Hello, my lovelies! I have the great pleasure to be sharing my review of the gorgeous Reunited With His Long-Lost Cinderella by Laura Martin, which is the second book in the amazing Scandalous Australian Bachelors series. So without further ado, let me tell you a little about this book.

The Society lady

And the return of her first love…

Part of Scandalous Australia Bachelors: When widow Lady Francesca attends a masquerade ball, she’s shocked to meet Ben Crawford again. She’d loved him, once, before her awful marriage, before he’d been transported to Australia as a convict. Now a wealthy landowner, Ben’s contempt for her burns almost as strong as their attraction. She knows he believes she betrayed him – so she must put the past right before it’s too late…



My, oh my!! What a book, I’m in love – yes, I know it happens on a regular basis! I have been so looking forward to this one since we first met Ben in Sam’s story, there was something about the quietly charismatic man who caught my attention and I am so happy to say that he does not disappoint – he is even more sexy and dashing then I thought he would be. Laura Martin you are killing me with your heroes!

Widowed Francesca is nearing the end of her moaning period and now she is facing the prospect of another love-less arranged marriage. She cannot think of anything worse than having to marry another bore, but she knows her place and she is a good girl who will always do as she is supposed to. But, her heart has always been to another, a boy long ago had stolen that before he was stolen away from her in the most brutal of ways. On the first ball since she was allowed out from her moaning she attends a Masquerade ball, where she meets the most enigmatic, suave and ridiculously sexy man she has ever met only to have her whole world rocked when she finds that he is none other than the boy who because of her was accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Francesca is full of guilt over what happened to Ben, even though she tried to help as a child she knows that he blames her for what happened to him. She wants to make amends to him, before he returns to Australia.

Ben Crawford is back in London after eighteen long years in Australia, first as a prisoner and then working is way to becoming a wealthy man in his own right. In those long years Ben has always had one woman on his mind, one woman who had kept him going through all those hard, back-breaking days. Even though he has loved Francesca ever since they used to run around like feral children on Francesca’s father’s land, Ben has always though her partly to blame for what happened to him and that resentment has buried itself deep into Ben. Yet, he can’t get away from the fact that she has always been his one true love. Which is why he is so desperate to see her, he wants to know what she is like now how the past eighteen years have been to her and deep down he wants to know if she will remember him …. which he doubts! Which is where the masquerade ball comes in.

I do feel for Ben he was charged with a crime he didn’t commit and at the tender age of twelve was put on a boat and transported to the other side of the world to serve his sentence in Australia. He has been treated so harshly and cruelly especially by the aristocrat’s and this is mainly because he of working class stock. For me Ben is worth a thousand of any of those struck up snobs who look down their noses at him, he is a brilliant man; kind, charming, protective, hard-working, sensual, sexy-as-hell. Who wants a fop in a strangling cravat and perfectly manicured nails when you could have rugged, tousled Ben who can be a gentleman when the occasion calls for it but he is much happier getting his hands dirty – sigh!! I know who I would go for 😉

Oh, lordy how much do I love these Bachelors? I was completely smitten with gorgeous Sam from the previous book, then Laura Martin goes and introduces me to this stud of a man!! My goodness, I am feeling all hot and bothered – I have always had a weakness for a set of green eyes and does Ben know how to use those cunning dreamy greens or what? Swoon!! So many heart eyes for him, I am a melting wreck because of this sinfully attractive man.

But dear Ben is far more than just a chiselled physic, tousled hair and the most damn gorgeous smile on either side of the equator – oh, no he has brains as well as brawn. What I love about this series is that it is all about these ordinary men who have been unfairly treated – they were transported to Australia as children all because of lies – they served their sentence, which they shouldn’t have had to serve and once released from their chains they made a whole new life for themselves; both Sam and Ben have created a life that doesn’t consist of aristocrats and all the pomp, stupid rules and brash ignorance that circulated through the ton. This series is all about them finally finding the happiness that for the last eighteen years has been elusive to them.

I won’t say too much as there is a secondary plot going on about why Ben got transported and why Francesca feels so guilty, but I will say that ending, my goodness my heart wept and soared at the same time. That moment when Ben is about to leave on the ship is like something from a movie, utterly romantic! I had shivers while reading it, one of the best scenes ever.

This book is just gorgeous, It is an intricately woven romance which takes the reader on an enchanting journey. Ms Martin has created a beautiful story that has real heart and lots of love, her writing is full of passion for the story and the character’s. This is a brilliant second chance romance with two thought-provoking and complex character’s who will grab your attention and you will cheer them both on to their happily ever after.

I cannot wait for the next book in this series, I just know that it is going to be just as emotional as this one.

This was a complimentary copy via the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Laura!

Reunited With His Long Lost Cinderella is available now at Amazon.

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