Hello, my Sunshine! I am super excited to be sharing my review of the latest instalment of the amazing Captivating Captains series by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead. I will be waffling my way through another attempt at a review, this time for the gorgeous; Captain and the Prime Minister. So as always grab that cuppa and cake – you will need a cake, get comfy and enjoy!

When a devoted prime minister has a second chance at romance, he discovers that love is love on Downing Street.

Captain Tom Southwell has swapped bullets for babies and works as a nanny at one of the world’s most famous addresses. Behind the doors of Downing Street, he cooks dinner, puts the children to bed and is the prime minister’s best friend.

Alex Hart is the prime minister Great Britain’s been dreaming of. He’s dedicated, caring and has a conscience. He’s also a widower with two small children. The last thing he can let himself do is fall in love with the many who have held his family together.

When an old flame from Tom’s past gets in touch, Tom’s first instinct is to keep him at arm’s length, but hell hath no fury like a yoga teacher scorned. As Alex fights to push a life-changing bill through Parliament, the tabloid vultures are circling. With rumours swirling about the prime minister and his gorgeous manny, every shark in Westminster senses blood.

Will Alex put love ahead of duty, or will the most important man in the country be the loneliest, too?


Happy Dance Alert!!

Another Captivating Captain book has landed and as per usual the ladies do not disappoint, you know what that means; time for me to dance happily around like a wonky spinning top on way too many sugary sweets. (Yes, while writing this review did, in fact, involve devouring a whole share bag of Jelly Babies) This one has such a sweet old fashioned romance feel to it, the two leading men are perfect for the roles Catherine and Eleanor have written them in; as the star-crossed friends who eventually become lovers; and what charming – and may I say, well endowed? (You know me by now, I can never write a review without mentioning a well-formed bottom or a shapely set of arms) – lovers they make.

Dishy Captain Tom Southwell, after hanging up his rifle and uniform for good, he now is the widowed prime minister’s nanny – or ‘manny’ as the papers have named him. While taking care of the equally dishy prime minister’s two little adorable tearaways, aptly dubbed the Mini-Harts, Tom begins to see his ridiculously attractive boss in a completely different way – it’s those blue, blue eyes – isn’t everyone susceptible to a set of handsome blue eyes? Or maybe it’s the arms? ….Sigh!! Or maybe it’s just me and my overly active imagination?

But really Alex is such a charismatic man, who has this old school charm about him, plus a hidden naughty mischievousness which compliments Tom’s bold, romantic and vivaciousness perfectly – really who doesn’t love a man who is so at ease with his own nudity.

But Tom knows that he can’t take his crush on his boss further after all the guy is straight! So its a bit of a surprise to Tom to find that Alex is attracted to him too, but how can they explore their newfound love when Alex is in the midst of a parliament bill battle and the sudden appearance of an ex, who doesn’t like to hear no?

I was completely pulled into the lad’s little romantic bubble, Tom and Alex are an adorable couple; Alex is so tentative, shy and unsure of himself, he is full of doubts and I think at the beginning he is still full of confusion over his growing feelings for Tom and there is a little guilt in there where his late wife is concerned. Should he have told her he also liked men? Would she approve of how he wishes to live his life? Tom is a rock of support and encouragement, over the past four years he has been the unwavering supportive shoulder that the little family needed when Alex’s wife died, Tom is the voice of honesty and clarity, he never pushes or forces anything. No matter how much he wants to have his wicked way with the Prime Minister in the shower, Tom never allows his lustier raunchy thoughts override his gentlemanly side, the side that takes each milestone with Alex one step at a time. But when they do give in to their more baser needs it’s well worth the wait and so wonderfully done, it’s not super saucy like a lot of the previous Captains books, their bedroom antics is mild but those moments are still full of total love, cheekiness, flirty wit and respect.

I particularly loved how Alex’s situation was handled, a straight widowed father of two who for the first time in his life he is accepting and embracing who he is and Tom’s patience with Alex is so touching and loving. He, after all, knows what he wants, he has already done the whole ‘coming out’ moment in his life, so he can understand Alex’s feelings, he knows that for Alex their relationship won’t be an easy one. Coming out after a long relationship as a bisexual man is one thing, but our Alex is the most powerful man in the country where his every move is watched and scrutinized, where any sniff of scandal at such an important moment in his career could be the turning point for the country as he teeters on verge of pushing his new bill through parliament, that is one of the key factors of the whole book and it is all written so beautifully, you can feel Alex’s raw passion for what he believes in through the story, which is quite something indeed as the whole book is written through Tom’s point of view, yet Alex’s presence and his opinions are so strong throughout.

This has got to be the most sensitive, gentle-paced and emotional book of the entire Captivating Captains series, instead of; Boom, let’s rip off the clothes and jump into bed for a good old romp at the mere whisper of a saucy glance, this is a slower more tentative and tender romance that builds up steadily as their love and trust in each other grows. I always thought that I preferred faster-paced plots, but as always the ladies have proved me wrong with this book as everything about this just works. Every aspect of the story from the character’s, their own personal histories, the hurdles they have to overcome, plus the addition of the cutest four-year-olds that anyone could ever meet, all wrapped up with that instantly recognisable Curzon Harkstead flare and marching under the beautiful ‘Love is Love‘ banner, then you have yourselves am charming and hugely appealing true- love story.

This book is definitely more about the emotional conflicts of a new and complex relationship, which shows off Catherine and Eleanor’s writing at it’s very, very best, there is no other author who can compare to these two amazing ladies! I best leave my overly enthusiastic gushing there, otherwise, I will go on all night about how bloody brilliant they are!!

Just a slight warning though, you may never look at a courgette in the same way again 😉 who knew that preparing vegetables for dinner, could be so….suggestive?! Ouh, La La the innuendo’s in that one little scene!

Overall, an original, delightfully sweet love story, another winner for our award-nominated, dynamic duo.

This was an Arc via the authors, which I voluntarily reviewed, Thank you, Catherine and Eleanor. xx

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