Hello, Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of the utterly charming; Holly’s Christmas Secret by Kirsty Ferry. I did have this review scheduled for…well, quite a few weeks ago, but life go in the way as it does and I am late – as per usual. Honestly, this year I have been such a bad blogger! Anyway, here it is, better late then never, I suppose. Before, I start babbling, I want to say a huge thank you to Liz at Choc Lit for the complimentary copy. Now, let’s have a look at this book…

Holly’s Christmas Secret by Kirsty Ferry.

Genre: Romance, Seasonal

Publisher: Choc Lit

Series: Cornish Secret’s

Once upon a Cornish Christmas …

It’s almost Christmas at the Pencradoc estate in Cornwall which means that, as usual, tea room owner Sorcha Davies is baking up a festive storm. And this year Sorcha is hoping her mince pies will be going down a treat at ‘The Spirit of Christmas Past’ exhibition being organised at the house by new local antiques dealer, Locryn Dyer.

But as Locryn and Sorcha spend more time together, they begin to uncover a very special story of Christmas past that played out at Pencradoc more than a century before, involving a certain ‘Lady’ Holly Sawyer, a festive dinner party and a magical secret encounter with a handsome author …

Gorgeous, happy, festive, charming little book!!


Gorgeous, happy, festive, charming little book!!

It’s like having everything you love all rolled into one and makes you incredibly happy, I know I will probably use the word ‘Happy’ a lot during the review, but once you read this book you will understand what I mean and that there is no other word for how you feel when reading this book, it makes all your stresses fade away and you feel happy. In these incredibly weird times, we all things to make us happy and this is the perfect book for it, it’s like a big hug from a loved one.

I am a huge lover of Christmas books, I may not be a fan of the festive season (it doesn’t feel as full of magic as it used to when I was little, it’s become way too commercialized – or maybe, I’m just a Scrooge 😉 ) but Christmas books are something I really look forward to, especially when they are written by one of my favourite authors and Kirsty Ferry is easily one of the best, I absolutely love her writing, her books are always so cheerful and they put you into the festive spirit (even a Scrooge like me lol).

We are once again whisked away to the gorgeous village of; Pencradoc, for those who haven’t read the previous books in the Cornish Secret don’t worry these are definitely stand-alones, yes they all share the setting and some familiar faces pop up but you will never become tangled up by not knowing the previous stories, believe me, I came into this series late (which is not surprising with me) and I fell in love the Cornish Secrets. But, if have read ‘Lily’s Secret‘ earlier in the year, then you will have met our lovely tea room owner; Sorcha and I am so pleased that she has got her own story and this one is so fitting for her, plus beautiful and magical.

Sorcha as always is baking, baking, baking and making her little tea room all festive for Christmas and especially for ‘The Spirt of Christmas Past’ exhibition which will be the main event of the season this year. It’s being organized by gorgeous….deep throat guttural groan….so handsome, way too handsome; Locryn…sigh!!!

Sorcha and Locryn start working closely together as they do the magic starts, and the air crackles with festive joy and romance. Through their own blossoming romance another story emerges, one of the secret parties and magical liaison’s between Lady Holly and a visiting author…oooh, I’m getting tingles!

I adore this sweet little novella, it’s full of cheerful festive fun, romance and magic, as always Kirsty Ferry spirits you away on a delightful trip that is full of twinkling stars, festive lights and the most enchanting characters. Honestly, I cannot recommend this book and this author enough.

Holly’s Christmas Secret is just what we all need at the moment, it’s uplifting and makes you feel incredibly happy, it’s like opening your favourite box of chocolates and finding a second layer so you have double the joy.



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