Hello, sunshines, Thank you for stopping by. Today, I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of; New Beginnings at the Little House by the Sea by Chris Penhall, firstly I wish to say thank you to Liz at Ruby Fiction, Choc Lit Publishers for my complimentary copy.

New Beginning’s At The Little House In The Sun by Chris Penhall

Series: Portuguese Paradise #2 / Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction / Publisher: Ruby Fiction / Release Date: 25th August 2020

Follow your yellow brick road ….

Alice Dorothy Matthews is on the road to paradise! She’s sold her house in London, got rid of her nasty ex and arranged her move to Portugal where friendship and romance awaits. All that’s left to do is find a place to call home.

But Alice’s dreams are called into question when complications with friends, work and new relationships make her Portuguese paradise feel far too much like reality.

Will Alice’s dream of a new home in the sun come true?

When I read the first book in this little – what do I call it, a series? A continuation? – anyway, I read the first book; The House that Alice Built, I was hoping that there would be more from Alice, I had this feeling that there was more to tell in her story and I am so pleased that we have a sequel to that hugely popular first book.

Here we see Alice starting her whole new life in sunny Portugal – or trying to, her original plan was to have the perfect sunshine and peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of London and stresses that constantly plagued her. But, as we all know life doesn’t always play out as we planned, and soon enough Alice’s life is again full of complications with finding a home, building a business, unexpected friends and then there is the sparkling romance which as soon as you think; right, our girl has finally found her feet, boom another spanner in the works. Honestly, it’s one thing after another but there is some great fun to be had along the way, there are moments I was giggling with the various goings-on.

Even though you can read this as a stand-alone, I would recommend that you read the previous book first, as there is certain aspects of the story that do carry on, you really don’t want to miss out on anything. I loved the first book and this has the same heart-warming second chance feel to it that I really enjoy reading.

Alice is such a likeable and relatable woman, she is the kind of woman that your instantly like she is everyone’s best friend, she has the same self-doubt and those niggling thoughts that keep telling you that everything you are doing is wrong and it’s all going to fall apart – come on, you know what I mean, we all get them! There is still a lot of the Alice we knew from the first book, she is still the girl next door and in a way, she is still that work-a-holic she was trying to run away from, but it’s a good job she has a great work ethic as there is a lot to do.

I really enjoyed my brief escape to Portugal and following Alice as she starts a whole new journey, I was rooting for her right from the start I so wanted to see her make it and find that happy peaceful life balance she so deserves. For me, the star attraction of the whole story has got to be the setting, which is so beautiful. I loved the sparkling scenes which really showed off Portugal in all its glory. It does exactly what it says on the tin, it will transport you to a Portuguese paradise! Chris Penhall has once again stolen my imagination and my heart with her richly vivid, immersive and sunny writing.

My only niggle is that as much as I thoroughly enjoyed this story and being reacquainted with much-loved characters and meeting new I did feel that this was a lot slower in pace, especially at the start, then the previous book, not so much to be a bore but a little slower then I expected, but other than that a very enjoyable, heart-warming and highly recommended!

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