I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of this amazing book, to say I have been looking forward to this is an understatement so before I begin a long-winded chapter of adoration of the book, the author and a certain hero 😉 grab yourself a cuppa and let me tell you a wee bit about this book – and hopefully, not put you to sleep with my babbling review.

The Lochmore Legacy

The series is linked by setting a castle in the Highlands of Scotland – and by a feud between two clans that spans the centuries. It is different in that book 1 (His Convenient Highland Wedding) is set in the Victorian era. The heroine makes a shocking discovery, and clues to the mystery are gradually uncovered as we go back in time through the Regency era (Lara Temple), Tudor (Elisabeth Hobbes) and finally Medieval (Nicole Locke), when the truth about that mysterious discovery is finally revealed.

#1 His Convenient Highland Wedding (Victorian) Janice Preston – 21 March 2019

#2 Unlaced by the Highland Duke (Regency) Lara Temple – 18 April 2019

#3 A Runaway Bride for the Highlander (Tudor) Elisabeth Hobbes – 30 May 2019

#4 Secrets of a Highland Warrior (Medieval) Nicole Locke – 27 June 2019

If you want to find out more about The Lochmore Legacy, then check out their Goodreads page and the new The Lochmore Legacy Facebook page and make sure you have a read at this great interview with Janice Preston at the Romantic Novelist Association where she is talking all about The Loch More Legacy.

Romantic Novelist Association; Janice Preston Interview / Facebook / Goodreads


His Convenient Highland Wedding

Bought by her husband…

Bound by secrets of their past!

The start of The Lochmore Legacy – A Scottish castle through the ages!

Earl’s daughter Flora McCrieff disgraced her family once, and now she discovers she must wed impossibly rich but low-born Lachlan McNeill. He’s undeniably handsome, but a man of few words. Despite the attraction that burns between them, can she reach beyond his impeccable clothing to find the emotions he’s locked away for so long…?


Oh, my goodness me!! This is ridiculously good. No, good isn’t the right word to describe just how brilliant this book is; definitely more along the lines of sensational. I shouldn’t be surprised seeing who the author is, Ms Preston is a favourite author of mine, I knew that I would be in for a great story, but this is really something special, and I can honestly say that this is my favourite of all of Ms Preston’s work, it really is astonishing how good this is.

I love it when author’s go out of their comfort zone and try a new era, and I think that Ms Preston has outdone herself here. I was literally blown away with the excellence of this book, I cannot praise Janice Preston enough. This has ‘Best Selling’ and ‘Made to be a Movie’ written all over it.

Janice Preston, what have you done to me? How can I possibly love another hero now? Lachlan has now ruined me for all other heroes, I will never be the same again.

So His Convenient Highland Wedding is the start of a whole new series; The Lochmore Legacy which is so refreshingly new and unique in its own right. The Lochmore Legacy is written by four amazing historical romance authors; Janice Preston, Lara Temple, Elisabeth Hobbes and Nicole Locke and it will span across four separate era’s, it will start in the Victorian and go back through Regency, Tudor and finally end in Medieval where all the secrets will be revealed. The connection between the books will be linked with the setting (The Castle) and the feuding families, This is such an original idea, it’s imaginative and adventurous and not something we usually come across in romance and I can’t wait to see where this series is going to go, judging by this first instalment The Lochmore Legacy is going to be something special; one of those once in a lifetime’s things.

But, that is all for the future I really much stop babbling and focus on the here and now.

This is in all essence a ‘Marriage of Convenience’ but I see it as much, much more than that. It is a finding love in the most unexpected places entwined with a stonking great mysterious undercurrent that runs throughout the book and believe me, I was gripped!

Businessman Lachlan McNeill – oh, be still my beating heart! – is trying to get his newly founded Whiskey brewery up and running, he is confident that his new blend will become a great whiskey. There is just one thing standing in his way, and that is who is. He is a self-made man, new money as some call him and not an aristocrat – can you see why I am so much in love with this guy? He is a man who has a troubled and dark past – one of which he is deeply ashamed of and one which he knows if society ever found out about his business would probably fail. He hides his past and plans to get himself a patron, an upstanding man of society who will be able to help but to get that he needs a wife with some clout. Which is why he marries Lady Flora.

Flora McCrieff is basically sold to the highest bidder, that’s how I saw the way her family treated her. After bringing scandal to her house and with her family in dire need of money, Flora is married off to Lachlan. A man she never even set eyes upon until the day of her wedding, she is saddened that her family would do such a thing and depressed that she has been shunned from society and now she feeling a mixture of fear and trepidation at what kind of man her husband is. But, really she has nothing to fear from Lachlan, yes he may be broody and secretive but he is a good man, a man who hasn’t had the best of starts in life, a man who so deserves some good luck.

Once they are at Lachlans home of; Lochmore Castle this is where our couple really learn about each other, they grow as a couple and as individuals and their confidence for one and other grows. It is utterly breath-taking watching Lachlan and Flora go on their journey of discovery, and realising that; yes they do deserve love and that the person right in-front of them is just person who completes them. I love that!

My goodness, did I mention how much I have fallen head over heels in love with Lachaln? This is how a hero should be written, this is my kind of hero! He really is perfect, hardworking working class man, who has literally dragged himself up from a terrible beginning. Self-made, blunt, brooding, sensitive, gorgeous inside and out, proud. I love how he is so focused on trying to make life better for the poor and underprivileged, he is a fair man and wants to do his best for his workers and if I knew only that about him I would be enthralled by him. How a man treats his workers says so much about that mans true character and this man is wonderful. Did I mention he was perfect and handsome?

This is really stunning! Mesmerizing, atmospheric, rich in emotion and mystery and so beautifully written. It is a beautiful love story with a mysterious undercurrent that makes you look up and think; ooh, I wonder what is happening here? Or Where will this story lead? It keeps you completely gripped throughout and on the last page you weep that it’s over and want to re-read it straight away and then you are on tenterhooks desperate for the next book in the series.

I can’t praise this enough, I am literally lost for words at just how captivating this is. Janice Preston has written the perfect historical romance, one that I cannot recommend enough.

Stunningly perfect!

This was an Arc copy via the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you, Janice.

His Convenient Highland Wedding is to be released on 21 March and can be pre-ordered at Amazon.


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