Hello my lovelies, I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of this wonderful book; Falling For A rake by Eve Pendle, so take a seat and let me tell you a little about this book.

Falling For The Rake by Eve Pendle

Tropes: forced proximity; fake engagement; opposites attract;

Characters: rake hero; perfect socialite heroine;

Setting: mid-Victorian England

Heat level: medium-high

Length: 71,000 words

Content notes can be found before the Contents page.

He’s the most notorious rake in England. She’s a Perfect Lady. Neither is what they seem.

Lady Emily can’t afford a scandal. Her sister’s debut is just weeks away and she has her pteridology group to safeguard. It’s bad enough to be stuck in a hole overnight with Lord Markshall, and worse to have kissed him. Marriage is unthinkable. But newspaper hearsay on their “frolics and fernication” after a fern hunting accident puts everything she’s worked for in jeopardy.

Lord Markshall’s whole political career is based on manipulation and disguise. Lady Emily’s polite insults are just the thing to prove to himself, and everyone else, that he’s still an unworthy rake. He wants her desperately, but even a fake engagement is too good for him.

With Emily’s sister’s debut and a major political vote coming up, their reputations-good and bad-have never been more critical. The newspaper gossip is edging toward the truth, threatening to incinerate everything they hold dear. Can they understand, accept, and love each other, before it’s too late?

What a wonderfully fascinating story, which is just what I had expected from Eve Pendle, she never disappoints to deliver a fully immersive and intelligent love story, she has got a great way with words that brings the story alive and this is no different. This is fully of intense emotional and sexual tension, secrets and lies and marvellously likable characters, for me this is a real winner.

I love that the story literally jumps right into Emily and Oscar’s world, they already know one and other from the first page and it is like we readers are sort of stuck in the middle of a private joke between tow people, they know what they are on about but we have to learn what is going on with them and their lives and I really like that. It’s different to being introduced to them separately, Ms Pendle just drop’s you straight into their conversation.

Our heroine Emily is a smart and savvy lass, if I ever knew one she is the leader of a woman’s group who takes expeditions into the wild to learn about collect ferns, our Emily is an enthusiastic fern hunter you see, unfortunately for her the rakish and ridiculously irritating Lord Oscar has tagged along too, not as though he is interested one jot about ferns, and from that first page we get a real sense of how much he pesters and irritates the life out of Emily. You get a sense that our Emily wants nothing to do with the re-known libertine, she has a smart head on her shoulders that one, but being the impudent and spoiled little rakehell that he is, he doesn’t take no for an answer.

But, as though fate – or mother nature – is against her from the start, Oscar and Emily end up falling down a mine shaft, something which will change their lives….especially after one hell of a scorching kiss, phew!! We may need an nice long ice cold shower to cool down after all that heated tension 😉 Neither of them can afford to have scandal swirling around their heads, Emily must think of not just herself, but her sister who is about to make her debut and also with a majorly important vote coming up, scandal is the last thing that is needed. So they come up with a brilliant ploy that could save them both and others from the cess-pit that is the ton scandal sheets, but there is a foe that could destroy all that they ae trying to protect, a fabulous baddie who goes by the name ‘Lady X’ – brilliant character, I do love a good baddie and really there should be a good villain in every story, and this one you will take huge pleasure in booing and hissing.

The only thing that I would say against this book is the front ‘spoilers’ page, yes very handy if you are of more sensitive nature and various topics upsets you easily then this is a great thing to look over to see if this is the book for you. But I found it a little off putting having the ins and out of the story laid bare before I had even started the book, so I did skip that part and read the story as intended. I know some appreciate knowing what they are going to be in for, but I prefer the surprise. But, hey that’s just me and do not for a second allow this to put you off reading this fascinating book.

Overall a great read, the story well developed and interesting for the reader to follow, what I particularly loved about it was the attention to detail and the research that has gone into the sub plot concerning the Contagious Diseases Act. It is so evident that Eve Pendle has done extension research into every aspect of the act and how it effects peoples lives, her passion for the story and the subject just leaps of the page and makes the reader care about the characters.

Great story, highly recommended!

This was an Arc copy via the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Eve and apologies for the late review.

Falling For A Rake is available now and can be found at Amazon.


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