Hello, Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be today’s stop on the blog tour for the wonderful; Plant Magic by Dr. Greg J Kenicer. I can’t wait to share my review with you all, Firstly thank you to Kelly for the invite to this blog tour. Now let’s have a look at the book…

Plant Magic by Dr. Greg J Kenicer

An informative and entertaining look at why plants have been used in magic and what that tells us about people and plants in a post-magic world.

With chapters on subjects as diverse as Witchcraft, Curses and Blessings, Divination, the Plants of Faery, Hallucinogens, Divine Plants in the Christian and Pagan traditions and a Plant Bestiary, Greg Kenicer’s book is an erudite and informative look at how and why various plants have had a role in Europe’s supernatural and magical traditions.

Individual entries look at particular plants combining botanical analysis with historical examples and anecdote to explain exactly why each plant came to be used in this way. Considerations of dangers and actual efficacy cast light on how modern science is now re-examining the uses of many of the plants and how the evolution of the plants themselves has been influenced by our use of them.

Whether Foxglove or Mandrake, Hawthorn or Aspen, Rowan or Oak, St. John’s Wort or Bird Cherry, Plant Magic shines a bright and fascinating new light on dozens of familiar plants.

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I absolutely loved Plant Magic, I have always been fascinated with the uses of plants, their history and even their meanings in various legends and myths, so I was intrigued by this book as soon as laying eyes on it, the cover alone grabs the attention (more of that later) and I am so pleased that this book delves into all of the above. There is a history of the ways plants were used, their meanings, their value in legends and mythology and even what people in certain times and countries thought of them.

Plant Magic is a remarkable and highly insightful book and I can guarantee if you’re like me and are interested in Botanical world then this is the book you need on the shelf. This isn’t the kind of book you sit down and read in one go, it’s a reference book, one you dip in and out of, but be warned that as soon as you start reading you will keep flicking through the pages for hours, it’s actually very addictive especially if you’re like me and have a garden full of plants, herbs and trees in the garden, I spent many happy hours learning all about the plants and trees I have growing.

I was particularly fascinated with the section on tree’s, I have a real love of trees (odd, I know) most people want to cut them down to have nice clean looking gardens and so they can bask in the sunshine on their immaculate lawns, not me, I have huge sycamores and silver birch in the back garden and I love walking through a heavy bowed wood, and even though I couldn’t find anything the book about my Sycamore trees, I was fascinated with eh part on Birches. And the Holly, Gorse, Bramble, Honeysuckle and  Blackberries sections were others which caught my attention, again because I have all of these in my garden.

The book is very easy to read, it’s set out in sections so you can easily find a specific plant or tree your looking for, and each one has been extensively detailed and researched, a whole host of fact, history, stories, their value in the art of magic, folklore and at times healing (which is another aspect that I found highly fascinating) and in many cases their meanings in mythology and legend, and peoples views of the plants as evil, bad/good luck.

Plant Magic is a beautiful book and I don’t only mean by the words within it, but’s is so visual and easy on the eye, I love the overall look of it the cover is striking, it has a real magical feel to it with it’s beautifully depicted cover art on that dusky blue background and it fringed in gold, it’s stunning to look at and when you open it there are the most beautiful drawings interwoven throughout.

About the Author

Dr. Greg J Kenicer is the author of Plant Magic. He is also a botanist and a lecturer at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. He is an expert in the evolution and diversity of peas and beans but the fantastical relationship between plants and people is where his heart really lies.


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