Hello Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be today’s stop on this wonderful blog tour for; The Beginning and End of Us by Rose James. I can not wait to share my review of this hugely original book, so settle in grab a cuppa and enjoy.

The Beginning And End Of Us by Rose James

I wish it didn’t have to be this way, I thought, willing the thought to fly to you so you’d know how hard it was to leave you behind. That was the night I lost you, and gained myself.

Born in a honeysuckle-choked garden deep in the forest, Aphrodite – young, sensitive and beautiful – learns her true purpose in the world moments before she’s cast out of the only home she’s ever known.

Haunted by loneliness, she begins a journey to fulfill her destiny. It is a path that will lead her into the arms of four very different men – a dreamer, a fighter, an artist and a lost soul. All human, all flawed and all on their own journeys of painful self-discovery.

But could it be the secrets she left behind – and the one person she thought she had lost forever – that hold the answers to the questions she’s seeking? For while life may take you unexpected places, truth will bring you home…

An unputdownable, life-affirming epic, filled with ordinary yet extraordinary people, The Beginning and End of Us is a magical story in which you will recognise yourself, from the sweetness of a rain-drenched first kiss to the terrible pain when you realise it’s finally over.

Perfect for fans of Where the Forest Meets the Stars, The Secrets of Lost Stones and The Light We Lost.

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I have never read anything like this before, to say it is unique is an understatement, and at first, I was in two frames of mind whether this was in my taste, my eyes were soon opened and I was stunned by the story, the writing and the originality. What stunned me most was the fact that this is Rose James’s debut novel, which is a little mind-blowing as judging by the quality of the writing I would have thought that the author would have a host of books under her belt.

This book follows the journey of Aphrodite; the Keeper of Love, a supernatural being who has started off a personal path or journey of love, she tells her account of each of her loves, as she searches for that one true love. Each chapter covers a different stage of Aphrodite’s love, each one is, in essence, a short story of each of her loves, each one is so different as we start a new episode on Aphrodite’s life, each love story is so richly described that you will fall in love with her, plus weep a river of tears at certain aspects of the book, you will resonate with other aspects. I love that each ‘love’ is accompanied by a song which seems to anchor Aphrodite and the reader to that part of the journey, I really loved how music connects us with other’s with feelings, how a single song can take you o another place or relief lost loves, the power music has over a person really resonated with me more than anything else.

I love that no matter what Aphrodite experiences on her journey, the unrelenting feeling of love and hope is a constant companion not just for ‘The Keeper of Love’ but also for the reader, it shows us what a journey falling in love can be, how your emotions become entangled with another, how you fall head over heals and through that glorious mist your experience, not just the all-consuming feeling of loving another but discovering yourself.

This is a beautifully emotionally and inspiring book which does capture your heart and your imagination, the only thing I will say and this is my personal opinion is that the end was a little too supernatural for my liking, for me I would have preferred a simpler ending, but that doesn’t take a single thing away from just how mesmerising and enchanting this book is. I do think that most readers will enjoy this as it is quite difficult to put it in a single genre or category, I do think that this will appeal to teenage/ young adult readers more as it has a real coming of age feel about it.

This was an arc via the publisher, which I voluntarily reviewed as apart of this blog tour.


About the Author

Rose James’ debut novel, The Beginning and End of Us was shortlisted in the Richard and Judy Search for a Bestseller competition in 2014, and after a lot of rewriting and personal ups and downs, she’s delighted that it’s being published through Bookouture.

Rose has been addicted to reading and writing for almost as long as she can remember, and she’s currently working towards a Creative Writing MA (distance learning) with Lancaster University.

Among her other favourite things to do are travelling, making connections with fascinating people, and playing and writing music, all of which she thinks translate into her writing. Living in gorgeous Shropshire, she’s endlessly inspired by the beautiful landscape and historical architecture, which makes it very easy to daydream – perhaps too easy!

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