Hello Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to welcome Glynis (GL) Robinson to the blog today where we will be telling you all about her brand new book; Cecilia or Too Tall To Love: A Regency Romance. So settle back, grab a cuppa and enjoy!

Cecilia or Too Tall To Love: A Regency Romance

Note: this book contains Book Club Conversation Starters!

What can orphaned Cecilia Beaumaris, a too tall, too outspoken gentlewoman with no pretensions to beauty and no fortune, do when the school she has been living in for nearly fifteen years, first as a pupil, then as a teacher, is closed down and she has to leave? She decides to open her own school, of course. But she can’t touch her small inheritance until she is twenty-five, so she has to live temporarily with her aunt and uncle. But they don’t want her. To get her married off, they invent a fortune she doesn’t have and she is besieged by fortune hunters. Enter Lord Thomas Allenby, a handsome, fashionable fribble, who has his own reasons for wanting to escape the marriage mart. He persuades her to announce a faux betrothal, but it doesn’t work out quite how Cecilia expects.

Against the background of early nineteenth century London, with its fashionable Mayfair mansions, East End slums and the development of public education, this Regency Romance is the story of how one woman seeks to improve the lives of impoverished girls by opening a school for them. The effect on her own life is beyond her wildest imaginings.



Why not have a listen to GL Robinson reading the first chapter of Cecilia or Too Tall.


Imogen or Love and Money: A Regency Romance

When lovely widow Imogen Mainwaring is offered the “protection” of the devastatingly attractive rake Lord Ivo Rutherford,, she violently rejects him and leaves town. Some months later, they meet in London, where Imogen has taken over her late husband’s affairs, reads the financial newspapers and is making money on the Stock Exchange. She tries to avoid him, but there’s just something about him…

Told against the background of early nineteenth century England and the development of the railways, this is the story of a woman who is independent, financially acute and perfectly happy on her own. Or so she thinks. But Ivo has other ideas and the outcome is a surprise, especially to Imogen.

This witty 1830’s historical Romance sizzles with the undeniable attraction between two very different people.



About the Author


GL Robinson was born in Portsmouth, England and was educated in a convent boarding school as her father worked in Africa. She graduated from University College London in the late 60’s and when Britain joined the Common Market (as it was then), moved to Brussels (Belgium) to work. She married an American in 1974 and they lived in Brussels and Bonn (Germany) before moving to upstate New York with their three children, where she has been ever since. She always says she never had a baby in English!

She retired from being a French professor and put her energies into running a small antiques (read: pretty junk) business. Then her dear sister died unexpectedly in 2018 and, inspired by the memory of the times they had spent together giggling under the covers after lights out in the convent reading historical romances, she began to write. She has written six Regency Romances and is working on a contemporary romance and a children’s book. Imogen or Love and Money was the first to be published, in November 2019. Her second Regency Romance, Cecilia or Too Tall to Love is now available in kindle and paperback. Being a 6ft woman herself, she is particularly fond of Cecilia!

Apart from writing, she still dabbles in her junk and likes her garden, cooking, reading and having tea parties with her seven grandchildren.

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