Hello my lovelies, I have the very great pleasure to share my review of Marrying Her Viking Enemy, which is the start of the brand new To Wed A Viking series by Harper St. George, so grab a cuppa and let me introduce you to some seriously hot Vikings 😉

A Saxon maiden

Bound to a Viking warrior

Part of To Wed a Viking. The conquering Danes have taken everything from Elswyth – even her mother. So, despite the uneasy truce between their people, she knows where her loyalties lie. Until she meets towering Rolfe, leader of the opposing forces. Her mind knows this muscled Viking is her enemy. So why is her traitorous body so tempted by his suggestion that she become his wife?

Oh, my giddy aunt!! Just wow! mesmerizing, tantalizing, wonderfully addictive, sexy, utterly romantic…I could go on but I cannot fully express just how much I am in love this book, it really is unbelievably great. I knew that it would be good as Harper St George is a master at Viking romances – she has this unique voice within her writing that literally sweeps you away – once read, it completely exceeded my expectations. To Say I have been looking forward to this book and this whole new Viking series is a bit of an understatement. There was a fair amount of excited sighing and squealing when I got my hands on this beauty.

I have just found the new Viking love of my life, oh, my goodness Rolfe! Serious swooning going on for that gorgeous man, be still my rapidly beating and Viking loving heart! Is it wrong to say he can come and invade my home any day he wants? Well he can! Sigh!

Anyway, I best get on with the review and get my mind away from Rolfe’s glorious arms….thank you, Harper for creating a character who wears nothing but a sleeveless tunic 😉 So this brand new series kicks off with a bang when warrior Rolfe returns to Alvery (you may remember it being the home of the brilliant archer-ess Gwendolyn) wounded from a skirmish with the Scot’s – something that you will soon find out is a major part of the story. With the Scot’s and Saxon’s both becoming more active and a sniff of rebellion on the wind; Warrior leader Rolfe is keen to get back and do his duty, he is a brilliant and hugely respected warrior but with his shoulder wound he is forced to stay where he is for the time being. Which is when his good friend Vidar and Saxon wife Gwendolyn hint that marriage between the Danes and the Saxon’s could be the greatest way to join the two fractions without blood spilling, Rolfe is instantly taken with beautiful Elswyth.

But as fascinated he is by her as a women; by how she can handle a bow and arrow and an axe, he senses there is more to this maiden then meets the eye. Yes there is an immediate attraction and his treacherous body is making him feel all kinds of emotions he would rather not, but can he trust her?

Elswyth and her sister Ellen are staying at Alvery under the protection of Vidar and Gwendolyn, Elswyth wants nothing to do with the conquering Danes she is proud of her Saxon roots, she sees no good in the Danes, the very people who stole her mother away and ruined her life. She is cynical and jaded to them, which is why she will do all she can for her rebellious father, even if that means spying and stealing. But, the moment she sets eyes on the god that is Rolfe she knows instantly that there is something very different about this man. He isn’t at all like she would have thought Danes to be, he is kind, caring, wonderfully seductive and immensely enigmatic.

I love these two they are instantly attracted to one and other, something which they did admit to themselves very quickly – maybe not to others, even though anyone watching them can see there is something very special between them. They both have flaws and insecurities and they have both got strong opinions and believes, yet they have real chemistry, it’s both sexually hot and emotionally tender. Rolfe – as I may have mentioned – is a huge favourite of mine now – he is a strong, powerful and decisive warrior, yet at the same time he is so gentle, cheeky, fun, and utterly charming; that little dimple when he smiles had me every time.

The story is amazing, rich is glorious atmospheric history, I was hooked from the first page right way through to the last – the ending had me sighing with delight, it was so perfect for Rolfe and Elswyth. Their story was one of full on emotional and lots of very steamy scenes that will make you blush with delight – the bath scene, ouh, la la! Elswyth you saucy minx 😉 Ms St George has out done herself, the writing is in no other word, but perfection! I have no other words for how gloriously good this is. I cannot wait for Ellan and Aevirs story, going by this it’s going to be another scorcher – oh, Harper St George what have you done to me, I am a melting, swooning mess!

I cannot recommend it enough!

This was an Arc copy from the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Harper and apologies for the late review.

Marrying her Viking Enemy is available now and can be found at Amazon.

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