Hello, my festive sunshines! I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of the first book in this brilliant new series; The Secrets of Lord Lynford by Bronwyn Scott. So settle down, grab a cuppa and a piece of cake, and enjoy!

He’s destined never to marry

She might change his mind…

Eaton Falmage, Marquess of Lynford, is an expert at distracting himself from the painful truth which means he’ll never wed. Seducing mining widow Eliza Blaxland seems the perfect diversion. Until he learns Eliza guards her heart as fiercely as her hard-won independence. He longs for more, but that would mean confessing his secret…and risk losing her forever!

To say, I have been looking forward to this brand new series is an understatement, and oh, boy Bronwyn Scott has yet again shown just what a master story teller she is, and how you open a series, one that I know is going to go from strength to strength and I cannot wait to devour each one and meets these seductively charming Cornish Dukes.

After the death of the father of a good friend – who also happens to be one of the Cornish Dukes, who the series will be following – Eaton returns back home to pick up where he left off with opening his new school with his good friend Cade Kitto – who some of you may remember him from; Unwrapping his Christmas Temptation, it’s so lovely to see him back again. While getting ready for his big grand opening and for the students to settle in, he meets one of his patron’s; Mrs Blaxland, a mining widow who literally makes Eaton look twice, this beautiful and secretive woman stirs something within him, she makes him want things that he has been determined never to have. Our Eaton has a secret, one that is keeping him from pursuing his destiny and doing his duty for the title. A secret that has led him to follow a different path, one that doesn’t involve him ever getting married but e is determined to throw himself into other endeavours to seal his legacy to the world.

Well, that is until he sets eyes on Eliza, a woman who makes his once closely sealed off heartbeat again!

Eaton! Oh, Eaton, I went through such with him, he made me swoon with his enigmatic charisma, he made me want to pull him close and want to hug him, especially when his secret is revealed. Like Eliza he has real passion for improving peoples lives with education, this is why Eliza and Eaton are perfect for each other, they both have secrets and vulnerabilities that they keep well hidden behind their well-worn masks but put them together and they each slowly chip through those brick walls to the real person within and that is so beautifully done.

Since the death of her husband, Eliza knows that she is in a precarious situation, she knows she needs to be tough, she needs to show the world that she is very much in charge of her own fate. She has seen with her own eyes what can happen to women when they lose that control over their lives, they end up being walked over and in some cases destitute as men have the ease to do as they wish, even with a wealthy powerful widow. She is determined that she will not suffer the same fate as many other women, she will not sit by being idle and ignorant as men control her very life. So she took over her husband colliery when he died, she was determined she would be seen as the one in power the one whom others looked up at and more than that she wouldn’t be taken for granted and she wouldn’t be controlled by a man.

I know what you are thinking that she sounds like a right dragon, but our Eliza has very good reason to be cautious and protective over her life, as she isn’t only trying to make a good life for herself but that of her daughter too. I really like Eliza, I respect and admire her strength and determination to not be used and I love her idea’s for change, she is a woman who is thinking the way in front the era she lives in. She is determined that all of the miner’s children should be educated so that they have the skills to make choices other than to do as expected of them.

I really love her passion for education, her passion for helping the mining community, her passion for all working class, not just men but women too to be able to have those skills to be able to go out and try to improve their situations really spoke to me. She is feisty and confident in her ability to run the mine, she is loyal to those workers who support her and she is fiercely protective of those she loves.

My goodness the ending, I won’t give anything away, but it is a heart in your mouth ending that will have your literally perched at the edge of your seat, this is what Bronwyn does she takes what is essentially a charming, emotional and simple love story and throws in a little surprise which make you sit up and go; Oh, well I didn’t see that coming.

The Secrets of Lord Lynford is a dynamic, vivid and richly enchanting love story. An intricate and fast-paced plot, brilliantly engaging characters, stunning scenery and detail, plus huge amounts of tantalizing and seductive emotion makes this book a definite must-read!

I am so excited about getting to know the other Cornish Dukes, we briefly met them in this which gave a glimpse of three complex and fiercely loyal gents who I know are going to ruin me.

This was an Arc copy via the author, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you Bronwyn! Xx

The Secrets of Lord Lynford is available from 27th December.

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