Hello, Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review for; A Wedding on the Riviera by Evonne Wareham. I can’t wait to share this fabulous book with you all, I hope you all love the sound of it as much as I do. Firstly I want to say thank you to Liz at Choc Lit/Ruby Fiction for my complimentary copy.

A Wedding on the Riviera by Evonne Wareham

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Romance / Publisher: Ruby Fiction / Format: ebook

A return to the Riviera on the trail of a runaway groom …
When out-of-work actor Ryan Calder attends a wedding as the plus-one of successful businesswoman, Nadine Wells, he doesn’t expect to get in a scuffle with the groom.

But Ryan has a good reason. He recognises the groom from another wedding where the same man made a quick getaway, taking the wedding money and leaving a heartbroken bride in his wake. It seems he’s struck again, and Nadine’s poor friend is the target.

Ryan and Nadine decide they can’t let it happen to another woman, so with a group of friends they hatch a plan that will take them to the French Riviera, hot on the heels of the crooked groom. But could their scheme to bring him to justice also succeed in bringing them closer together?


How come I have never read this author before now?

It’s another case of me living in a bubble and not taking notice of the world around me, but now I have discovered Evonne Wareham I am definitely on the hunt for more of her books. I loved her cheerful, light-hearted and magical writing, I was certainly hooked with the story the moment I met luscious Ryan…and off course the other character’s, but you know me, I do tend to become somewhat possessive over the heroes, and when they are as drop-dead gorgeous and sexy as this man is, well who can blame me? 😉

The story starts with a bang, where gorgeous, sultry, enigmatic, sexy as hell….I need to take a moment he just to gaze wistfully off into the distance…sigh!!

Right, where was I?… So, out of work actor; Ryan Calder is ‘on duty’ escorting vivacious widow Nadine to a friends wedding. It’s while sitting there daydreaming about the beautiful woman beside him and what he would like them to do together, that he spots something a little odd, something he has seen before and before anyone knows it he is in hot pursuit of the groom something that leads him to throw a few punches and nearly getting himself run over.

After all, he knows about the groom is revealed, he and Nadine take it upon themselves to track down this villain and makes sure that he doesn’t do the same to another poor, unsuspecting woman and this is where the fun and high jinx begin. I loved following Ryan and Nadine as they not only try to find and stop this dastardly villain but the more they spend time with each and they more than soon see that there is a connection that won’t fizzle out once their job is completed. We know from the first chapter that our Ryan is really smitten with her, and I really enjoyed her discovering that and realising that; yes there can be goodness and love in her life again.

I really, really enjoyed this book, it’s cheerful, romantic, sexy – yup, it does make you a little hot under the collar in particular scenes…oh, Ryan!! …I liked that this wasn’t predictable, it keeps you guessing and doesn’t follow any well laid plan to happily ever after, it’s clever and original.

A Wedding in the Riviera is a cheerful romantic comedy with a hint of crime and danger, the relationship between Ryan and Nadine starts as very professional but you just know that these two are so made for each other, the chemistry is sizzling but due to something which is revealed as you read they don’t plough headfirst into bed and I really liked that, I liked watching as they really got to know each other.

Overall, this is a great read, perfect for those cosy evenings sitting at home with a cuppa, or escaping for a few hours into the garden to be whisked away.

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  1. Thank you so much for a lovely review. I’m so glad you liked the book – and that Ryan managed to steal a little bit of your heart.

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