Hello Sunshines! I have the huge pleasure to be shining a spotlight on Lady Fiona’s Tall, Dark Folly by Cerise DeLand, I am super excited to be sharing this gorgeous book with you all, I hope you will love it as much as I do!

Lady Fiona’s Tall, Dark Folly.

Series: Four Weddings and a Frolic

Genre: Historical Romance

Publication Date: 27th April 2020

Romantic comedies where every lady lands in the lap of the right beau for her!

Can this be love? Or just a dizzy spell? Can you fall in love at first sight…twice…with the same man?

Lady Fiona Chastain hurries to her Aunt’s and Uncle’s May Day Frolic to brighten her dull existence…and accept her dwindling marriage prospects. When her coach breaks down and the man who rescues her is the very one she’s yearned for these past six years, she’s angry with him for his dismissal of her. Still she falls for his easy charm. 

Then she she learns his name and she’s appalled that his family is among her father’s enemies. Dashing, tender Rory Fletcher, the earl of Charlton, is the one man she must never love! But her heart is committed. So is his! Can their love conquer old hatreds? Or are some family feuds too bitter to resolve?

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If you enjoy romantic comedy, then you will love this May Day party where every lady lands in the lap of the right beau for her. Buy LADY FIONA’S TALL, DARK FOLLY, first in the FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FROLIC series!

Lady Fiona’s Tall, Dark Folly, Book 1

Lady Mary’s May Day Mischief, Book 2. (in A MAY DAY TO REMEMBER box set! debuts May 5)

Miss Harvey’s Accidental Groom, Book 3, Coming Soon!

Lady Di’s Excellent Christmas Adventure, Book 4, Coming Soon!

Miss Weaver’s Handsome Frolic, Book 5, Coming Soon!


About the Author

Cerise DeLand loves to write about dashing heroes and the sassy women they adore.

But I bet you knew that!

Did you know that she’s known for her poetic elegance and accuracy of detail?

That she’s an award-winning author of more than 40 novels and was first published in 1991 by Kensington, then Pocket Books, later by St. Martin’s Press and independent presses?

That her books have been monthly selections of the Doubleday Book Club and the Mystery Guild? Right. And she’s won awards. Lots of them. Need details? Write to her. She’ll send you the list!

To research, she’s dived into the oldest texts and dustiest library shelves. She also travels abroad taking good walking shoes, trusty notebooks and pens, plus camera! She visits chateaux and country homes she loves to people with her own imaginary characters.

And at home every day? She cooks. Never dusts. (That can be a problem.) She goes swimming or pumps iron once a week and tries (desperately) to grow vegetables in her arid backyard in south Texas!

She’s valiant. And dedicated. So are her heroines and heroes!

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