Hello sunshines, I am so excited to be sharing my review of this magical book; Bluebell’s Christmas Magic by the very lovely Marie Laval, this book is soooo good, I am not ashamed to admit that I have waffled a fair amount, so grab your cup of hot chocolate, dive into that opened Quality Street tin and enjoy.

A flick of a feather duster and a sprinkle of Christmas magic …

Cassie Bell is used to mess. Her cleaning business, Bluebell Cleaning, is well known in the Cumbrian village of Red Moss. However, now it’s almost Christmas and Cassie has a slightly messier situation to deal with than she’s used to.

She’s been hired to help Stefan Lambert, an injured army helicopter pilot who’s staying at the local Belthorn Manor whilst he recovers. Stefan resents Cassie’s interference and is definitely not looking for Christmas cheer. But Cassie prides herself on sparkling surfaces – so, can she bring some festive sparkle to Stefan’s life too?

Perfect! That’s it, that is all I can say about this book, it really is perfect. I supposed I really should make an effort and actually write more to this review then just one word, but really when you have a book that is perfection, what more is there to say? I suppose I could lament about the beauty of the words and the originality and charming story and absolutely gorgeous hero and fabulous heroine, but once I start talking about this book, I may not be able to stop myself.

Oh, Stefan! My Gawd, how much do I love this man? I don’t think I can fully say how much I love this man… I need a gif!

He'S So Pretty I Want To Cry GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

He is THE perfect hero – in my eyes – handsome, brooding, protective, growling, glorious eyes …and other parts of his anatomy 😉 *clears throat, and thinks of something else* Anyone who knows me and who reads my reviews, will probably have an idea about Stefan and why I love him so much, I do love a tortured, fragile soul, a proud man who has been through his own hell and now a bit of a grouch as he tries to lock himself away instead of moving forward – plus he owns a uniform and he has the most seductive French accent – yep it’s true I am that shallow 😉

What I love about this and like all of Ms Laval’s stories, is that there is so much more hidden within the story then what first appears, there is more going on within this magical tale than just a gorgeous festive love story, there is a mystery or two that you become completely drawn into plus the touch of a little supernatural that weaves itself so beautifully through the background of the story. This is what Ms Laval does better than any other author, the way she so effortlessly entwines romance, mystery with the mistiness of magic is always so perfect.

Set in the Lake District, Cassie Bell is a busy little bee not only does she own the local Bluebell Cleaning business but with living with her grandfather she is practically his carer and she does worry about his lapses in memory. Bluebell Cleaning has been hired by the owner of the local Manor; Belthorn House to clean the house and look after it’s new guest and friend of the owner Charles. Stefan Lambert, French Army Helicopter pilot is there to recover from the accident that has left him injured and scarred, not just physically but he is wounded psychologically too as he suffers from nightmares about what happens to him.

Stefan wants nothing more than to be left alone to try and forget what had happened to him, hide himself away from the worlds and pitying eyes, he thinks that a desolate manor in the middle of the Lake’s would be perfect, a house that rather reflects his dire and brooding mood, only he doesn’t count on the chirpy, talkative, energetic dungaree wearing cleaner who refuses to let him wallow, she is insistent that he does exactly what he doesn’t want to and that is to start living instead of sinking into the gloom and darkness of his own mind.

I love their first meeting, her thinking him an intruder and she brandishes a feather duster at this huge, growling bear of a man who wants nothing more than to take his pain relief and be left in peace. The banter between them is brilliant, fun, witty, real, it’s laced with happiness and sadness, their different personalities just bounce off each other, Cassie and Stefan are proof that opposites do attract. I love her energy, the way she can never sit still for more than five minutes, the constant chatter even when she has nothing to say, she reminds me of myself…now I just need to find myself a brooding Frenchman who rather resembles Heathcliffe.

I do love Marie Laval’s work, she is easily one of my favourite authors as soon as I know that there is a new book of hers out there in the world, I need to read it, she is an unbelievably gifted storyteller who never disappoints, this one may be my favourite yet….but, I do say that with every one of her books 🙂

Overall, this is one of the best books I’ve read all year, it’s easily one of my favourite Christmas books, there isn’t a single thing I don’t like about this. The story is so wonderfully intriguing and enchanting, two lead character’s who will make your heart melt, plus an excellent varied support cast, it’s as the title proclaims; magical and I cannot recommend this beautiful book enough.

I will finish as I started; it’s perfect!

This was an Arc copy via the publisher, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank, you Liz. Xx

Bluebell’s Christmas Magic is avaliable now.

3 thoughts on “#Review | Bluebell’s Christmas Magic by Marie Laval #BluebellsChristmasMagic @Choclituk @MarieLaval1

  1. Oooooh other parts of anatomy.. Like that huh? I loved your review. I gotta get some studmuffin soon or just a muffin… 😂
    Lovely review


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