Hello, Sunshines, I have the massive pleasure to be apart of the blog tour for the gripping; Where is Tony Blunt? by Joseph Mitcham. I am super excited to share my review of this thrilling book with you all. Firstly, I want to say thank you to, Emma at Damppebbles for the invite to this tour, now let’s have a look at this book.

Where is Tony Blunt? by Joseph Mitcham

‘Where is Tony Blunt? The former Paratrooper, having been taken into the fold of an emerging, ambitious, and savage fundamentalist group, has gone to ground without a trace.

Alex, the former Army communicator, is persuaded to return by John, the ex-Special Forces senior, to help track down the terrorist group that killed their leader and several other comrades – Tony Blunt is their only lead.

Working with multiple agencies, including The Security Service, can Alex and the team locate Blunt and stop him before he executes his masterpiece?’



Well, this was a real blink-and-you-miss-it, thriller which kept me hooked from the onset, with it’s an explosive and twisty plot, intriguing and compelling character’s and hair-raising realism which will keep you up at night.

I hadn’t read the first book in the series, something which I think impeded my understanding of certain characters, even though ‘Where is Tony Blunt’ can be read as a stand-alone, I do think you need to read the series in order. That didn’t impact on my enjoyment of this book, but it did make me feel as though I have missed out on something crucial which may have been carried over from the first book. This has nothing at all to do with the author’s writing, but more to do with the fact that I jumped into this series without reading the first. No change there, then!

There were times when I did feel huge pity for Blunt at times, especially with how he was treated in the military. There are moments as we get to know him and the reason behind why he chose the path he followed, that reveal him to be lonely, distanced human being who has only ever wanted to fit in, instead of a heartless terrorist in which he most certainly became. The author has done an incredible job at creating a character who in certain ways many could be anyone in the street, he has the same self-doubts which many. But, I can guarantee as the story quickly moves forward and more and more is revealed, that tiny pity which grabs you in the beginning soon turns to hate and revulsion, you want to see the evil cretin get what’s coming to him.

Joseph Mitcham is a damn fine author who pulls the reader into his dark and deadly world, I really liked how he described the military slang, he did it in a way very clever way, he incorporated it within the passage you read, which for me allowed me to retain all the information I needed to fully understand each scene.

I really liked the group, and especially their leader; Alex, he wasn’t exactly what you would expect, but I liked him. I liked how the team worked, they didn’t share the same views and they certainly are not at all alike, they are all so different and yet those differences create a strong and diverse team which can handle any situation they are thrown in, I would love to see more from them all again in other books.

I think that this series is going to a really thrilling and mind-blowing ride, one which I can’t wait to read more from.

Overall, an eye-opening thriller, a definite must-read for those who love their faster-paced, edgier reads.

About the Author

Joseph Mitcham served with the British military in elite and technical units for over 16 years. His service not only gave him a thorough tactical and technical understanding of some of techniques and processes employed in his first novel, it also provided him with the opportunity to develop himself, earning a first class honours degree in business leadership by the end of his service.

His debut novel, The Watch List, was published in 2019. The inspiration for writing ‘The Watch List’ was taken from personal experiences from the roles that he has served in and characteristics from some of the people that he has served with. Joseph has written an incredible, yet compellingly credible story that plays out in our world as he sees it today.

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