Hello, Sunshines, Today I have the great pleasure to be sharing my review of; Revelations of his Runaway Bride by Kali Anthony. Firstly, I want to say thank you to Kali for my complimentary copy.

Revelations of his Runaway Bride by Kali Anthony

Genre: Contemporary Romance / Publisher: Mills and Boon, Harlequin / Release Date: 25th June 2020

She was ready to flee…

Then passion beckoned.

From the moment Thea Lambros is forced to walk down the aisle toward Christo Callas, her only thought is escape. After all, this reluctant bride is a mere pawn in her father’s dangerous game.

But when coolly brilliant Christo interrupts her getaway, Thea meets her electrifying match. Pairing her resilient spirit with his unwavering strength, her new husband unleashes an unexpected fire within her. Thea feared she was trading one jailer for another. But what if Christo is the man to finally set this caged bird free?

Well, what on earth can I say about this?

This is easily one of the finest and original debut’s I have read for a while, and even more one of the best Harlequin Present’s that has passed through my fingers in…well probably since I discovered this line. Kali Anthony has really made her mark on this little reviewer, I loved her classy yet edgy writing style which really hooked me.

I will be perfectly honest and say that the Present’s line for M&B/Harlequin has always been a little hit and miss with me. I have read quite a few, as I am a sucker for a Mills and Boon/Harlequin Romance and I have enjoyed them, but – and really this is no disrespect the authors of Presents – I have never been taken to the starry heights of absolute love for the line that I am for others such as the historicals or true loves…So sorry!

And then along came a debut author with a completely different story, which turned my head!

There is something very different about this, the overall feel of it screams to me more adventure romance than your stereotypical Presents. I can’t explain it but this has a real grown-up, fresh new age feel about it. There is a lot of love for this book, but that’s not what I first thought. At first, I thought; OK, it’s another arranged marriage style trope where they soon fall in love and find that; yes we are made for each other. Well, that was soon dismissed before I had finished the first chapter, there is a real edginess of it, especially that of the heroine who is such a marvel and not at all what I expected. Yes, she has been forced to marry this cool as a cucumber sex-god, but that doesn’t mean she is going to make life easy for either of them.

I really enjoyed the tug of war going on between Thea and Christo, theirs is a marriage not wanted but needed and they both have opinions on just how this marriage of theirs is going to be. I love the passion that sizzles between them, they may not be the best of friends – at first – but they certainly heat up a room and that’s without speaking, that fire in his glorious eyes really sent my overactive imagination into overdrive 😉

Yet, I do think Christo was overshadowed by Thea, this was all about her (which in respect to parts of the plot, it is) this is her story to tell and Christo will have to do as he is told and stand in the corner growling until needed. There were times where poor Christo was just decoration – sinfully sexy, broodingly cool and passionate decoration, but a decoration non-the-less. Which is the only negative thing I will say about it, I would have liked a little more of Christo – and no, not just his passionate come to bed part gaze. Minds out of the gutter!

What I particularly liked about this is the multi-layered and complex plot, there is a lot going on which keeps you guessing as to what direction the story will go. True for some die-hard Presents readers who know this line inside out will probably say that there is too much going on. That there are too many subplots, too many characters, not enough actual communication between the two leads and too much angst and unfinished drama,…..fair enough. That is another person’s opinion, but this is my review and my blog and I will say exactly what I think – in the process I will probably become vilified by loyal and passionate Presents fans – but in my opinion; Kali Anthony is the breath of fresh air and new blood that this line has needed, she has smashed it, she has moved the Presents goal posts.

This is a brilliantly and hugely enjoyable debut, she has thrown the rulebook out of the window and made her own rules and in the process has done a cracking job at bringing a fabulous, gripping and ultimately romantic story to the world. I cannot wait to see what Kali has in store for us next!

Overall, a passionate and original love story, if your want a few hours of fairytale-esque escapism then look no further.

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