Hello, sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be today’s stop on this wonderful blog tour for Wishes Under The Starlit Sky by Lucy Knott. I am so excited about sharing my review of this beautiful and emotional book, so settle down, grab a cuppa and a piece of cake and enjoy.

When life doesn’t go to plan, you can write yourself a new story…

From the outside, Harper Hayes looks like she is winning at life.

She has an amazing job as a script writer, a wonderful house, an awesome best friend and an incredible husband. Yes, life seems to be pretty, dare she say it? Perfect?

But life is about to throw more than one spanner in the works of Harper’s picture perfect existence and at the busiest time of the year too.

As Christmas approaches, Harper will have some soul searching to do to decide if there really is such thing as the happily-ever-after she writes about.

For fans of Josie Silver, Karen Swan and Sarah Morgan, Lucy Knott weaves a festive story that will move you to laughter and tears.


Readers love Lucy Knott!

‘A wonderful holiday read’

‘Tugs at the heart strings’

‘Full of romance, joy and heartbreak’

‘I laughed, I cried, and thoroughly enjoyed this book!’


I have been an avid follower of Lucy Knott’s work from the first book; How To Bake A New Beginning, I love her books, they are always so heart-warming, so upbeat and full of sunshine, reading them is like receiving a huge bear hug. This one though is easily the best yet, it is inspiring, joyful, sensitive, full of warmth and emotion, it just goes to show what a skilled and wonderful author Lucy is, she has a wonderful way with words and she just keeps going from strength to strength.

A year after her marriage broke down, Harper Haye’s instil in a deep depression, she is stuck in a bit of a rut with no insight of how to pull herself out, she has become a recluse, she hides away from the pain and reality of what happened, even after a year. Enter stage best friend; Madi, who cannot stay quiet and watch as her friend sinks deeper and deeper into self-pity, Madi makes Harper see that it is time to finally live and move forward. Madi takes Harper off to snowy and beautiful Colorado to spend the festive period with harper’s family, while there she learns to finally embrace life and learns to love again.

Harper’s story really spoke to me, she as a woman spoke to me. I could relate to her so much, true what goes on with Harper’s heart-ache is nothing at all like what has been going on in my life, yet her journey through the book really got to me. After a year a of more downs then ups, being hurt, issues within my personal/family life and having to revaluate myself and what I want, has lead to an exhausting year, yet this book makes you feel that yes no matter what happens there is always love, there is always sunshine as long as you have good friend’s by your side and I couldn’t agree more with that, like Harper she found out just how important her friendship with Madi is, I found that this year. I do have to say a huge thank you to Lucy Knott for writing such a beautiful and relatable book, I know that it won’t just be me that will feel a connection to it.

Wishes Under The Starlit Sky isn’t just a captivating and enjoyable read, full of love, family and food which is what we have come to expect from Ms Knott, there is also a more important message hidden within the words, a message of self-love, self-respect, self-kindness and trying to move on with your life after a heart-break, it shows just how important our true friends are and how important they and our families are to our lives, something which I think many of us do take for granted.

Overall this is a fabulously festive and feel-good story, that is all about love, really what could you ever want for Christmas? (Well except for an extra-large slice of cake and another roast potato…or two?) The story fabulously festive with a hint of a budding romance and with the most beautiful setting that grabs the imagination, what stands out more then anything else is the brilliant friendship between Madi and Harper, like the book, it is perfect and inspiring.

This was a complimentary copy via the publisher, which I voluntarily reviewed as apart of this blog tour.



About the Author

Lucy Knott is a former professional wrestler with a passion for storytelling. Now, instead of telling her stories in the ring, she’s putting pen to paper, fulfilling another lifelong dream in becoming an Author.

Inspired by her Italian Grandparents, when she is not writing you will most likely find her cooking, baking and devouring Italian food, in addition to learning Italian and daydreaming of trips to Italy.

Along with her twin sister, Kelly, Lucy runs TheBlossomTwins.com, where she enthusiastically shares her love for books, baking and Italy, with daily posts, reviews and recipes.

Website / Twitter @LucyCKnott / Twitter @TheBlossomTwins / Instagram / Goodreads / Facebook / Pinterest


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