sam finds that sometimes when you reach for the moon, you get a handful of glittering stars thrown in for free.

Purchase Linkhttps://amzn.to/2YgzrLZ


Moonlight Over Studland Bay is in no other words but pure joy wrapped up in a big comforting bow, it’s a like being hugged. This is all about the journey to find happiness and meaning in life, it fills the heart with happiness, this is all about finding that much sought after peace and happiness something which so many people can relate to.

I really liked Sam, she is the sort of character that you just know you would be good friends with. She is a charming, warm, considerate, loving, passionate and inspiring young woman whom you just can’t help but like, she has been plodding along in her job and then suddenly she realises that there is more to life then what she is living now, she has dreams and hopes and she is determined that she is going to make a career out of her beloved pet sitting business; ‘Purbeck Pooches’ plus now is the time to find her the man of her dreams. But as we all know well-laid plans never go off without a hitch, with family secrets raising their ugly heads, an agitated boss and even worse Mr Right…well we as of yet need to find him!

How many of us are stuck in a bit of rut looking for something, wanting a change in life, looking for the thing that makes us glow with happiness? That is Sam – and I know that is thousands of women out there – the difference is Sam takes the chance to make her dreams become reality, to get that little more from life, she makes a plan and she soon puts her plan to action. True things don’t go exactly as expected but if there is one thing that this book tells us and that is to grasp life and take a leap of faith.

This is such an easy to read book, light-hearted, emotional, cheerful, there is pure magic circulating around Studland Bay. I love that this is all about Sam and her journey, the romance which turns up rather unexpectedly is sweet and loving, but it didn’t overshadow the overall loveliness of the story, and what a truly magic, uplifting and heart-warming story it is.

Moonlight Over Studland Bay is a genuinely lovely and captivating story, which is full of laughter, romance and real emotion. I’ve not read any of Della’s work before, but she has charmed me completely with her eloquent writing and will definitely be reading more of her books.


Sam had to pass the desks of the other three structural engineers on the way to her own workstation. None of them were in. They must all have gone straight out to jobs. Rex’s PA, Elannah Lewis, who was dark and petite with huge geek-girl glasses and was super mature for her twenty-seven years, had the desk just across the way from Sam’s and she glanced up as Sam arrived.

Sam went over to talk to her. ‘What sort of mood is he in?’

Elannah widened her eyes so they looked even bigger behind the glasses, sucked in her cheeks and whistled softly. ‘Not great… But you know what he’s like. He’ll bang on for a bit about you letting him down and the good name of the company, blah blah blah, and then he’ll offer you a Murray Mint and forgive you. He never loses his rag. But you did drop him in it.’ She leaned forwards. ‘Where were you anyway?’

‘I was with Abby. She had the baby yesterday.’

‘Oh wow, really – what did she have?’ Elannah was a sucker for babies and all things cute. There was a picture of a fluffy cat in a stripy hat pinned on the noticeboard over her desk.

‘Boy. Seven pounds.’

‘Are they OK?’

‘Yes, they’re doing great. Fingers crossed, they’re coming home today. I’m picking them up after work. They let them out early these days.’ She’d got the impression when she’d gone back to visit last night that the nurses would be glad to see the back of Abby. Maybe that was unfair, but she was a handful at the best of times and Sam suspected she’d be treating her hospital stay like a visit to a hotel, and expecting on tap room service thrown in.

She yawned and covered her mouth. ‘Sorry… I haven’t had much sleep the last couple of days.’ She was going to have even less from now on, much as she was looking forward to having Abby and baby Jack at Beach Cottage for the foreseeable future.

‘I bet.’

‘Shall I go in?’ It was five to nine.

‘I’ll tell him you’re here.’ Elannah picked up the phone on her desk.

There was no need for her to do this, due to the fact there was only a glass partition between Rex’s office and the main area where Elannah’s desk was – if he looked up he would see her – but Rex was a man of protocol. He liked things to be done properly. He was only forty-two, but he acted like a man a decade older. He’d inherited Fielding’s from his father when he was in his early thirties and he’d taken the responsibility very seriously.

‘Our reputation is so concrete you can build on it.’ Rex was fond of trotting out this line at regular intervals and it was also part of the company’s branding, as was the line, ‘Our word is our bond.’

‘You can go in,’ Elannah said, hanging up after the briefest of conversations with Rex and crossing her fingers surreptitiously. ‘Good luck.’

Sam stepped into the little office, which smelled of old books and coffee and still had battleship-grey metal filing cabinets that looked as though they had been made at the end of the war. On the wall hung a portrait of an unsmiling man, Mr Fielding senior, who had started the company.

About the Author

Della Galton is the author of 15 books, including Ice and a Slice. She writes short stories, teaches writing groups and is Agony Aunt for Writers Forum Magazine. She lives in Dorset. Della’s new fiction series launched with Sunshine Over Bluebell Cliff in May 2020.

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