Hello, Sunshines, I have the massive pleasure to be today’s stop on the blog tour for; The Paris Affair by Susanne Dunlap. I am super excited to share this book and my review with you all, plus there is an exclusive giveaway. Firstly, I want to say thank you to Amy at HFVBT for inviting me to this amazing tour. 

The Paris Affair by Susanne Dunlap

Publication Date: September 30, 2020

Format: Paperback & eBook; 244 pages

Series: Theresa Schurmann Mystery, Book 3

Genre: YA/Historical Fiction




Apparently, false rumors about Marie Antoinette are all the fashion in 1783. Marie Antoinette is facing hostility from the populace, inflamed by rumors circulated in pamphlets throughout Paris. The rumors claim that she has dozens of lovers, drinks the blood of poor people, holds satanic masses at Versailles, and more, when nothing could be further from the truth.

On the advice of the handsome, enigmatic Captain von Bauer, Joseph II–emperor of Austria and Marie Antoinette’s brother–decides that mystery-solving violinist Theresa Schurman is the ideal candidate for a spy to discover the source of these vile slanders.

Theresa is only too glad to get away from Vienna for a while, unwilling to commit herself yet to marrying Zoltan–a Hungarian baron she met when she was fifteen–and running out of reasons to postpone her decision. She is eager, too, to explore a new musical scene and broaden her artistic education. But when the captain confounds her expectations and places her as a bookkeeper in the establishment of Rose Bertin, milliner to the queen, she begins to lose hope that she will ever achieve her musical aims–or the emperor’s goal of exposing the pamphleteers.

A chance encounter with the Chevalier de Saint-Georges, an extraordinary black violinist and expert swordsman, sets Theresa on the path to unraveling the mystery.

But will the chevalier’s patron, the powerful duc de Chartres, confound her efforts and put her–and the captain’s–lives in danger? Be prepared for music, mystery, love, and murder in this riveting tale of pre-revolutionary Paris.

The settings and situations are enchanting and varied; Dunlap is adept at on-the-fly description and at lacing intrigue with romance…Dunlap proves an arresting tour guide through this rich milieu, summoning up the past without slowing down the storytelling. Author and protagonist alike boast an epigrammatic wit. The touch is light, but the scenery and chatter are sumptuous…Theresa stands as a fascinating protagonist, a woman whose nimble navigation of society’s expectations and several burgeoning romances are exciting and inspiring, even more so than the sleuthing that drives the novel’s plot. The people she encounters are likewise memorable, complex, and surprising, especially the chevalier…This sparkling historical mystery conjures up the salons, fashion, and gossip of Marie Antoinette’s Paris, with a winning emphasis on the power of music and the roles that society allowed women.” – The BookLife Prize

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Firstly let’s take a moment to fully appreciate just how beautiful this cover is, it’s so striking, you could frame it and put it on the wall.

I am a late arrival of Susanne Dunlap’s books, but after reading my first of her last year I was completely taken with her magical and atmospheric writing, this is the first of her Theresa Schurman Mystery series I’ve read – as always I have started a series bang in the middle, but to be honest, it doesn’t matter as this can very easily be read a stand-alone, but I will definitely be loading my kindle with the previous books as soon as possible.

Set during 1783The series follows a young violinist; Theresa Schurman as she becomes embroiled in a mystery which surrounds the beautiful; Marie-Antoinette. There are some malicious rumours circulating the city in the form of pamphlets which puts the Queen in a very bad light leading to mass public hatred of her. Marie-Antoinette’s brother; Emperor Joseph II enlists the help of Theresa, he has heard of her skills of solving mysteries, it is due to the gorgeous Captain von Beaur for Theresa’s role in the saga. Once our heroine has made it to Paris, she soon finds herself right in the middle of Marie-Antoinette’s world and in a perfect position to find the truth.

The Paris Affair is a wonderfully exciting, easy to read and excellent story, with a brilliant plot which not only is engrossing, entertaining and original, but it’s engaging and knowledgeable, I love the addition of real people from history, it brings the overall story to life and really draws you into the past and into Theresa’s world.

This is, in essence, a thrilling historical mystery and that alone would have made it a must-read, but add in a bit of a romance which is sprinkled throughout the story, which makes for fabulous reading.

I really like how Susanne has handled the obvious and blatant discrimination which so many faced during the era, with this being a young adult’s book it’s not as ‘in-your-face’ as it probably would if the story was written with adults in mind, but that doesn’t take anything away from the ways she has written about such a subject with realism and sensitivity.

There is a slight edginess to this, with revolution just around the corner and with the unease due to these rumours spreading through the country, you can feel the danger and unrest lurking in the shadows, the writing is exquisite, each scene is captivating, you are drawn into a dark and yet beautiful world full of music, intrigue, and danger.

As always Susanne Dunlap proves once again that she is an extraordinarily gifted and talented author, she transports the reader right into the pages of the story with her clever and articulate writing, the attention to detail is perfect, it’s sparkles with life and atmosphere.


About the Author

Susanne Dunlap is the author of nine works of historical fiction. A graduate of Smith College with a PhD in Music History from Yale University, Susanne grew up in Buffalo, New York and has lived in London, Brooklyn and Northampton, MA. She now lives in Northampton with her long-time partner, Charles, has two grown daughters, three granddaughters, a grandson, a stepson and a stepdaughter, five step-grandsons and one step-granddaughter—that’s a total of four children and eleven grandchildren! In her spare time she cycles in the beautiful Pioneer Valley.

For more information, please visit Susanne Dunlap’s website.

You can follow author Susanne Dunlap on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Instagram, Pinterest, and BookBub.


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During the Blog Tour, one lucky reader will win signed copies of all 3 books in the Theresa Schurmann Mystery series!

To enter, please use the Gleam form below.

The giveaway is open to US residents only and ends on October 17th. You must be 18 or older to enter.

The Paris Affair 

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