Hello, Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be today’s stop on this amazing blog tour and to be sharing my review for; A Little Pick Me Up by Katie Portman. This book is so inspiring and one that every home should have a copy of on the bookshelf, go and have a look.

A Little Pick Me Up by Katie Portman

Genre: Self-Help, Motivational

Format: Paperback, ebook

Publisher:  TWH Publishing

Since the beginning of time, women have been made to feel bad about themselves. From our dress sizes to our careers, from our parenting skills to simply having an opinion, modern women come under immense, relentless pressure to look and behave in certain ways.

The stories we tell ourselves can lead to some dark emotions. They can even result in us hating ourselves – and other women.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. We just need to realise our power, our value and our worth.

This book, if you allow it to, could change your life…

In a deeply personal book, award-winning blogger Katie Portman talks candidly about her own challenges as a woman and shares the tools she uses to overcome them. She invites fellow females to open their eyes to the beauty, power and potential that exists within them.

How would your life change if you truly believed ‘I AM GOOD ENOUGH’?



This is a wonderfully inspiring and relatable book, it’s positive and enlightening, and there is such a powerful and life-affirming message running through it; which is no matter what is going in your life there is always hope and the ability within every one of us recognise those ingrained negative thoughts and feelings and turn them into a positive.

We all have those thoughts and feelings, don’t we? This book shines a light on the fact that no one knows what is going on behind closed doors and that we all suffer from the same deeply negative traits; such as fear, jealousy, anxiousness, guilt, regret and self-loathing, whether that is by the way you look or the way your feel, or even by the way another has made you feel that way, it all comes to the same conclusion and eventually if you don’t find a way to turn that negativity around you will become very unhappy, which is where the ‘little pick me ups’ in each chapter comes in very handy, these are little insightful and encouraging little tips and tricks that make so much sense and really work to lighten your mood and make you so much better and more positive.

This little book is full of helpful hints and tips and insightful thoughts, this isn’t your basic self-help book this is written by a woman who writes from the heart. I have never been one for self-help books, but this is an eye-opener.

Katie Portman has written from her own experience, she shares what has worked for her and it’s all done in such a friendly and encouraging. Her candid honesty really speaks to me and it is that which makes this book really different, a copy of this should be in every single home even if you just read a paragraph a day it will work wonders for your overall mood.

As Katie said; ‘Just aim to be the best version of you at any age.‘ very wise words that make so much sense.

About the Author

Katie is an honorary Yorkshirewoman; she originally hailed from Lancashire and moved to Barnsley with her headteacher husband, Jamie, a couple of decades ago. They have two beautiful children, Elsie and Leo.

Katie is on social media, you can connect with her there.

Facebook: @poutinginheels / Twitter: @KateLPortman / Instagram: @poutinginheels


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