Hello, Sunshines, Thank you for stopping by, I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of the incredible; Redeeming Her Viking Warrior by Jenni Fletcher, I am so excited to share this amazing book with you all. Firstly, I want to say thank you to Jenni for the advanced reader copy, now let me tell you all about this very special book, I hope you love at much as I do!

Redeeming Her Viking Warrior by Jenni Fletcher

Series: Sons of Sigurd / Genre: Viking, Historical Romance / Publisher: Mills and Boon, Harlequin / Release Date: 20th August 2020

He’s sworn celibacy…

Until he gets vengeance!

Danr Sigurdsson is indebted to the captivating, mysterious healer living alone in the wilderness who carefully tends his wounds. Consumed with anguish over the massacre that killed his family, Danr has sworn not to touch another woman until he finds those responsible. So resisting Sissa should be easy, but as they search for the truth, fighting their mutual attraction becomes the hardest battle…

Before I start with my incessant waffle, I just want to say a massive thank you to Jenni Fletcher for writing such an astounding and magical book. Danr and Sissa will stay locked away in my heart for many, many years to come, I read this book and instantly felt so much happiness and love for the story, the characters and of course the gifted author.

Have you ever felt so incredibly connected to a character that you feel as though you know them as actual people? There is a finest shimmering thread pulling you into their world and you think; oh my giddy aunt I love this women and yet at the same time you are completely green with envy that this incredible character is living out your very dream of living in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but dogs (or in Sissa’s case wolves) for company, and a sinfully handsome, yet complicated Viking chopping wood in the background.

OK, that’s it, I’m going to live in the woods 😉

But, honestly, though, there is something very magical about this book, I can’t quite put it into words just how much I love this book, I have read all of Jenni Fletcher’s books, and loved them from day one, she is one of the most gifted authors around, with each new book I am always bowled over with her clever and beautiful stories, but this one is very special. Jenni Fletcher has just set a whole new standard for how historical romances should be written,

This was such a hard review to write, there is so much I wanted to say about this beautiful book and yet even the slightest wrong word would give a whole load of spoilers and that is one thing that I refuse to do, so I’ll just write a bit of babble and hopefully, it will look review-ish.

Sissa and Danr are perfect! These two are easily my favourite couple out of all the historical romances I’ve read, and believe me there has been a few over the years, these two have stolen the crown for the favourite couple. There is a certain weariness between them, she distrusts all men especially warriors and he is easily the most dangerous she has ever come across, yet she can’t hide the fact that she is hugely attractive to the large rugged beast which has fallen into her lap, he stirs her blood to boil – especially with his incessant talking, I thought I was a natterbox, this man puts me to shame if talking was an Olympic sport; then he would win gold. I do love a talkative man though, it’s such a normal trait and yet we see it so little in books.

Sissa is easily one of the most mystical and mysterious character’s you will ever meet, there is an otherworldly aura about her that draws you to her. I love her simplistic look on life and how she lives, she is highly intelligent and independent, she is fierce and loyal with a kind and caring heart, but beneath that unmovable mask there lies pain and vulnerability, she has a past and secrets. The more you learn about her the more you like her and are inspired by her, she is an incredible woman, life hasn’t been a bed of roses for her, it is such a joy seeing as she opens up and allows Danr close.

Danr….Oh, my!! He is…well, what can I say?

Danr is everything you would expect a Viking to be; strong, sexy, fierce, powerful, handsome, glorious blue eyes, amazing arms…oh, my those arms! I may have died and gone to muscled arm heaven with him…sigh! Yet, there is another side to this man then what is on display….oh aye, he is mighty fine to look at and he has a notorious reputation, but this stud has a compassion side too, he really feels things. He is full of guilt, remorse and shame over what he believes to be his fault – I can’t go too much into it, as it would spoil the story – he wants revenge and redemption, he wants the truth and find the people who brutally murdered his family.

Another thing that I absolutely love about this is the cover…I mean, come on, have you seen it? It’s stunning and what’s more, the cover model’s really looked like how I imagined Danr and Sissa to look, they are perfect…I would have loved to see a wolf or two though.

Redeeming her Viking Warrior is the fourth book in the Son’s of Sigurd series, I have read the second book; Falling for her Viking Captive by Harper St. George which is amazing, you don’t need to read them in order as these books are very much stand-alone stories. A little insider info though, Danr from this book and Rurik from Viking captive are twin brothers, both brothers mention their twin but only as a background to their own story.

This book as you may have guessed from this long-winded post is utterly magical, the story is simply perfect, I honestly can’t say enough good things about it, it’s a mesmerising and beautiful story which is full of love and second chances. I love the start, it opens with a memorable bang and the intensity of the story doesn’t slow, the moment Danr and Sissa meet you instantly know that these two are going to be something special, they are both wary and taken back by the crackling tension that hovers around them like a low early morning mist.

Overall, it’s in one word; Perfect!!

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