Hello, Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be apart of this blog tour for; Lady Margaret’s Escape by Victoria Sportelli. I was scheduled to post this yesterday, but I was having problems with WordPress for most of the day, as WordPress wouldn’t allow me to post until late in the day, let’s just say by then I was a wee peeved off. So, I’m posting today instead. I can’t wait to share my review of this wonderful book with you all, firstly thank you to Amy at HFVBT for the invite to this tour. Now, let’s have a look at this book!


Publication Date: September 24, 2020

Publisher: Creazzo Publishing

Format: Paperback & eBook; 376 pages

Series: Henry’s Spare Queen, Book One

Genre: Historical Fiction

A Desperate Midwife Bargains with a King

After suffering the loss of her first pregnancy, a son and heir to the English throne, Queen Matilda is once again with child. Overjoyed but cautious of another loss, King Henry seeks a skilled midwife to assist his wife throughout her pregnancy and labor. His search leads him to Margaret.

Margaret, once a woman of rank and leisure, has been betrayed by her father and made a common slave. The king’s dire need for a midwife provides her with an enticing opportunity to escape a life of servitude and return to her previous station, but first she must prove her worth and make a bargain with the devil.

King Henry is reluctant to haggle with the midwife, but when Margaret reveals her suspicions of foul play being the cause of the queen’s previous loss, his mind is made up. Not only will Margaret attend the queen, her fate with be tied to the queen’s – and that of their unborn babe. Deliver a healthy heir and King Henry will reward Margaret with the return of her rank, social status and wealth. Fail, and her life will be forfeit.

The two women are sent to a secret forest retreat to wait out Queen Matilda’s confinement away from the conspiracies and dangers of court life. Meanwhile, Henry’s brother Robert invades England to seize Henry’s crown and Margaret begins to fear she has allied herself with the wrong ruler.

Will Margaret earn her freedom…or a severed head?

Pick up Lady Margaret’s Escape today and experience the perils of living in medieval England.

Note: This novel includes the death of an infant which may be a trigger for some readers.



This is a wonderfully engrossing historical fiction which is loosely based on historical fact, we follow Margaret a women who has fallen out of favor and from grace and is now toiling away as a slave, at one time she had prestige and respect which came with her station. When she is summoned and requested by King Henry to attend his wife, the Queen during her latest pregnancy she thinks this is her chance to regain her old life back, but she isn’t about to take on the role without a promise of reward and hers would be her old life back, she makes her deal.

I’ve not read this author before, and I am so pleased I got to discover her work with the first of a new series, I am so looking forward to following; Henry’s Spare Queen trilogy. Victoria Sportelli is an incredibly gifted author she pulls you right into each scene with her rich detail and flawless grasp of the history, she brings the story alive with how vivid her writing is, its easy to see that she has done an inordinate amount of research into the life and times of the era.

As it says on the back blurb, Margaret just may have done a deal with the devil himself, as her fate is now entwined with that of the Queen. If she succeeds and the Queen is safely delivered of their bundle of joy then Margaret is safe and can go about her new life once more, but if she fails and something happens she will face the chopping block.  Even though she is locked away with the Queen, Margaret is sensing movement in the air and she starts to wonder is she has chosen the right side to alliance herself with.

Has Margaret done the right thing by agreeing to help? Or with her need for freedom, her yearning to escape the life she is living be her downfall? Well, I’m not going to tell you that am I, I will say that there is a cliff-hanger which will have you desperate to read the next book to find out what happens.

I was hooked from the start, even though lady Margaret’s Escape is set during a turbulent time where lies and secrets are all apart of daily life, where two brothers face off for the throne and there is political intrigue everywhere, this is all about the women in the back ground. Yes the  dangers of what is going on with Robert trying to dethrone Henry is constantly sitting at the edges of the pages, you get a sense of the danger and animosity bubbling in the background and there are moments where Margaret does think she has chosen sides unwisely which gives the reader of the true sense of danger she could be in if her role as midwife to the Queen doesn’t go as expected.

This is a solid, mesmerizing and addictive read that will keep you flicking through the pages and will keep you guessing, its perfect for those who love historicals which have real historical characters and which revolve around the women of the time. Highly recommend!


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About the Author

Ms. Sportelli, who loves to share her knowledge of English history, has concluded that Henry I was an under-rated king who struggled to keep his throne amid conflicts between Normans and Saxons. She writes of the era in novels featuring Lady Margaret, King Henry and Queen Matilda.

A life-long Anglophile, Ms. Sportelli loves British manners, folklore, customs, history, and humor; she watches every British film, television, show and documentary she can find.

Ms Sportelli has both children and grandchildren. She has taken seven trips to eight western European countries and loves England and Italy the most.




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Lady Margaret’s Escape

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