Hello Sunshines! I have the huge pleasure to be shining a spotlight on Before the Crown by Flora Harding. I am super excited to be sharing this gorgeous book with you all, I had the massive pleasure to receive an early copy from One More Chapter, and I can’t wait to share my review in the next few weeks with you all. But until then, I wanted to share a peek at what will be the love story of the summer. I hope you will love it as much as I do!

Before the Crown by Flora Harding

Genre: Historical Romance

Publisher: One More Chapter/Harper Collins

Format: Ebook/Paperback

Release Date: 18th September 2020

The most page-turning and romantic historical novel of the year!

Before the crown there was a love story…

Windsor Castle, 1943

As war rages across the world, Princess Elizabeth comes face to face with the dashing naval officer she first met in London nine years before.

One of the youngest first lieutenants in the Royal Navy, Philip represents everything she has always been taught to avoid. Instability. Audacity. Adventure.

But when the king learns of their relationship, the suitability of the foreign prince is questioned by all at court.

He is the risk she has never been allowed to take. The risk not even the shadow of the crown will stop her from taking…

Step through the palace gates and discover a captivating historical novel of royal secrets and forbidden love exploring the tempestuous courtship between Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip in the wake of WWII.



Before the crown, there was a love story…

If you love the sound of this book, then why not request a review copy over at Netgalley?

Before The Crown, Request


About the Author

I started writing to fund a PhD on waste disposal in the Elizabethan city and have been juggling fact and fiction ever since. I write across various fiction genres and have written a number of histories and guides, too, on subjects ranging from cathedrals and car distributors to royal palaces. I’m a walker, a traveller, a cook and a card player, and I live in the centre of York, a historic city in the north of England, although I spend a lot of time yearning for the big skies and open horizons of moorland, coast or desert. Flora can be found on Twitter @AuthorFlora


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4 thoughts on “Shining a Spotlight on Before the Crown by Flora Harding #BeforeTheCrown #BookSpotlight @AuthorFlora @OneMoreChapter_

  1. I love The Crown and this looks fantastic, Frankie.

    I’m a fan of Flora’s from way back and I am sure Before The Crown will be a terrific book!


  2. It’s interested to me that we are starting to see a number of historical fiction books about the Queen and her immediate family!


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