Hello, Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of the utterly amazing; The Englishman by David Gilman as apart of this blog tour. My spot on this tour was for Saturday, but due to an unforeseen family issue I didn’t get the chance, but better late than never, right? I hope you love this book as much as I did, go on take a look.

The Englishman by David Gilman

Series: Raglan #1

Genre: Thriller, Espionage

Publisher: Head of Zeus

Format: Ebook, Print, Audio

A clandestine war on the desert border of Mali and Algeria. Murder and kidnap on the suburban streets of West London. A Moscow CID police inspector investigating the assassination of four of her fellow officers by the Russian Mafia. A young MI6 officer facing the possibility that a long-running operation has been fatally compromised.

Connecting them all is the Englishman: Dan Raglan, outsider, exile, one-time member of the French Foreign Legion, fully trained killer.

Raglan’s quest for answers will become a quest for vengeance. It will lead him to the winter-ravaged wasteland of the Sverdlovskaya Oblast and Penal Colony #74, a place that holds Russia’s most brutal murderers. A place of death and retribution.

How will he get in? More importantly, how will he get out?

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The Englishman is a well-written, exciting, fast-paced, action-packed, edge of your seat thriller, which shows real promise this new series, I can’t wait to see what adventure’s Dan Raglan will take us on in the future.

I haven’t read a decent thriller for an age now, in fact, I haven’t come across a good thriller/action series I genuinely wanted to follow since the Payne/Jones series by Kris Kuzneski, but The Englishman has sucked me right back into this compelling genre. The writing is solid, being a typical thriller with an espionage edge you learn what you need to know about the main man; Dan Raglan when you need to know it because Raglan isn’t as developed in-depth as you get with stand-alone’s and characters from other genre’s it keeps the reader hooked with the series as we want to learn more about this mysterious, hardened and guarded man.

A man, I must say has got right under my skin, he is one of those characters who has this aura about him, he pulls the reader into his little sphere like a moth to a flame.

I was fascinated with Raglan, he is a complex, multi-layered man; on one hand, he is a deadly and ruthless trained killer and a bit of a lone wolf with so much in his past; good and bad that has made him the man he is. Yet, there is something beneath that hardened steel, something else that makes the heartbeat that much faster….yet, in other words, this guy is a stud, an action man a man who has the world on his shoulders – plus falling to his feet, and yet even at by the end when and his story was all revealed, i still think there is far more to this man then meets the eye. As a former Paratrooper and who was once apart of the French Foreign Legion, he has seen and done things that to this day still bring nightmares to his nights. Being an orphan his true family has always been his fellow comrades in arms,

David Gilman has done the most incredible job at grabbing the readers attention with such a thrilling, heart-racing opening, I was completely hooked, it’s heart-stopping, I wanted to know how this precise scene all came about, which was soon revealed as each chapter went flying past and we are soon zooming along at break-neck speed from London to Eastern Europe and over to Siberia. The story is intoxicating, with it’s a fast-paced race across Europe to Siberia the detailing of every country mentioned is second to none. The action scenes are gripping and very real, I must warn you though not to get attached to many characters as many don’t come out the other end and the is flawless, David Gilman literally pulls the reader into Raglan’s dark and dangerous world. I honestly, cannot quite put into words just how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

If you love twisty, action-packed, surprising, gritty, realistic thrillers that make you think as well as take you on an explosive journey, then this is the book you NEED to read, I cannot recommend it highly enough, and if I rated book on the blog – which I don’t – this would be a solid five stars, amazing!

This was a complimentary copy via Midas PR for Head of Zeus, which I reviewed as apart of this blog tour, thank you, Amber.


About the Author

David Gilman was raised in Liverpool and educated in Wales. By the time he was 16 he was driving a battered 1946 Ford, ferrying construction workers in the African bush. A variety of jobs followed in different countries: fire and rescue, forestry work, JCB driver, window dresser and professional photographer in an advertising agency. He served in the Parachute Regiment’s Reconnaissance Platoon and then worked in publishing. In 1986 he turned to full-time writing. He has written many radio and television scripts including several years of ‘A Touch of Frost’. In 2007 his ‘Danger Zone’ trilogy for YA was sold in 15 countries. The first in the series – The Devil’s Breath was long listed for the CILIP Carnegie Medal and won the French Prix Polar Jeunesse.

He also writes for younger children. MONKEY and ME has been nominated for this year’s Carnegie Medal. ‘MASTER of WAR’ is the first in a series of HF for adults that follows the fortunes of Thomas Blackstone during the 100 Years’ War.


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