Hello, Sunshines, I am super excited to be sharing my release day review of the fabulously funny new Halloween novella; How To Make The Perfect Man by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead. Firstly I want to say thank you to Catherine and Eleanor for the advanced reader copy. Now let me tell you all about this spookily good book.

How to Make the Perfect Man by Catherine Curzon & Eleanor Harkstead

Genre: M/M Romance,

Series: Apart of the Some Like it Haunted collection

Publisher: Pride Publishing/ First For Romance

Release Date: 27th October 2020

Love isn’t science. It’s alchemy.

Needing a date for the hottest Hallowe’en party in town, scientist Aubrey Waldegrave sets to work creating his perfect man. Unfortunately, the Adonis who emerges from his laboratory is a free spirit who has no time for Aubrey’s brogues and tweeds.

Alchemist Trismegistus Nimlet can turn anything into gold, but when his apocathery’s alligator starts talking back and his werewolf allergy leaves him sneezing, it looks like Halloween might be a washout. Worse still, is Tris really about to lose the chap he secretly loves to a manmade surfer dude who’s more flash than Frankenstein?

With werewolves leaving fur in the ornamental fountains and a banshee making enough noise to wake the dead, Aubrey’s Halloween is going from bad to worse. All he wanted was to make his perfect man, but what if he was right there all along?

Have you seen the cover?? Isn’t it fabulous, I love it!!


The figure lay inside a large glass tank in the middle of Aubrey’s laboratory. The water it contained was cloudy and white, luminous from the brightness of the lightning that filled the room at intervals. Aubrey leaned against the side of the tank and peered fondly at his creation.

At him.

Aubrey had put so much work into his creature, and soon—soon—he would have a man, fashioned by his own hands, as beautiful as Aubrey had the power to imagine.

As the rain beat ever harder against the glass panes of his laboratory’s roof, Aubrey looked over at a fluttering dial that told him the lightning was at just the right intensity for his man to breathe at last.

He stepped back from the tank and then grabbed the handle of a huge brass switch. Still watching the dial fidget in its glass case, the needle advanced just enough, and Aubrey pulled down the handle.

A great sizzling tore the air, and Aubrey had to squint behind his green-lensed goggles. A bolt of lightning shot down from the inverted conductor that hung from the ceiling and arced into the machinery that stood next to the tank.

The tank’s glass sides cracked apart and the cloudy water burst across the floor. There, twitching on a wooden platform inside what was left of the tank, was Aubrey’s man.

Aubrey yanked off his goggles and stared in awe at the figure.

“It lives!” Aubrey cried. I’ve always wanted to say that. He took a step closer, clutching his hands, unable to tear his gaze away from the man before him. The man Aubrey had created. “He lives! Hurrah, I have a date for the party!”

He had never seen a creature like him. A bronzed god, his muscular frame shuddering as he drew in his first breath. The long-lashed eyelids opened and his creation parted his perfect, full lips. A moment passed before the Adonis said, “Woah… Dude. What a wild freakin’ ride!”

Aubrey tipped his head to one side. Had he really heard that properly? Had the thunder banged overhead dimmed his hearing?

But no. His Adonis had just addressed him as a dude. Surely it was only a temporary glitch.

“G-good evening,” Aubrey stammered. “Are you comfortable? Can I get you anything? A cup of tea, perhaps?”

The creature sat up, surprisingly nimble for someone who had just been brought to life by a lightning strike. He looked down at his naked body, his eyes alighting on his own impressive manhood.

“Dude, I’m seriously hench. And hung!” He lifted his hand and waited, offering Aubrey a nod. “Hit me, bro! Yeah!”

Aubrey lifted his hand in response and waved, slowly. The man would have to learn how to greet people properly, but a raised hand was halfway to a wave. And physically, Aubrey had got it just right. The toned figure was perfect.

“Hello, my name’s Aubrey. And I’m calling you Adam.”

“Who’s Adam?” He slapped his palm against Aubrey’s. “I’m Kai, bro, good to know you. Woo! Yeah!”

“Kai? No, no…” Aubrey shuddered. What nonsense was this, interfering with his newfound Godlike powers of creation? “No! I’m your creator, and I’m calling you Adam!”

Kai—Adam—frowned then laughed, showing off his perfect white teeth. He slapped Aubrey’s shoulder as, outside, Aubrey heard the throaty purr of a familiar engine.

“Yeah, right. Adam!”

“But…but…” Aubrey pouted. Oh bloody blast it, it’s gone to pot again.….

*Excerpt is taken from publisher’s website, which can be found here – How To Make The Perfect Man.


How To Make The Perfect Man is easily the funniest of all of Catherine and Eleanor’s books, (believe me I have read them all to date unless the ladies have sneaked one past me with me realising) this is a real hoot right from page one when Aubrey’s ‘Monster’ came alive, (even though I was expected the old line of; ‘It’s alive, It’s alive..’ I think I have been watching far too many Carry on’s a lately) I was in hysteric’s honestly a surfer dude Frankenstein that has an aversion to ‘proper’ clothes.

This is a very short and hugely satisfying read, and rather surprisingly the romance is a bit of a slow-burner, it isn’t; boom, right let’s jump in bed, the build-up is sweeter and works perfectly with Tris and Aubrey’s love story.

Prim and proper Aubrey Waldegrave, the local lonely scientist needs a date for the annual Halloween party. He can’t go alone, what would people think? No, he must have a date but seeing as the one man he wants doesn’t look at him in the same way, he is a bit stuck. So our Aubrey does what any eccentric scientist does and makes his own, time and effort to make his perfect man and then when the lightning bolt wakes his date….well, let us just say all goes wrong!

Instead of the sophisticated, classy and handsome chap, he planned, out pop’s well what can I say about Aubrey’s ‘Adam’ other than….put some bloody clothes on and actually button your shirt up!! It seems like Halloween is ruined before it’s even started, that is until glorious multicoloured coat-wearing and shimmering Trismegistus Gimlet (Is that the best name ever?) turns up and with he brings certain magic which can only be described as Tris.

I was instantly charmed by Aubrey, he’s a stereotypical eclectic befuddled chap who likes nothing better than to wile away the hours, days and even months in his lap or a dusty library, but really all he wants is the love of a good man. Not any man, as we have seen, but one specific man. I could have wept with all those longing glances in the direction of our resident Alchemist.

Our poor old Tris has never got around to actually declaring his feelings for the handsome scientist, friends for forty years and neither knows that the other is madly in love with him. I loved Tris the moment he stepped out of that flashy car, he oozes charismatic charm and old-school gentlemanly elegance, no wonder our Aubrey is completely smitten.

What is supposed to be a good night out at the spookily brilliant Halloween party with a wonderful array of guests which do include a slightly tipsy fairy and a Bichon Frise fluffy werewolf (you have to be there;-)) which turns into a hunt for their Adonis, aided by a talking stuffed crocodile and ends in love. Phew!!

This is perfect for making you laugh and escaping the chaotic real world for a short period, which is what Catherine and Eleanor are perfect at, no matter what is going on in the world you can always rely on the dynamic duo to put a smile on your face.

This is so much fun and delightfully enjoyable; friends to lovers novella. It’s original and unexpected and most importantly it had me giggling happily into the night. That is crucial, I love to be thoroughly entertained! I loved the romance between Aubrey and Tris – when they finally plucked up the courage and admitted their feelings – there is sparkling and shining magic in the air and it has nothing to do with Tris’ ring, you’re going to have to read it for that one 😉



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