Hello, my lovelies, I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of The Disgraceful Lord Gray with you all today and I hope you will all bare with me as I may ramble on and on and on about how amazing this is. So, grab a cuppa settle down and let me tell you all about this gorgeous book.

A spy on a mission…

Until he meets this heiress!

Part of The King’s Elite.

Miss Theodora Cranford’s learned to keep her impetuous nature locked away. She won’t be deceived by another man who can’t see past her fortune. She wants an honourable, sensible sort – not a self-assured scoundrel like her new neighbour, Lord Gray. Although she’s sure there’s more to him than meets the eye…

But after that first captivating kiss, she’s certainly left wanting more!


Oh, my goodness me! What a book, with romance, mystery, crime, secret agents, a-way-too-sexy-to-be-real; stud of a hero, a wonderful heroine and a naughty dog, all entwined with a page-turning exciting plot this is the makings of a classic.

Just when I thought that Virginia Heath had reached her pinnacle with sexy and swoon-worthy heroes she pulls a stunner like Graham Chadwick out of her head and makes me melt all over again but this time with pure lust. My goodness, what a book! What a man, what a story and what an adorable sidekick….really I wonder where the idea for him came from 😉 I have been so loving this series, each one is as devastatingly romantic and thrilling as the next.

So, for those who have been living in a bubble for the past year and don’t know what The King’s Elite series is all about, let me fill you in a wee bit. The King’s Elite is actually what it says on the tin, it is a super secret spy section of the government headed up by the gloriously growly Lord Fennimore – who doesn’t love a hard-shelled, growling old lion as a spy? He is fabulous and to be honest I would love a story with him taking centre stage. The King’s Elite from the start have been hunting for the notorious ‘The Boss’ the leader of one of the most ruthless smuggling gangs and of course as these are romances each of our spies tends to fall in love a long the way, usually when our men least expect it.

Lord Gray a disgraced aristocrat who has found he has a gift for the spy life, his latest mission is to try to finally unmask and bring to justice the elusive and notorious smuggling leader ‘The Boss’ he must infiltrate himself into the circle of his suspect to find the truth, along with the help of his superior agent; Lord Fennimore and Grays faithful dog Trefor. But, as we all know plans never go to plan especially when one morning while trying to retrieve Lord Fennimore’s slipper from mischievous Trefor – who thinks it hilarious to go running around with said chewed slipper in his mouth – he unexpectedly meets the one thing that could ruin his well laid out plan.

Theadora (Thea) Cranford the niece of the very man Gray has been sent to investigate is weary of all men, being a hugely wealthy heiress she knows that most who pay interest are only after her wealth. She has learned to hide her impetuous side from others and to guard her heart. She has resigned herself to this quiet, calm and rather dull life where she can’t get herself into trouble. That is until she meets a naked man in a stream – a man might I say who has a pert and delectable rear end 😉 and soon her life turns upside down.

With the stunning fiery-haired and entirely too evocative heiress constantly on his mind, his dog getting into some of the most hilarious scrapes causing way too much trouble than a dog of a spy should and his mission to catch ‘The Boss’ weighing him down as the days goes by poor Gray has a lot to contend with. Can he finish his mission and get the girl?

My goodness, Gray!! I have such huge heart eyes for this man – didn’t I say the same about the previous two agents? He is delectable! Handsome as hell, sexy, proud, intelligent, he has a real soft centre, he really is such a charming sweetheart. But in all honestly I really admire Gray, he hasn’t had the best of times with various scandals within his past but he has battled and worked hard to get to his position in The Kings Elite. He is also very determined and has his sights set on great things, one, in particular, is to become the commander of the Invisibles.

This is a fabulously engrossing and utterly romantic story that will have you laughing out loud, falling head over heels in love with the character and sitting at the edge of your seat with it’s thrilling twists. I have said it before, but I am going to say it again; that Ms Heath really does have a gift with writing. She has the best sense of humour which really comes through her writing with the witty dialogue, but I think that Ms Heath has really outdone herself with this – especially with the likes of Harriet, my goodness she is a real hoot!

The story is fun, romantic and exciting. But the thing for me that really makes this go from a five-star to a ten is the relationship between all the characters, there is a real buzz between Gray and Thea, the atmosphere crackles with mutual attraction and lust and the addition of Trefor the dog is a stroke of genius.

Overall, an exceptionally gorgeous love story with an amazing twisty plot.

This was an Arc copy via the author in exchange for an honest review, Thank you Virginia.

The Disgraceful Lord Gray is to be released on 21 March and can be pre-ordered at Amazon.


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  1. I think you liked it! LOL. I was at HRR in Calif last year & Virginia gave a seminar on medicine through the years. Hysterical! The room was packed, too!


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