Hello, my lovelies, I am so excited to be sharing my review of the amazing book with you today; Daring To Love The Dukes Heir by the wonderful Janice Preston, honestly, this book is so gorgeous. I have been waiting for Dominic’s story for what seems like a lifetime and now it’s here, well…boy, oh boy is this a keeper!

She’s totally unsuitable…

…to be his Duchess!

Part of The Beauchamp Heirs: Dominic Beauchamp, Lord Avon, is a powerful duke’s heir and he must marry well. His bride must have impeccable breeding, manners and grace. But can anyone meet his exacting standards? Certainly not the irrepressible Liberty Lovejoy, who’s been thrust into society after years of being a provincial nobody. She’s too bold, too bubbly…so why is she the only lady he’s thinking about?


Well, Janice Preston, you have just blown me away, this is stunning. I don’t think that I can truly do this book justice, would it be OK if I just sat here shouting “Amazing! Gorgeous!…I loooovvvve it!!!” or something along the lines of; “OMG, Dom, Swooooon!” do you think I could get away with that as a review?

I have been so looking forward to this book, ever since we were first introduced to the Beauchamp’s way back…honestly, there was something about those Beauchamp children that ignited my interest, your heart went out to them and then you fell in love with them. It feels like an age since I last had a Beauchamp in my hands – not literally, unfortunately; but Dom or Alex if your ever in Yorkshire, you know where I am 😉

This is the second book in the ‘Beauchamp Heirs’ mini-series, set four years on from the previous book, we have the eldest and heir to the Dukedom; Dominick Beauchamp but don’t fear if you haven’t read the first book you, you can read these very easily as stand-alone, each sibling has their own glorious story to tell and I cannot wait for Alex, I just know that he is going to not only steal my heart but he just break it too.

The story opens with Liberty Lovejoy (Is that the best name for a heroine, or what? I love it, we need more names like this in the world) she is on her way to confront the mighty Duke of Cheriton about his son; Alex’s behaviour. She is worried that the insufferable rake is leading her darling brother; Gideon astray. Gideon has just inherited the Earldom of Wendover, but now he is throwing all caution to the wind and blowing the money, left right and centre. Liberty blames Alex Beauchamp completely for her brother’s transgression from the caring and considerate brother she loves to the wild and careless rake he has become. You have to give Liberty a round of applause for her pluck, she is desperate so she goes to the one person who can sort out the young buck, the only problem once she arrives at the Duke’s grand house she finds herself face to face with a different man.

That scene where she basically accosts him in his own home is so funny, she hasn’t got any scruples about what is proper all she knows is that this man could help and she will damn well wear him down until he does. She thinks that Dom is arrogant and a bit too fond of himself and his position, yet she can’t deny just how much she is drawn toward the hulking Lord Avon, even though he does drive her crazy.

Dominic is astounded to find a beautiful little shabby woman standing at his father’s door, he is equally taken back by her outspoken and rather blunt way of speaking to him she is like a breath of fresh air, even though she does rub him up the wrong way. Especially bringing her problems to his doorstep, but he knows his brother’s antics he knows that Alex can and does go the way of the rails as he has before and Dom does not want to bring his father back to town and get Alex into further trouble he decides to look into the master himself. As if he hasn’t got enough to do, especially since he has chosen that moment to start looking for the perfect wife and fulfil his duty as the heir. Even though he has his list of perfect candidates who would be the perfect future Duchess of Cheriton he can’t hide the fact that he is rather taken with a certain protective hellcat.

I really like how their romance evolves over the length of the story, it’s not meet and then boom straight into bed, no it’s a slow progression to their happy ending, both have obvious feelings for the other, yet they are a bit disillusioned by their difference in stations. I think that this is a real genuine love story, you have two passionate, caring and honourable individuals who in some way are flawed into thinking that they don’t deserve love or that love just isn’t for them. The way Ms Preston has made them open their hearts to what they feel and what they truly deserve is a beautiful piece of wiring, she has captured every human emotion and entwined it so naturally into a story that is all about two people finding their way to love.

Even though Dom’s personality isn’t my usual type, I always find heirs who have been groomed to be the Duke can at times be a little on the stiff side, but he just grabbed my attention. He made me love him with his sincerity, his charisma, his loyalty and love for his family, his gentleness and unrelenting want to do right.

What really makes this book stand apart from others is the interaction between Liberty and Dom, they have this intoxicating energy, there is something very magical about them as individuals, they bicker and makeup and they have the best chemistry that I have come across, even when they don’t see eye to eye – which is quite often, in the beginning, they have great banter, at times I did wonder if they were ever going to get on with it and finally declare their feelings – I love a good declaration between couples.

Oh, the ending!! My goodness, that is pure class, honestly, Janice Preston is the master of the movie-esque ending. It is perfect for Liberty and Dom, and I did fall in love with Dom that little bit more – if that was even possible.

This is such a gorgeous love story, it’s rich in emotional and heartfelt passion, the everyday internal conflict of each character is laid bare for all to see and it is all the more heart-warming as we readers watch these two finally find their happiness. Yes, it does give you a real warm glow at the end and I did feel like shouting ‘I told you so’ to both Liberty and Dom.


This was an Arc copy via the author in exchange for an honest review, Thank you, Janice. X

Daring To Love The Dukes Heir is to be released on 27th June and can be pre-ordered at Amazon.


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